Oh man, I just thought of how Ryou’s dad is an archaeologist/museum curator who’s always away, so he wouldn’t know what sort of craziness was going in Domino unless Ryou wrote him letters about it. Then i thought of how the Items were buried at the end of the series, and then I thought of Yu-Gi-Oh characters having very good luck/bad luck on finding stuff that was supposed to stay hidden (the Puzzle, the God cards, Anubis’s tomb, the other Items, etc.), and my brain combined all that into this:

Ryou’s dad finds the Items post-series and puts them all in the museum except the Ring, which he mails back home

Can we talk about American Gods? We really have a dark-skin black woman playing a Biblical Queen and a Love Goddess. We have Black People portraying Egyptian Gods. The lead of the show is black. They have West African Gods being portrayed on mainstream media. Seeing black people’s mythology and history represented on screen by black actors is a big thing. People aren’t even aware of nor regard the several figures in Abrahamic religions being African. .


American Gods 1x03: Head Full of Snow | Cinematography


This is a Muslim home. Why does Anubis hold out his hand for me?

It is my thanks. You were once a girl with your own tita who taught you the ways of Egypt old. Of when the Nile was full and flooded. She told you stories of the wolf and the jackal, the red wind and of the child of Bast.

I remember.

You do. And for that I bring you to the scales.


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods