If Minecraft Youtubers Were Teachers

YoshiToMario: How to fail at many things in many ways

SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox: How to properly rage at games as well as flirt knowingly throughout an entie video and still remain friends

BajanCanadian and JeromeASF: How to win at Hunger Games and Proper Hunger Games language/lingo

AntVenom: Substitute for Hunger Games class

SSundee: How to do Mod Reviews

HuskyMudKipz: Pokemon classes and such (plus how to tell the difference between a mudkip and a fish!)

AshleyMarieeGaming: How to be nice and still do good in Hunger Games

Achievement Hunter: How to build amazing lets plays in 5 hours or less! (Hopefully)

MunchingBrotato: How to make an alterego

Bodil40: How to troll

SimonHDS90: Bodil’s assistant

TBNRFrags: How to properly fight off people with guns (he isn’t a minecraft youtuber on this channel but eh XD)

PrestonPlayz and MrWoofless: How to PVP

(Also, yes I did mean to put both of Preston’s channels. He teaches two subjects XD Be sure to reblog with others if you have any!)