ants in the grass

step over ants
put worms back in the grass
rescue baby caterpillars
release spiders back into your garden
open windows for bees to fly home
they are all little souls that deserve a life too

The Signs as Michael Faudet Poems


My Girl Who Writes

I watch you write,
my love, my life,
my start of everything.

Each little sigh,
a pen run day,
another painful page

Your fingers bleed,
I do concede,
for a sentence
of your making.

To which you say,
on sunshine days,
it is for words
my heart is breaking.



Do you know what really turns me on?
What I find incredibly sexy? Kindness.


Pressed Flowers

To the quiet one,
the coy,
the wallflower.

Her dark circled eyes
buried in a book.

Hard little nipples,
dusty pink,
beneath a tatty
black singlet.

Those restless legs,
sprawled across
a squeaky bed.

Her secrets kept,
like pressed daisies
hidden by
pages read.



She wore the scent
of early spring
on her delicate neck
and every kiss I stole
tasted of bright yellow flowers
and buzzing bees.



She rode on airplanes and fell asleep in hotel beds. Dreaming of faraway places– writing poetry with her sunset eyes.



There is a certain stillness, when even the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wing feels like a hurricane.

The moment when crashing waves fall asleep, peaceful, lost to the serenity of salty dreams.

When tall tees stand to attention and every leaf pauses, takes a deep breath and holds it.

It is here, beneath the maddening silence I hear your name.

An echo of you.


The Gift

Her eyes were beautifully gift wrapped;
long black lashes of velvet ribbon–
and every time she opened them,
it felt like Christmas.


The Mermaid

She came from the ocean,
this wild girl from the sea,
her hair flowing southwards,
she walked towards me.

A west to east smile,
with eyes steely grey,
like a storm in the distance,
rolling in from the bay.

We kissed with the sunrise,
made love when it set,
a promise by moonlight,
came dawn, my regret.

He left for the ocean,
this boy from the land,
his spirit soars northward,
his heart in her hands.


Pen Portrait

I watched as you reached for the ice cream.

Standing naked, body pressed up against the humming fridge.

A wispy trail of bluish grey smoke spiraling up from a dying cigarette.

Held precariously in the other hand, ash falling to the floor.

A just fucked wetness between your legs.

Your little smile captured in grainy black and white.

By the click of a camera.


Some Days

Some days we spoke about life, other days, we discussed the weather– and whenever we laughed, it was the best sex ever.



Magic tumbled from her pretty lips and when she poke the language of the universe– the stars sighed in unison.


The Apple Orchard

He floated upon a gentle sea of rippling green.

When little yellow butterflies danced drunk pirouettes on the windy stage.

Reading the words written by fluffy white poets who wrote ever changing prose across and endless blue page.

‘Apples are funny things,’ he said. ‘You can never be sure of what you are getting until you take that first bite.’

His hand reaches slowly for the half empty vodka bottle.

‘This afternoon I discovered an apple so wonderfully perfect, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the outstretched hand of a wicked old witch.’

She pulled up her white cotton panties, brushing an ant from a grass stained knee.

‘I’ve been called many things before but never an apple,’ she laughed.

None of these poems are mine. I borrowed them all from Michael’s book Dirty Pretty Things. Go check it out!

anonymous asked:


1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.”

a/n: whoop whoop some college shawn comin @ ya

“So, uh, what’s been going on with you and Y/n?” Brian asks Shawn from across the pingpong table. The boys were never ones to get deep or gush like girls, but after the way Shawn had been attached at the him to you lately, someone had to ask him about it. 

“Nothin’ man, she’s just really cool and funny.” Shawn brushes off, smacking the ball back to Brian, but missing the table completely. 

“Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, man.” Brian teases. 

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It’s Always Been You

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS @melissbenoist!! hope you have a wonderful day, pal <3

“I swear to fucking God, if you don’t come over here with a giant bag of Reese’s and a gigantic tub of ice cream – better be my favorite flavor, too – then I’m firing you as my best friend,” Stiles threatened into the phone pressed against his ear. His face was buried in the pillow on his bed so his words came out in a muffle. But, judging by the chuckle in his ear, he was understood regardless.

