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Stargate Art from Long Time Ago

As I mentioned in my previous post, I used to be a huge Stargate fan and I made a lot of art about this wonderful science fiction movie/series.

I made these about ten years ago. The last one about Ra is the oldest one, made by the teenager me 15 years ago.

I haven’t developed as an artist as much as I would have wanted since those times mainly because of an art block that lasted for 7 years! I’m finally over that and happy to be back to drawing again!

Stargate will always have special place in my heart.


I got this dragon a while ago, his name is Anapa and he’s wearing an accent called Guard of the Dead by Ysdaar #49331. I decided while my net was being funky to do some art for him. The first image is a base by Lichtdrache #136297 that I colored and added clothing to, and the bottom image is one I drew.

anonymous asked:

Your Lucario redesign is very interesting. I'm getting Anubis and royal guard vibes, mystical and fantasy like a lot of your other redesigns but its interesting because when you think Lucario you think of close range combat. Any reasons why your redesign is like that? I'm curious.

I’m guessing you’re referring to the staff? I think the Lucario I redesigned would still use close range combat, just that the staff would be integrated into some of the moves. Like maybe for moves like Counter or Close Combat it uses the staff but something more specific like Metal Claw or Power-Up Punch uses a free hand.

The staff could also be for channeling aura or whatever for moves like Aura Sphere and Heal Pulse. c:


Requested by anonymous

You and Ahkmenrah had decided on tonight as a date night, and you had a picnic set out on the floor of his tomb exhibit. The tablet cast a nice, golden glow that the two of you decided was the most romantic setting you could find in this building.

However, you could tell that Ahkmenrah was distracted by something. “Something wrong?” you asked, before tossing a grape into your mouth.

“I just haven’t courted anyone in so long. I don’t know what’s expected on a date,” he stated. “I don’t want to mess anything up by doing things too fast or too slow.”

“Pretty much anything is fair game for a date these days,” you replied. “Want to do nothing more than hold hands and talk? Go for it. Want to have sex? Sure, as long as the lady says you can.”

“I am enjoying our conversation,” Ahkmenrah stated, leaning in closer to you. “But I think I want to start doing a little something else.” He put a hand on the back of your head to hold you steady as he closed his eyes and kissed you. You closed your eyes as well, and passionately kissed back.

As the kiss deepened, you leaned over Ahkmenrah slightly, causing him to lean back on his arms. You held yourself up with one arm, bringing the other hand up and around to feel his abs poking through his midriff-showing outfit. You weren’t fully aware of where your leg was in relation to his body until you felt something stiff pressing against it.

You pulled out of the kiss, breathing hard. “Let’s cover the camera in here,” you suggested, having a feeling about where this was going.

Ahkmenrah nodded. “Good idea,” he replied, sounding nearly as breathless as you were. You took off your sweater, throwing it neatly over the camera so that nobody, particularly Larry, could see what the two of you were up to.

“Anything you can do about your anubis guards? I’d feel awkward with them listening in,” you commented.

“On it,” Ahkmenrah stated, before speaking a language you didn’t understand, you guessed Egyptian, to the large statues. They bowed, before walking off. “I told them to guard the hallway further down. So not only are they not awkwardly close, nobody would be able to stumble in.”

“Great thinking,” you told the Egyptian prince, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and giving him another passionate kiss. Without parting lips, the two of you maneuvered back to the ground, with you practically laying on top of him. You could feel his erection against your leg again, so you decided to grind against it. Your hand explored his body from his chest to

Ahkmenrah groaned into the kiss, and his hands trailed down to the hem of your jeans. He unzipped them, then started fiddling with the button. He pulled out of the kiss. “I may need a little help,” he admitted.

You laughed a little. “Good, because I don’t think I can find my way through the layers you have on,” you stated, moving back to sit on your knees. “Actually, I have something else I need to get too.” You got up to get to your purse, swaying your hips and unbuttoning your jeans as you walked. You let your jeans fall once you got there, showing Ahkmenrah your panties, then bent over a little farther than you needed to to dig through your purse.

As you spun back around, you kicked your jeans off to the side, watching Ahkmenrah take off the layers he had on. Which actually came off a lot easier than you expected. You were actually a little surprised at how well-endowed he was. Especially since you were pretty sure he didn’t even have a penis during the day.

