Ticket sales have started!

As some of you may have noticed this weekend, you are now able to by tickets online right here on our Facebook page and on our website.

After lots of thought and consideration as to where we want to go with our event we decided we wanted to really be different from the other (bigger) events in Belgium. We want to really put the focus on activities such as traditional activities, card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, sports, lectures, etc., in other words a real convention.

Unfortunately there is a downside to organizing all those activities when you are still building a name for yourself. That downside is funding it all. We still have vendors but that only covers a part of the cost. To be able to bring you more activities and of a high quality we have decided to increment the ticket price.

The ticket prices are as followed (online: excl. handling and transaction cost):

  • Pre-sale
    • 1 day: €10
    • 2 days: €15
  • Register
    • 1 day: €13
    • 2 days: €18

You are now also able to buy your tickets at a free record shop near you.
(above prices are excl. Free Record Shop handling costs).

Don’t forget to pay us a visit at Tsunacon coming weekend. We’ll be posting more updates in regards to Atsusacon 2013 as of now, especially in regards to the activities.

We hope to see you at Atsusacon 2013. 

Final information regarding Atsusacon 2012

We are entering the week of Atsusacon 2012 and with that we also put the final pieces of information on our website.
There will be two food stands, one in the hall which will sell regular food such as hotdodgs and soft drinks and a another one that will sell Japanese oriented food like Rice crackers, thee, etc.

Just like last year we will have vendors that will sell merchandise. They are placed in the hall. Together with them are DDR, Shiatsu and games as well as a few other conventions such as @Tsunacon.
Something else is coming back as well. The Japanese Cultural Center, now with a bit more traditional activities such as Kodo. Of course their amazing taikonauts are back as well.

 For those that like to play cards, -and no, not the regular cards- we have provided some room for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight!! vanguard. It’s located between the first and second floor of the Meeting Center. For those more experienced with Yu-Gi-Oh! there is a tournament planned on Sunday. For an afternoon full of fun and excitement we only ask one euro.

Everyone that has some old stuff that they wish to sell, can do just that. Bring all your stuff with the accompanying paper ( to the first floor of the Meeting Center and Mataki will try to sell it for a reasonable price to the visitors of the convention. 

Other things that are worth mentioning, are:

  • Sports clubs
  • Workshops
  • Cosplay (competition)! 
  • Photo booth 

I hope everyone will have a good time!

See you at Atsusacon! 

oh boy,

Yesterday i went to the Book fair (Boekenbeurs) in Antwerp. We had invitations to go to a “special” nocturnal evening-opening. It was nice to be able to actually walk there without constantly having to dodge people. Anyhow.. I’ve spent way too much money. But.. I’m satisfied!

The first “thing” I bought was the dvd of Game Of Thrones, the HBO tv series at the Standaard Bookstand. When we finally reached the Sterling bookshop stand,I bought the first and the last part of A Song Of Ice and Fire which are A Game Of Thrones and A Dance With Dragons By George R. R. Martin. Why? Because I had the first part in dutch already.. But I want my book collection to be complete. (I already had the 2nd, 3rd and 4th part of the series in english) I also bought American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess there. Then I went to the Pinceel comicstand. First, I bought The Hobbit, (graphic novel) written by J.R.R. Tolkien and illustrated by David Wenzel. Then I bought V For Vendetta (graphic novel) written by Alan Moore, illustrated by David Lloyd and last but not least I bought the first three volumes of The Walking Dead, which are: Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye, Vol. 2: Miles behind us, and Vol. 3: Safety behind bars.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m happy at the moment!

Activity highlight - Shogi by Bart De Schepper

The third installment in our series is about the ancient Japanese board game where you need to defeat your opponent with the the help of your pawns and generals. A nice twist to this game is that, unlike with chess for example, you can use the defeated/conquered pieces for yourself. In short, we are talking about Shogi!

At Atsusacon you will be able to learn how to play this game during the workshop (see schedule) and throughout the day you can practice it together with other games such as Go.