“I’ll be there in fifteen, drama queen,” Derek said, amusement and fondness clear in his voice, and Stiles groaned at him before hanging up and tossing his phone carelessly toward the foot of the bed.

When he was five years old and running around the park with his action figures, his dad sitting on a bench nearby and talking to the other parents, Stiles had met Derek Hale. Derek had been six at the time, a few months shy of turning seven, and he had been at the park with his sisters. But instead of watching them or paying attention to little Cora trying to play with him, he had been watching Stiles.

Stiles had taken notice and, being Stiles, had gone over and asked him if he wanted to play superheroes with him. Derek had smiled brightly and nodded, and Stiles had handed him his Superman action figure while keeping his own Batman one.

They had played for hours, both swallowed into their own little world and completely ignoring the rest of the universe. It had just been the two of them; Batman and Superman saving the citizens (ants and insects) of the grass below them.

They had become inseparable since then, Stiles latching onto Derek like a leech and Derek letting him. And when Derek had shown up to Stiles’ sixth year birthday party with a special edition of a Batman comic, Stiles had declared him his best friend. Not much changed over the years, not even when they themselves changed.

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LOTF characters in Primary School:

Jack: Thinks he’s the hottest shit in the classroom, learned his ABC’s the fastest, never wants to play with his toys until someone else does (then they’re HIS toys), always has to be the king during king of the mountain or else he pushes you off the slide

Ralph: That one really oddly pretty little boy that behaves around adults and everyone thinks he’s the dream child but really he steals ur kids juice box and shoves the girls off the swing sets during recess so he can swing

Simon: The kid who braids grass and plays with ants and says the bugs are his friends. Brags about all his pets.

Roger: eats Simon’s bugs, cuts the tails off of lizards, bullies everyone, bitter child, the hellspawn parents thank God for not birthing

Piggy: that one dude who Naruto runs before collapsing after two seconds, plays trading card games with the other nerds, gets bullied, really smart, thinks he can defend himself but cAnnot

Pebbles (NSFW)

Sixpenceee Stories Contest (September - October 2016) Second Place Winner

Story by Sixpenceee user UnsettlingStories; Tumblr

We thought we were having a hell of a hailstorm when we woke up in the middle of the night to a peal of thunder and the sound of our cabin being pelted. It went on for about a minute, then it stopped. There wasn’t any rain, which was strange. We went back to sleep, faintly aware of the smell of something burning. I figured it was probably from a lightning strike somewhere else.

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Astral Travel: Nearsightedness

When you first begin to pry open your third eye (or even long after), you may find that you’re nearsighted in the astral. The reverse is also possible (and anything in-between), but I’ll just speak to how you can deal with and even take advantage of nearsightedness since that’s what I grappled with as a beginner.

So, first things first, you’ll want to confirm that you’re nearsighted. How? Simple. Have a quick look at your surroundings. Are things blurry at all? Almost shadowy in spite of light sources? If yes, it’s time to put something solid in front of your face. You may wish to walk up to a tree, pick up an object, or just lay on the ground. Whatever works for you.

Let’s say that you’ve chosen to lay down in the grass. Look at it. Really focus. Can you see the individual blades of grass? Maybe an ant crawling by? It might take a moment if you’re still growing accustomed to astral travel, so don’t give up if the image doesn’t sharpen for you immediately.

Now, assuming you do suddenly see the astral in higher def, there’s a pretty sure bet you are, indeed, nearsighted. What now? Well, I suggest getting comfortable in a place you visit often, where you feel safe, and basically just getting ridiculously intimate with the texture and details of every damn thing you can press your nose against.

You see, once you’ve truly familiarized yourself with things at that level, you’ll have a far sharper picture of the whole scene around you. And, mind, this isn’t something that will happen overnight, but I think you’ll find with practice that you can combat nearsightedness this way. At the very least, you’ll be able to get around familiar areas with more ease.

