A bull ant, also known as a bulldog ant, scoping its area on a rock. While these ants can be highly vicious, this one didn’t mind having its photo taken. There are many kinds of bull ants, some can even jump similar to a flea… Which I did not find amusing when I got bitten by them as a kid. 

Not only do these ants pack a powerful bite, but they will sting at the same time with their abdomen. It is incredibly painful… Geez was it painful.

They’re a very large ant, ranging from 8mm-40mm. Instead of building their own nest, they’ll invade an already inhabited nest and keep it for their own.

We came across many of these on Mt Gulaga, but they never paid us any attention, luckily. We kept to ourselves and they kept to themselves.

I think they’re magnificent creatures.

Follow Your Dreams

Unless you have one of those dreams where you’re standing in a puddle and your toenails keep falling off so you try to crush the bicycle of a passing Elvis impersonator and his skin falls off revealing your 3rd grade homeroom teacher and you scream but the sound comes out of your eyes and you can’t see and that’s when you know you have to kill the curator of the Smithsonian Museum before she cooks the world’s last waffle which is actually made of liquefied ants.

Then it’s okay not to follow your dreams.