The engagement ring then Princess Elizabeth received from Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten (born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark). The diamonds came from one of Princess Alice’s tiaras and Prince Philip was involved in the design, it has a total of 11 diamonds (5 smaller ones on each side). It is reportedly, Queen Elizabeth’s favorite piece of jewelry.
Creator: Philip Antrobus Ltd. 
Stone(s): Diamond 
Metal: Platinum

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there are two possibilities that i can come up w , for this name choice on beachams part

they both seem super unlikely to me but one is –slightly– less so ?

1. its a cryptic reference to alice in wonderland , bc antrobus is a (teeeeeny teeeeny ickle) town in cheshire county , england – pop 800 & change

2. its a ‘clever’ reference to a famous american playwright , thornton wilder – best known for OUR TOWN the bane of high school drama depts for generations  ( or at least their relatives obliged 2 attend yet another performance of OUR TOWN &its rote hammering on heart strings )

bc the only literary use of the name - which is abt as rare as youd expect , only slightly more than the citizens of the town that sourced it & i cldnt find even any moderately famous literary antrobuses , theres 1 super obscure british dramatist –

is in a play he did called THE SKIN OF THEIR TEETH which i havent seen & was barely aware of b4 researching 'antrobus ’ bc YES MY REACTION WAS THE SAME ^_^

which is a weird surrealist / absurdist thing abt some middle americans who are really biblical charas ? idek – but there is sibling rivaly & daddy issues , so that @ least has a slight connection ? more than wonderland @l least (@ least b4 del toro got hold of it !)

now WHY wld anyone choose to reference this in a story abt 2 gary stus , ACTION-STU & NERD-STU , staging comebacks & getting girlprizes as a result , VIA THE MEDIUM OF GIANT ROBOTS & ALIEN BIOTECH ?

???search me …

jazzmoth replied to your post:aerialsquid reblogged your photoset and…

SKIN OF OUR TEETH IS THE BEST PLAY. (also I thought Antrobus was a reference to Everyman? since “antro” sounds like “andro” = man, and bus sorta means “all” or “collection” i guess…?)

well i havent seen it sorry…

rly it  might b ok but –it just sounds like the kind of dadaistic thing that drives me nuts see also aria da capo o.m.g. i AM SO OVER ‘WHACKY , HAVE BEEN OVER 'WHACKY’ SINCE 1990 AT LEAST

& i am NOT a thornton wilder fan inclined to invest my energy reading him , based on OUR TOWN, bc it is sooooo smarmy manipulative false-earnest gushy that my teeth start hurting even thinking abt it , guh YEAH I GET KINDA GRAAR ABT OUR TOWN

but regardless 'antrobus’ as a contrived way of naming someone everyman  is , well , contrived bc YES I MEAN WELL IT IS A REAL SURNAME which is more than i knew when i started lookin it up in rel 2 the orig script

but it ISNT rly greek , it comes from that teensy town in the UK , its etymology is disputed but its either viking or french in origin , & when i heard it i didnt think 'everyman’ – like guillermo himself , i thought brand name ( HE ACTUALLY SAID IT SOUNDED LIKE A SUPPOSITORY BRAND lol )


Ladies of MCU: The Star Spangled Singers/USO Dancers Captain America: the First Avenger

Rosanna Hoult…The Star Spangled Singer
Naomi Slights…The Star Spangled Singer
Kirsty Mather…The Star Spangled Singer
Jennifer Abbotts…USO Dancer
Michelle Antrobus…USO Dancer
Lucy Dean…USO Dancer
Erin Dusek…USO Dancer
Nicole Evans…USO Dancer
Lizzi Franklin…USO Dancer
Emma Harris…USO Dancer
Rachael Isherwood…USO Dancer
Danielle Kelly…USO Dancer
Nicole May…USO Dancer
Stevie-Jean McGuire…USO Dancer
Anna McNicholas…USO Dancer
Rosie Pethullis…USO Dancer
Jessica Powell…USO Dancer
Rachel Quartley…USO Dancer
Sarah Riches…USO Dancer
Holly Rostron…USO Dancer
Caroline Royce…USO Dancer
Stephanie Jayne Thompson…USO Dancer
Lucie Waugh…USO Dancer

Homem pousa com girocóptero nos jardins do Capitólio

Um homem pousou com um girocóptero nesta quarta-feira nos jardins do Capitólio, para protestar contra a corrupção do sistema político americano, deflagrando uma alerta de segurança na região.

“A polícia do Capitólio continua investigando. Há uma pessoa detida”, afirmou o oficial Shennell Antrobus.

O incidente provocou o fechamento das ruas próximas ao prédio, localizado a poucos quilômetros da Casa Branca.

O sobrevoo de qualquer dispositivo nas imediações do Capitólio é estritamente proibido e há fortes restrições na área.

Segundo o jornal Tampa Bay Times, do estado da Flórida (sudeste), o piloto é Doug Hughes, um carteiro de 61 anos, que foi entrevistado e filmado durante o evento.

Seu objetivo era fazer um ato de desobediência civil para interpelar os parlamentares sobre a corrupção ligada à crescente desregulamentação do financiamento eleitoral.

“Eu exijo uma reforma e declaro uma rebelião do eleitor de uma maneira consistente com a descrição Jefferson dos direitos na Declaração de Independência”, escreveu o homem em uma carta que foi enviada a cada um dos 535 legisladores americanos.

O homem disse ao Tampa Bay Times que também planejava notificar as autoridades de antemão sobre seu pouso no local.

A Administração Federal de Aviação (FAA) informou que investiga o incidente junto com outras autoridades americanas, acrescentando que o piloto não fez contato com os controladores aéreos. “A FAA não autorizou o ingresso no espaço aéreo restrito”.

Hughes utilizou um girocóptero tipo Bensen, que a FAA classifica de “veículo” ultraleve que não requer registro.