I had a dream where I died and there were two doors of equal size, shape, and weight. The sound of rushing wind was the only thing I could hear behind them. Behind one was the Shadow Realm. I don’t know what was behind the ‘good’ door because I’d picked the wrong one and was now stuck to wander there forever XD

The first time through was absolutely horrid–it felt like I was suffocating from the shadows–but it eventually got easier as I spotted familiar faces, including Joey, Seto Kaiba, and Yami Bakura. Bakura was very pleased at all the new souls he felt wandering there, and was annoyed that Anubis from Pyramid of Light was also there, as he considered him a rival. Bakura then promised me a ticket out if I could get a specific soul for his Dark Necrofear, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. I wandered around some more and ran into Anubis’s room, and he was really angry! Apparently I’d caught him in the middle of poisoning the other afterlife or something. And then the dream switched to something else.

Ryou Bakura was around too but I only saw him briefly. He looked worried.

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#7 with either anubis or hades from kamigami no asobi?.

7. Supposedly, Halloween is the one day when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest. I take advantage of this and try to summon the spirit of my [someone important], but end up summoning someone—or something—else instead.

“Okay,” Kagome exhaled to steady her nerves. Her mother was going to kill her if she found out about this. Sure, she’d handled her daughter time-traveling and fighting demons for the greater good of the world fairly well, but Kagome wasn’t sure how she’d take to summoning spirits in the house on Halloween.

She wasn’t even sure if it would work. Kagome had stumbled across a book on summoning spirits and such while she was in the library, but how much of it could really be accurate? But if there was even just a chance that it could work, she was willing to take it. Worst case scenario, she wasted some time and candles…that or summoned some sort of hell demon. But again, what were the chances it would even work?

Following the instructions from the book, Kagome drew out her summoning circle in chalk and arranged her candles just-so. She checked the chant one more time and tried to focus on some of Inuyasha’s more defining features.

Pointed dog ears.

Sharp claws.

Golden eyes.

Her soft chanting paused when the air around her suddenly became much warmer and a soft glow came from the circle in front of her. The light from the chalk lines grew brighter and brighter until Kagome finally had to scoot away and cover her eyes. As it finally started to dim, she blinked to clear the spots from her eyes just in time to see the figure of a young man finish rising out of her floor.

But this young man was not Inuyasha.

Black bobbed hair with matching long. perked dog ears. His skin was pitch black from his hands to his elbows where it faded to a warm brown. He wore black and gold robes that left most of his upper half exposed with golden jewelry and adornments. When the light faded completely from her floor, he slowly opened his eyes as though he was waking up and looked down at her with a golden stare that glowed against his dark skin.

Their gazes held steady in the quiet of Kagome’s bedroom for all of about one second before the man she’d summoned went wide-eyed and stumbled backwards into her desk. Her pencil cup toppled over, spilling its contents, and a few books fell to the floor, which only seemed to startle him more. His feet, blackened much like his hands up to his knees, stumbled out of the circle until his back was pressed to the corner of her room.

Kagome, however stunned she was by the turn of events, felt bad for how scared he actually looked. His eyes darted around the room, obviously trying to figure out where he was, but his eyes stilled when they landed on the the chubby cat on Kagome’s bed, who’d been snoozing until all of the commotion had woken him up.

Looking back at Kagome with caution, he inched his way towards the bed until he was crouched at the edge, head tilted and beckoning the cat closer with long silvery-white claws. Kagome watched partially out of stunned confusion and partially because she had absolutely no idea what to do in the situation, as Buyo happily walked towards the man only to be scooped up and cradled in his black hands.

Cat in hand, the man seemed to relax considerably, even smiling and speaking to Buyo in a language Kagome couldn’t understand. And Buyo seemed happy and safe enough. He even started purring at the attention. It was only then that Kagome noticed a sleek black tail wagging behind the odd man cuddling her cat.

Kagome decided to take a chance and tried to inch closer to the two of them only for the man to suddenly hiss at her. Stopping immediately, Kagome slid back a little more before she got an idea. Slowly, she reached for where Buyo’s cat treats had fallen off her desk with her books and held up the little bag.

