“I remember when I decided to go natural. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made. Living in a society where straight hair and white skin is the standard, I’ve always struggled with identity. As of late I’ve been asking myself

"what does it mean to be me?”

And while there is no clear or definite response that could possibly capture my uniqueness and complexity, I sorta have an idea:


I remember growing up not knowing how to identify. My mother is American and my dad is a yardie (Jamaica) so that left me somewhere in the middle… I remember never wanting to identify with my Caribbean heritage from the fear of not being accepted. And as I’ve grown older, I realized that acceptance is something that’s very hard to achieve. There’s a chronixx song called “Likes” and there’s a line that goes, “Anuh everybody a go like we, still we irie, ‘cuz we nuh love like” which pretty much sums it up.

I realized what’s most important is self love. I grew up in a society that told me to hate every aspect of my body, to change my hair, to lighten my skin.

This isn’t really coherent or organized and there it’s a clear point to what I just wrote but I want to encourage whoever is reading this to always embrace who you are and love yourself unapologetically. You matter.“