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the story of the launch...

“So… how does it feel, now that we’re living our dream?” JK asked me… and all I had to say in response “this is just the beginning…”

The first ever gig for Indicus the Band at a venue like Mallika Sarabhai’s Natarani Amphitheatre, was nothing but an open invitation to butterflies in the stomach. But oddly for me, that was only up until we left Bombay en route to Ahmedabad.

A long day of travelling, of falling while playing cricket with washing beetles, of cocky jokes during lunch, of checking out the venue, of crazy application submissions… all of this ended with *wait-for-it* Bluff (the card game). :D

The morning of the D day started off with everyone suddenly realising the gig was on the day… JK sat to practice his keys early in the morning, Daniel sat out with his guitar warming his fingers up, Keshav sat with Daniel clarifying chords from charts, Varun and Karan just arrived at the resort, I was running busy helping everyone whilst giving telephonic interviews, and Shirish … slept it all off…

The morning deftly turned into afternoon… lunch and a hurried, chaotic sound check saw the sun set rather quickly.

Temperatures dropped, lights came on, and the audiences started walking in. A couple of sips of water, and there we were… huddled in a circle, reflecting upon the journey we’d had over the past months/years… the energies were high riding on even higher emotions. The band had taken its first breath of fresh air. A quick prayer, and there we were… 300 strong audience on the steps of the amphitheatre… lights staring at our faces. Nothing new to any of the 7 of us… but each one of us felt the new rising within…

With a mix of 7 originals and 7 covers, the set-list was a true eclectic mix. The covers comprised of compositions by artists like Nitin Sawhney and Kumar Gandharva, and also included Coke Studio and Dewarists compositions.

Genres that touched upon Indian Classical to Dubstep to Jazz to Electronica to Sufi to Folk to New-Age to Symphonic to Blues to Contemporary… and all of this saw an audience that listened, rapt with attention.

We just couldn’t have asked for a better launch.

Thank you, Mallika… thank you, Darpana… Thank you, Natarani… Thank you Ahmedabad… for letting us spread our joy… for letting us express our music… our Selves.

We do look forward to being with you the next time, and the time after that, and the time after that, and … but right now, the one phrase Indicus the Band wants to say repeatedly, is… thank you…

- anuraag

Vincent and I picked up two hitchhikers on the way to Big Sur and they are the most enchanting people I’ve ever met. 

I’m going to travel now.

... and the journey begins!

Indicus, the Band has had its own journey. Starting off with just an idea, to compositions coming in place, to people joining in the project, to people falling out of the project, to recordings, programming, arrangements, re-recording, rehearsals, shooting, planning, dreaming, visualising… and now, when it is about to take concrete shape, it’s a little overwhelming to be writing about it.

The band breathes its first breath on stage on the 16th of November 2013 at Naada - The Music Festival, and shares the stage with the biggest names in the performance world.

… but, the question to be addressed is, “Why Indicus?”.

The music industry today witnesses an overdose of “fusion”, and the term is subject to a lot of abuse… but in the name of fusion, what we witness most often is two or more genres being performed together, almost in isolation for the sake of fusion.

Indicus, the Band comes forth with an eclectic select of musicians with different sensibilities, but a deeper, aesthetic understanding of creating art. When we make music, we don’t just spill out sounds and words. We come forth putting in years of our mental, emotional, cultural and spiritual selves.

We hail from Mumbai, India - a city of dichotomy, where the polarities co-exist with utmost ease. Our music has a similar approach. It comes from the core of our being, from our own experiences… where Hindustani Classical meets Jazz meets Sufism meets Electronica meets Carnatic Music meets Dub-step meets Vedic Philosophies…

all of this as one SINGLE entity.

Crux of the matter, we are a dynamic band, where Ancient Indian philosophies and Sufism come together with a contemporary approach, rooted deep within our endemic Indian-ness.

We look forward to bringing our music to you… :)