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Doagh Holestone, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

On a hilltop about a mile from Doagh is a Bronze Age whinstone megalith known as The Holestone. Couples used to promise marriage by clasping hands through the hole in the stone, a convention that can be traced back to about 1830. It has been suggested that the stone was used in ancient times for aphrodisiac purposes. Even today, newlyweds, together with the wedding party, will visit the stone in observance of the ancient local custom.

Ballygilbert Standing Stone, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Near the top of Ballygilbert Hill and offering fine views over the North Channel to Scotland, close to the “Ulster Way” footpath, this small ( around 5 feet high) but well-sited Cloughogan is remarkable for its unmistakably phallic form. The meaning behind these types of standing stones is unknown.

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This spot in Northern Ireland is near the famous Giant’s Causeway, but here you just get a nice view of waves rolling through eroded gaps in the lava that forms the causeway elsewhere. 

Now this is how you treat your students with dignity and respect. On Friday, primary school students at Harmony Hill School in Antrim, Northern Ireland received a note from their teachers just before being given the results of a transfer test determining which high school students they’d be eligible for. Even the school’s principal was shocked by the reaction to the letter.