antwerp (belgium)

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There’s light everywhere in this tunnel, spectacular lights everywhere, not just at the end of the tunnel… my kind of tunnel lol. Another shot from my premetro tunnel explorations. It was suite a while ago and I simply can’t understand why I never posted them before. Anyway have a wonderful night/day my dear friends

My gf is on the train, police in civil clothes, about a dozen are checking everyone and sending the checked ones to a different wagon. Meanwhile they took one or more foreigners (non-citizens/with travel visas) away.

Just a few days after ISIS filmed the inside of Antwerp central station with a message “We’re still here”.

Meanwhile a migrant gang war is waging since a heavily armed ‘commando’ broke a Turk out of prison. One of the houses shot up in a drive-by was close to where I used to live a while ago.

Just another day in culturally diverse Europe <3

ANTWERP PORT HOUSE - architects: Zaha Hadid Architects - location: Antwerp, Belgium - design: Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher - 2016 - photography: Hélène Binet (AD Jan 2017)

“The new Port House in Antwerp repurposes, renovates and extends a derelict Hanseatic-style fire station into a new headquarters for the port - bringing together the port’s 500 staff that previously worked in separate buildings around the city.

With constant references to the Scheldt, the city of Antwerp and the dynamics of its port, married with the successful renovation and reuse of a redundant fire station - integrating it as a fully-fledged part of its headquarters - the new Port House will serve the port well through its planned expansion over future generations.