“Alright, if you lay back on the floor, I can help you with this,” you stated, holding up the small package that you had fished out of your purse.

“And what’s that?” he asked, sitting on the floor, but waiting for you to join him before laying back.

“A modern invention that allows for things like sex while dating risk-free,” you stated, walking over to Ahkmenrah and kneeling down between his legs. “Keeps me from getting pregnant, so no worries about me having a baby with a few-thousand-year-old father.” You took the condom out of the package and rolled it down onto Ahkmenrah’s penis, making sure it was on properly. You took his cock in your hand, stroking it a few times as you gave him another passionate kiss, guiding him back down until you were again laying on top of him. He wrapped his arms around you, though he made sure you had room to move.

You brought yourself down slowly, feeling Ahkmenrah slide into you. You moaned into the kiss, feeling yourself hit the base of his cock. You broke the kiss, knowing it would be easier to ride him if you don’t worry about teeth clashing, and started moving up and down. Ahkmenrah was soon helping out with thrusts up into you, which threw you off your rhythm a couple times. Though the two of you just laughed it off and kept going.

“Oh god, I’m so close!” you moaned out, soon after perfecting the rhythm with Ahkmenrah. The prince pulled you down closer to him, so he could kiss and nibble your neck. You arched your back and moaned out when you felt your walls start to pulse. Your orgasm apparently set Ahkmenrah over the edge as well, since he groaned and his thrusts became more erratic.

Both of you were breathing hard, and you rolled off of Ahkmenrah, resting your head on his bicep. “Best date ever,” you commented, unable to stop smiling.

“Agreed,” Ahkmenrah stated with a nod.

But imagine Larry tickling Ahkmenrah and Ahk just scREECHES in laughter and he’s screaming and howling and then there’s a loud crash and a few minuets later the Anubis guards appear in the lobby because it sounded like Ahk was getting stabbed the way he was laughing.

And Larry’s just like “you broke the wALL DOWN”

My Favorite Pharao Quest Minifigure

Almost forgot to update this series. The Anubis Guard combines the elegance and darkness that suits ancient egypt best. I remember when i first saw it I just thought “Wow!” because then greatly sculpted head piece almost didn’t make it seem like a minifigure anymore. Since it appeared in only one set it’s quite a hard minifigure to get. that and the fantastic look make it a great collectibla item.

Come to mummy!


It was the head of the household who eventually broke the silence. “I have something important to announce.”

Nefera and Cleo both looked up from their plates. Cleo’s plate was almost empty, Nefera’s still more than half full. She didn’t plan on eating all of it anyway.

“My daughters. I have gotten an important call this morning. My talent for business deals is needed somewhere else. Egypt. I will leave you two alone for at least a week. I am certain that you will get along without me, my princesses, since you are two very mature women.”

Nefera? Mature?

“I will leave you this evening, but before I go, there’s something I want you to have. Something precious.”

He turned to one of his servants. The Anubis-headed guard took out a little golden box and gave it to his ruler.

Ramses grabbed the box and opened it while talking. “This, my daughters, is an ancient egyptian necklace. It is an important artifact, but I cannot take it with me. There must be someone who takes care of the necklace as long as I am not there.”

The older princess smirked. The necklace was stunning and she knew what was coming now.

“Nefera. Will you take care of the necklace as long as I am gone?”

“Of course I will, father!”

“It is important that you do not wear it anywhere. The necklace must be at a safe place.”

Nefera didn’t even listen to her father anymore. Without asking she grabbed the necklace out of the box in a greedy way. She held it before her neck, smirking by the imagination of wearing it to a gala.

“Did you understand that?”

“Huh? What? Uhm, I mean… Of course I did, father! I will take care of your necklace, don’t worry.”

Come to mummy, you beautiful, expensive artifact! It was obvious that the necklace would look brilliant to the new earrings Nefera had secretly bought with her father’s money. She would wear it in public to enjoy all the jealous glances of the commoners!

Ramses turned to his younger daughter. “Can I be certain that you will keep an eye on the necklace as well, Cleo? Harming, or even worse, LOSING this artifact would be a tragedy! It must be in good hands.”

Nefera answered before Cleo could. “It IS in good hands, daddy! In my hands, that is!” She laughed evilly, not realizing that both Cleo and Ramses looked at her in a strange way. Huh?