It may seem like a bad stroke of luck to be nearsighted in the astral, but to be honest, there are benefits. You will be able to analyze art, literature, faces, and other such things, which is quite useful. The most apparent drawback of astral nearsightedness is a feeling of vulnerability at not being able to “see” trouble approaching, but honestly? Your other clair senses can pick up the slack, so don’t panic. Make the best of the cards you’re dealt. <3

the book of desert, says Derrida, “the desert-book,” is made out of sand, “of infinite, innumerable and vain sand” (Writing and Difference, 68); the sea-book, one might therefore imagine, is written in jelly fishes and sharks and water, unobservable vastness of water; the forest-book, of woods, bushes, and aromatic, resilient mushrooms; the erasure-book is created of multiple instances of crossing out, obliteration, and damaging of the text; the universe-book is made out of disheveled stars and lifeless planets; the grass-book out of leaves of grass and ants-letters, and so forth indefinitely.

April 29, 2017 - Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis)

These cisticolas are found in parts of southern China, South and Southeast Asia, and northern and eastern Australia. They eat small invertebrates, including grasshoppers, moths, and ants, as well as grass seeds, foraging mostly on the ground among grasses. During the breeding season males have shorter tails and golden-orange head feathers. Pairs build rounded nests from grasses, plant down, and spiderwebs, stitching leaves around the outside. Females incubate the eggs on their own.

Knuckles: *Watches a bunch of ants try to take a potato chip while sitting on the grass by Sonic.* 

Knuckles: “I wonder what it would be like to be an ant, get a bunch of buddies to carry a potato chip to the queen, their family is happy. It takes three hours to get the chip from here to there then some jerk comes a long.”

Knuckles: *Flicks the chip away.*             

Meet Zanab. 

I call her “Nabu”, and she is my 7 year-old host sister.  She is the oldest of the siblings here and therefore takes on most of the responsibilities of the household.  At the tender age of 7, she often carries around her (rather rotund) host brother Ibrahim, 2, on her back.  Have you ever seen an ant carry a blade of grass? Yeah, it kind of looks like that.  Nabu is a dancer by nature.  At any given moment, sans music, she will be dancing.  When you see her demure smile paired with her charmingly erratic gestures of pure joy, you laugh, then you dance too. 

Australian PE teachers are evil because they’ll make you sit in grass which normally has ants that’ll bite the hell out of your ass and legs

Size may or may not matter
What you need to know:

A random pocket dimension where the players size continues to change randomly appears at the next door the players open.

How it begins:

The next time a player opens a door, maybe within a dungeon or a tavern, anything, they will see, instead what they expected, a random pocket dimension.


The sit above a planet, the atmosphere just skimming the horizon. The players view this world as if they are 100 kilometers tall and the door 1000 kilometers above the world.

  • -A-
    If players jump or climb out of the door, they fall 1000 kilometers to the surface of the world becoming a giant meteor crashing into the surface, leaving a huge creator and tearing up the planet for kilometers in every direction - which to the players, given their size, is the equivalent of 10 meters.
  • Every player who falls suffers D6 fall damage and sends a blast wave of ejects in the atmosphere only to rain back down a few rounds later, forcing all players in a radius to roll and avoid fiery rocks as they plummet to the earth and take X D6 fire damage.
  • -B-
    If the players stand, they cannot breath as there is no air at their height and begin to suffer the rules for suffocation, they also take X D6 cold damage as they are exposed to frigid temperatures.
    Note: crawling will avoid those effects.
  • -C-
    The world is a vast expense of forests, mountains and oceans the players can traverse with ease given their size -100 kilometers or 100,000 meters.
  • Examples:
    Mariana trench is 10,994 meters deep which would only reach the knees of a submerged player.
    Average ocean depth is 3,688 meters.
    Mount Everest is 8,848 meters, reaching only a shin.
    Average mountain is 4000-6000 meters.
    Airliners crush at around 10,000 to 11,000 meters.
  • -D-
    Give the players a few rounds to move about the world, splashing in oceans, crushing mountains under their feet before they start to shrink. As the players explore, every round of movement away from where the players landed, they begin to shrink by 1 kilometer till the players reach 10 kilometers in size and enter part 2.


A series of mountain ranges cross the players’ path.

  • -A-
    The players will begin to shrink for every mountain range they climb over.
  • The first range the player see is 10,000 meters tall and the mountains only 5000. The player can easily step over this range.
  • 2nd range - Players can still make it over this range without a climb roll. (Players are 7500 meters tall.)
  • 3rd range - Players make 1 climb check or suffer 1 D6 fall damage. (Players are 5000 meters tall.)
  • 4th range - Players make 2 climb checks or suffer 2 D6 fall damage. (Players are 2,500 meters tall.)
  • 5th range - Players make 5 climb checks or suffer 1 D6 fall damage. (Players are 1000 meters tall.)
  • -B-
    Once the players are 1 kilometer tall and climb past the 5th mountain range, they enter into part 3.


