antwerp art


“Maquette of a Future Car” hydrocal,wood, acrylic paint,plastic/ Panos Profitis solo show “Primitive Future” Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerp 2017

Vehement god from a race of steel,
Automobile drunk with space,
Trampling with anguish, bit between your strident teeth!
O formidable Japanese monster with forge,
Nourished with flame and mineral oils,
Hungry for horizons and sidereal prey,
I unleash your heart to the diabolical vroom-vroom
And your giant radials, for the dance
You lead on the white roads of the world.
  Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti To a Racing Car, 1908

Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889)
“Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners” (1887)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

The painting shows Cleopatra VII sitting at a banquet observing the effects of poisons on prisoners condemned to death.