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there are two possibilities that i can come up w , for this name choice on beachams part

they both seem super unlikely to me but one is –slightly– less so ?

1. its a cryptic reference to alice in wonderland , bc antrobus is a (teeeeeny teeeeny ickle) town in cheshire county , england – pop 800 & change

2. its a ‘clever’ reference to a famous american playwright , thornton wilder – best known for OUR TOWN the bane of high school drama depts for generations  ( or at least their relatives obliged 2 attend yet another performance of OUR TOWN &its rote hammering on heart strings )

bc the only literary use of the name - which is abt as rare as youd expect , only slightly more than the citizens of the town that sourced it & i cldnt find even any moderately famous literary antrobuses , theres 1 super obscure british dramatist –

is in a play he did called THE SKIN OF THEIR TEETH which i havent seen & was barely aware of b4 researching 'antrobus ’ bc YES MY REACTION WAS THE SAME ^_^

which is a weird surrealist / absurdist thing abt some middle americans who are really biblical charas ? idek – but there is sibling rivaly & daddy issues , so that @ least has a slight connection ? more than wonderland @l least (@ least b4 del toro got hold of it !)

now WHY wld anyone choose to reference this in a story abt 2 gary stus , ACTION-STU & NERD-STU , staging comebacks & getting girlprizes as a result , VIA THE MEDIUM OF GIANT ROBOTS & ALIEN BIOTECH ?

???search me …

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SKIN OF OUR TEETH IS THE BEST PLAY. (also I thought Antrobus was a reference to Everyman? since “antro” sounds like “andro” = man, and bus sorta means “all” or “collection” i guess…?)

well i havent seen it sorry…

rly it  might b ok but –it just sounds like the kind of dadaistic thing that drives me nuts see also aria da capo o.m.g. i AM SO OVER ‘WHACKY , HAVE BEEN OVER 'WHACKY’ SINCE 1990 AT LEAST

& i am NOT a thornton wilder fan inclined to invest my energy reading him , based on OUR TOWN, bc it is sooooo smarmy manipulative false-earnest gushy that my teeth start hurting even thinking abt it , guh YEAH I GET KINDA GRAAR ABT OUR TOWN

but regardless 'antrobus’ as a contrived way of naming someone everyman  is , well , contrived bc YES I MEAN WELL IT IS A REAL SURNAME which is more than i knew when i started lookin it up in rel 2 the orig script

but it ISNT rly greek , it comes from that teensy town in the UK , its etymology is disputed but its either viking or french in origin , & when i heard it i didnt think 'everyman’ – like guillermo himself , i thought brand name ( HE ACTUALLY SAID IT SOUNDED LIKE A SUPPOSITORY BRAND lol )