Do not be fooled by the artwork of this anime. I thought it was a kid’s show or something, boy was I wrong. The relationship these two share is heart wrenching. I love Homura ;-; Been dying to draw them and just finished up the colors on this. I finally drew something in the new watercolor sketchbook :3

For the sake of photos. The last time I painted something I really liked was last year, I think. I’ve mostly drawn fan art as I’ve become not as imaginative as I use to be. Each character has their own story and hardships that I found to be interesting and I am strongly compelled to start painting this. I’ll try to take my time, make mistakes, and leave my own impression. I don’t paint for myself much, but maybe it’s time I start doing that again. Art is therapeutic. #evangelion #takecareofyourself #art #sketchtherapy #anime #fanart #nerv #antuyetlai #sketchincanvas

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