To all people who were once part of a Minecraft Youtuber Fandom

Aahh do you all remember the old ships that were once really popular and have now become forgotten? Because I do!

I remember the old popular ships like SkyLox, Merome (This one kinda lives but it isn’t like the old days), Poofless (Same as Merome tbh), SetoSolace (I still cry ;-;), MunchingUniverse, SkyMU, SsunKipz, SkyDil40, Vikklan, Setolox, SimDil40, Wooflan… And of course my favourite ship, my original OTP and the one that brought me to tumblr/shipping in general… The famous amazing lovely ship SparkAnt

I’m curious.
Reblog if you ship a mc youtuber’s in game character
Like if you ship their real life counter part
Reblog and like for both.

If Minecraft Youtubers Were Teachers

YoshiToMario: How to fail at many things in many ways

SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox: How to properly rage at games as well as flirt knowingly throughout an entie video and still remain friends

BajanCanadian and JeromeASF: How to win at Hunger Games and Proper Hunger Games language/lingo

AntVenom: Substitute for Hunger Games class

SSundee: How to do Mod Reviews

HuskyMudKipz: Pokemon classes and such (plus how to tell the difference between a mudkip and a fish!)

AshleyMarieeGaming: How to be nice and still do good in Hunger Games

Achievement Hunter: How to build amazing lets plays in 5 hours or less! (Hopefully)

MunchingBrotato: How to make an alterego

Bodil40: How to troll

SimonHDS90: Bodil’s assistant

TBNRFrags: How to properly fight off people with guns (he isn’t a minecraft youtuber on this channel but eh XD)

PrestonPlayz and MrWoofless: How to PVP

(Also, yes I did mean to put both of Preston’s channels. He teaches two subjects XD Be sure to reblog with others if you have any!)

I always see posts about how adorable Jason is, or Jordan, or Seto, or Preston, or Mitch and Jerome, and everyone else, but never Antvenom. To me Ant’s pretty fucking adorable, idk about you guys, but Ant. Antvenom doeeee.