“Buyo,” she called softly, shaking the bag and opening it. Her glutton of a cat did exactly what she expected and wiggled his way out of the man’s arms to come curl up in her lap and wait for his treats.

Looking back to the man, Kagome saw that he looked incredibly torn. He obviously wanted to be closer to Buyo but didn’t want to get too close to her. She wasn’t sure if he was actually scared of her or just painfully shy, but she wanted to try and bridge the gap a little.

Kagome moved slowly as she took one of the treats from the bag and showed it to the man sitting across from her before feeding it to Buyo, who ate it happily. Taking out another treat, she held it out flat in her palm for the man to take. She waited, still and calm for him to creep forward just enough to take the treat from her with his clawed fingertips and lean down low to offer it to Buyo, who once again gratefully accepted the treat.

When the man sat back up and smiled, looking at her with something other than caution for the first time, Kagome felt herself relax a little. Pointing at her chest, she tried to introduce herself, “Kagome.”

Looking at him expectantly, Kagome waited to see if the man would respond in kind. It took a moment of him quietly considering her before he finally pointed to himself and softly said, “Anubis.”

Kagome sat dumbfounded as he pointed again, this time to the bag of treats in her hand. After sliding the bag forward on the floor for Anubis to take, Buyo went back to the man and waited for more treats while Kagome stared in wonder.

Dear lord. She’d summoned a god.

How in the world was she going to explain this to her mother?

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One large blue tentacle comes out of the water and grabs the god's leg. Attached to that tentacle was a woman though she looked normal from the the waist up the rest of her on the other hand looked like an octopus. She stares at the other and tilts her head with curiosity.

Anubis looks down and sees the small creature. He reached down and strokes her hair. “Well what an odd thing you are” he whispered

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the egyptian catgirl(?) is my favourite one, nice stuff you draw!

lol She is supposed to be a relative to Anubis which makes her a dog girl. But thank you though! (She will be in my comic project)

War of the Gods: Germania: Chapter 17: The Knowledge of the Trickster

Jupiter had a long time to think on his decision, with opinions of others thrown in, he called everyone to the throne room again, Loki included.

Once everyone gathered everyone included the few Egyptian gods who were here, He spoke,”With my knowledge of Odins power, i know that this is our best course of action. Loki, we will let you rule Asgard if your plan works. I’ll have Anubis, Set, and Ban near by, if things do not go as planned. now, Explain.”

“From what i know of my Father, he can handle stress to a point, his last Sleep was induced by a war he did not want, much like this one, but he’s handling it well, so i know he hasn’t gotten the news of the Defeat here at Rome, this news delivered by my silver tongue and in turn my brothers anger combined should be enough to tip him over the edge, i already have a story made for why i returned and why i left originally.”

Bellona glared,”i don’‘t like it, this plan sounds to simple..”

Set shrugs,”simple sometimes works better then complex. i know from experience.”

Anubis kept quiet, tho part of him did look forward to punching thor in the face if things went south.


ANUBIS (/əˈnuːbᵻs/ or /əˈnjuːbᵻs/ )  ;  is the Egyptian God associated with mummification.  Though once the foremost god of the underworld, over time he became specifically tasked with the process of embalming and funeral rites.  Being the adoptive son of Osiris, it is he who preforms the act of the weighing of the heart upon one’s entrance into the land of the dead, and thus determining the fate of the deceased.  One of Anubis’s most notable tasks was the guiding of souls into the afterlife, and in this the abandoning of those deemed guilty to Ammit.  His name is derived from the same root as the word for “royal child”, though it can also be determined to be closely related to the term for  “ to  d e c a y .” 


Graduation Masterpost!

Hey all, here is the final result of my graduation project.
A character sculpt that is fit for 3D printing.
Sculpting software: Zbrush.
Rendering software: Keyshot.

Learned a lot from it and it got me a pretty sweet grade in the end.

The design is based of the Anubis Priest concept artpiece created by: Steve Hamilton, AKA Balance Sheet. (Artstation & Deviant Art)
Go check him out as well!