A range of primordial earth extends to the horizon. Volcanoes, geysers and pools bubble with spewing magma, forming 500 meter flows of lava that cover the surface of the world. The players can see dry lands between the flows of lava.

  • -A-
    Players will being to shrink for every lava flow they jump over.
    Note: Flows are 500 meters wide, but only 10 meters deep.
  • 1st flow - the players being 1000 meters tall will walk over the magma with ease.
  • 2nd flow - the players being 750 meters tall can hop over the flow without issue.
  • 3rd flow - the players being 500 meters tall need to roll a basic jump check to succeed. Failing results in suffering minor burns to their feet, suffering 1/10th lava damage or 1 D6 fire damage.
  • 4th flow - the players being 250 meters tall need to roll a moderate jump check to succeed, failing results in the player falling ankle deep into lava, suffering only 1/5th lava damage or 4 D6 fire damage.
  • 5th flow - the player being 100 meters needs to roll a very high jump check to succeed. Failing results in in the player falling waist deep into lava, suffering only ½ lava damage or 10 D6 fire damage.
  • -B-
    After the 5th flow, the players reach a set of stairs leading up the side of a 6000 meter tall volcano spewing molten globs of rocks. At the end of the stairway is a 100 meter tall obsidian doorway.
  • As players climb the steps, they must roll to avoid the hurling molten rocks or suffer X D6 fire damage.
  • -C-
    The door is locked and needs to be picked or brute forced to open all while the players dodge molten rocks.
  • The doors leads to part 4.


A 100 meter tall, 100 meter wide and 1000 meter long obsidian hall extends before the players, ending at a 30 meter iron door at the other side.

  • -A-
    Every 10 meters the players move, they shrink by 1 meter till reaching the door only 1 meter tall.
  • -B-
    The door is unlocked and the players must push open the door, needing a high strength roll to succeed.
    Note: this should require the effort of all the players.
  • The door leads into part 5


The obsidian hall starts off at 100 meters tall by 100 meters wide, but shrinks 1 meter by 1 meter every meter in length.

  • -A-
    The players do not shrink as they move through the hall and remain their 1 meter size.
  • -B-
    The hall ends 10 by 10 centimeter in size with a 10 centimeter size door blocking the way.
    Note: The players, even at 1 meter, are too tall to enter the door.
  • The door leads to part 5.
  • -C-
    There is a secret panel in the hall the players must find that opens to a lever that when pulled shrinks the players to 10 centimeter in size.


The door opens to the inside of the wall where the players are only the size of a mouse. The mouse hole leads out of the wall and into a cottage where a man can be seen sweeping the ground. Across from the players on the other wall is another mouse hole. A mousetraps with a key instead of cheese is by a giant table near the person sweeping.

  • -A-
    If the players leave the hole, the person will react to the players as if they are rats or mice and begin trying to swat the players for X D6 damage.
  • -B-
    The 2nd mouse hole contains a locked door which can only be opened with the key on the mouse trap.
  • The door leads to part 7.
  • -C-
    The key on the mousetrap, if touched or moved, springs the trap resulting in a player having to roll or be struck for X D6 damage by the wire. The player, if hit, then must roll again or become pinned under the metal wire.
  • Any players pinned in the trap must roll escape artist or dexterity to become unstuck.


The door opens to a field of grass where the players are only the size of ants.

  • -A-
    Past the grass, the players reach a pond where fish swim below the surface and frogs sit upon lilies.
  • Floating in the center of the pond upon a lily, a wooden door is built onto the side of a small stone.
  • -B-
    Traversing the pond requires the players to avoid being eating by the frogs or fish.
  • Any player hit by the fish or frogs results in being swallowed whole.
  • The player then suffers X D6 acid damage as they are digested.
  • The player can cut their way out of the stomach by either doing X damage or needing X rounds to create a hole, whichever you as the DM deems more appropriate for the moment.
  • -C-
    The door on the stone is unlocked and leads to part 8.


