My desings for Egyptian miraculous holders of Ladybug, Chat Noir and Volpina. I´m especially happy with Volpina and Chat Noir´s masks.

Ladybug´s holder is named Isis, Chat´s is Bastet (like the cat goddess), and Volpina´s is Anput (in the mythology wife of Anubis, the Jackal God).

Sombra ARG

Okay, I need to scream about the Sombra ARG with someone, so please bare with me.

On battlenet, a post was made by someone named skycoder that featured an icon of the encrypted skull that was recently uncovered. The post glitched out and formed a string of code that is currently being decoded by the folks over at the Overwatch subreddit.

However, a few developments have been made in the meantime.

Before the page glitched out into code, a picture of Reaper in what appears to be Nepal or Temple of Anubis can be seen briefly. We don’t know the significance of this so far other than Reaper and Sombra are affiliates of some kind as shown in the Old Soldiers comic. Something else that can be immediately glossed from this is that when the post was first made, it was shown to be made 23 hours ago. At first we thought the post was counting up to something, but is actually counting down. This makes sense since Sombra would be the 23rd hero in Overwatch.

Speaking of hero, Sombra has some dirt on our Overwatch heroes. When it was discovered that the post contained a second skull, and put together with the second one showed a medical record of Ana. Downloading the images, right clicking and inspecting the properties revealed comments left in Spanish. These comments translated to, “You seem interested in these ‘heroes.’ Maybe you would like to know some details I’ve gathered about them?”

A heartbeat monitor from the Ana medical document let out bips that spell out Moment in Crime which refers to Junkrat and Roadhog’s crime spree.

And that’s all we have right now. Credit to those at the subreddit for those getting this information out there.

My thoughts? It seems that there is definitely something in Temple of Anubis. There’s been other hidden things on maps referencing the ARG such as the posters on King’s Row, so it seems logic that there would be something on Anubis. I’m also becoming more convinced about the theory that Sombra is a corrupted Athena. She has all the info on members of Overwatch. She would know their secrets. The question would be how and why, but I don’t suspect we’re getting that answer soon.

New Beginnings In The Sand

@cirquedeyokai | Multiple

It was finally time. After this, everyone would go their separate ways for a long time. Anubis couldn’t help but feel a bit bummed out because of that, but seeing the excited features of Horus and Hathor made up for it. As the group arrived, Neith was waiting at the temple entrance with Osiris, Horus, and Hathor. The queen to be, of course wasted no time in tackling whomever she could to the ground, talking ninety miles an hour.

The targets this time were Wenet and Dante. “Welcome home~!” She chimed. Horus smiled to himself and went to help his cousin to their feet and pry Hathor off of them. “I’m glad all of you could make it.” Horus wasn’t the same guy who had spent time with his cousins on the dunes that day, taking them to see the sights. It was clear he had matured quickly, but there was also a sadness in his eyes – no doubt from the revelation with Isis.

Osiris was no different, but the man was at least able to smile in the same gentle manner he always did. “It’s good to be home.” Anubis put in. Greeting his couin in the traditional way of both grabbing each other’s arms and a one armed hug, Horus and Anubis then backed up as he looked to Syrina and Markos. “Dad wanted to go over some of the details with you and Nana. He wants you two to help with the ceremony.” 

Bast hummed to herself. “Well since we’re all here, shall we?” Without waiting for a reply, the woman took on her panther form, sliding down the dunes to the front temple with Eris doing the same. Khepri wasted no time in following and soon Bast was chuffing towards Makoto. “C’mon! You can do it, babe!” She called, purring loudly. Anubis shrugged and took on his jackal form, sliding down the dunes with Horus and Hathor soon following. Wenet was quick to take on her rabbit form, glancing at Dante before following her cousins.


    Ashley’s movements were quick as he entered
    Anubis’ home. He had a purpose, and today he
    would fulfill it. As he swings the door shut behind
    him, the soldier hears Anubis shout a greeting. 

    The greeting was ignored as Ashley charges 
    forward, cornering Anubis until he’s backed up
    to the wall. Suddenly, Ashley’s fist flew past the
    god’s face, making a rather large hole in the wall
    right next to his head. 

       “ I like you. ”

    Did he really have to punch a hole in the wall to
    convey that? Yes. Yes he did.

Clearly Bastion’s reactions to the woodpecker and the data on the wreck are symptomatic of PTSD, and the potential parallels of service animals and Ganymede are adorable, but we also have to factor in that Bastion’s consciousness is most likely code-based as we understand it and so is susceptible to malware and the like.

The omnic teammate of Pharah when her team went into the Temple of Anubis was taken over by the Anubis program, which might mean that very few omnics were ever actually loyal to the “omnic cause” as much as they were simply being co-opted by SkyNet-esque omnic programs like Anubis. When Bastion hears the woodpecker, old malware code reasserts itself because it hasn’t been fully or properly dug out. When Bastion interfaces with the wreck, they’re reading code that’s likely still heavily infected.

This is typified by the “eyes” of an omnic turning red, as every example of a peaceful omnic has blue “eyes”, including Bastion, Zenyatta, Mondatta, Okoro, every omnic attending the King’s Row event in Alive, and even the victimised omnic seen in Hero. Red “eyes” may therefore be an indicative characteristic of being dominated by god program code.

What I’m basically saying is that it’s possible that Bastion never consciously wanted to hunt human beings, and on a much greater scale that there was potentially never an omnic on the battlefield that was acting of its own will.

Every wreck in that field could have just been enslaved by the god programs.

the western signs and their respective egyptian zodiac signs
  • Aries:Osiris, God of the Underworld
  • Taurus:Amon-Ra, God of Creation
  • Gemini:Seth, God of Chaos, Disorder and Evil
  • Cancer:Bastet, Goddess of Protection, Family, Love and Felines
  • Leo:Anubis, God of Death
  • Virgo:Thoth, God of Wisdom
  • Libra:Horus, God of Pharaohs and Kingdoms
  • Scorpio:Mut, Goddess of the Sky
  • Sagittarius:Sekhmeth, Goddess of War
  • Capricorn:The Nile, a symbol of fertality and life
  • Aquarius:Geb, God of Earth
  • Pisces:Isis, Goddess of Motherhood
  • *p.s. the dates for the egyptian zodiac do differ from the western signs so chances are you get a different sign than the egyptian counterpart