The door opens to the inside of an artery where the players are the size of a cell. Red and white blood cells tumble together as the sounds of a heart beats in the distance.
Note: the players are not required to breath from here on.

  • -A-
    Any player who enters the artery is immediately pushed through the veins by the force of the heart.
  • Players must roll strength or dexterity to maneuver through the veins.
  • Any player who fails is tossed about against the other cells, suffering X D6 crushing damage.
  • A 2nd consecutive fail results in players being sucked towards the heart and a third failure results in death as they are crushed by the heart.
  • -B-
    The veins should be a small maze the players can explore, trying to find the end.
  • -C-
    The white blood cells will attack the players.
  • They will have the stats of oozes and deal X D6 acid damage as they try to engulf a player.
  • -D-
    At the end of one of the veins, the players can find a door.
  • The door is unlocked and when opened leads to part 9.


The door opens to a realm of atoms where the players are the size of electrons.
  • -A-
    Immediately when the players enter, they are bonded to an atom nucleus flying around the atom as an electron.
  • In order for the player to move form atom to atom, they must use force of will or roll wisdom, finding their own internal energy and changing it.
    Note: There is no real threat here, just let the player enjoy being atoms.
  • -B-
    After jumping a few times, the player enter in a vortex, becoming even smaller, entering the realm of strings, quantum foam and points, this starts part 10.


At this level, the players no longer have a size tossed around in the foam of space. They eventually see the foam bubble, vibrate until it explodes creating before their eyes a big bang. The players hurl through the space of the universe until they once again reach the very door where this all started, their hands on the handle just before they were about to open it.

The door will no longer open into the dimension and instead open to where it was previously intended to.


There is no treasure or big boss. It was an experience, but what impact did it have on your players?
Maybe they all gained points in wisdom or intelligence, learning things about their world they never knew.
Maybe it left them fearful of size changes and in the future anything that can change its size will result in the player rolling fear.
Maybe the experience changed the fabric of the players, resulting in the players being able to change their size to that of a giant or mouse a few times a day, week or month.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

Pest Repellent Plants

Pests such as wasps and ants ruin plants and are just annoying in general. Here are some plants that naturally repel them and can protect your porch and your skin from this pesky insects!

Wasp Repellents
• Lemon Grass (Citronella)
• Eucalyptus
• Mint (basil, peppermint, catnip, etc)
• Wormwood

Mosquito Repellents
• Basil
• Lantana
• Lavender
• Lemon Balm
• Lemon Thyme
• Lemon Grass (citronella)
• Marigold
• Catnip
• Rosemary

Ant Repellents
• Mint (peppermint, basil, catnip, etc)
• Yarrow
• Tansy
• Garlic

Gnat and Fly Repellents
• Geraniums
• Lemon Thyme
• Marigold
• Lavender
• Bay Leaves

there is only so much time and so many words. i want to show you that i am only a writer for the ink that lives at the back of your throat. i want to explain how kissing you gives me a little taste of a book. how i wasn’t properly alive before this.

i want to show you how it’s changed now. look, the little marching ants are penning you poetry. look, in the shadow of bent grass you can see sonnets about your eyes. look, the woods have collected stories about your palms, your skin, your spine.

i saw art where there was once only shapeless love. a flower holds meaning only when you want to give it to someone. it was as if all my life i have been staring at a riddle that i just figured out the answer of.

in birds singing and the shy eye of dawn and in sleepless nights and in the curved neck of a swan and in the small world of water droplets and in the thirsty memory of dew and in a sapling’s first stretch towards the sky again; spelling out

you, you, you. an infinite forever of you.

Japan Splatfest ANT vs GRASS HOPPER

アリとキリギリス By ぷち on Pixiv

** Permission was granted by the artist to upload this submission! Check out their other amazing work and make sure to give them ten stars!. DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST.**

She mostly takes photographs on her
camera in macro mode, because she
likes to see really small things up close.
Just the other day she took some
pictures of raindrops on flowers and
the hands of a watch counting hours.

Whenever the sun shines she likes to
find ants and spiders hiding in the
grass or sometimes in full view on a
path, she gets as close as she can to
her subject and then snaps away; I’m
sure the public must find her antics strange?