“Working with Evan has been fantastic. He’s always laughing, joking and trying to make people smile. He was just a blast to work with. I had a great time filming our scenes and.. you know, he’s a great guy. I love to work with him and I’d love to work with him in the future again.” – Taissa Farmiga

“She laughs at almost anything so I always get her laughing, which is always fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better scene partner because she is just very giving and truthful. We got a good connection back and forth so it’s not hard to play for real when you’re with Taissa which is great.” – Evan Peters

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Titanic (film) trivia: The shooting star was a motif originally meant to be seen a few times throughout the film but ended being omitted in the final cut. Shooting stars became associated with death during a deleted scene as Jack mentions they symbolize a soul going to heaven. A shooting star was meant to be seen later in the film as Rose is lying on the wooden panel looking at the constellation, indicating Jack had passed away and his soul was crossing over.


What We Do in the Shadows
“If you’re going to eat a victim on my nice clean couch put down some newspaper on the floor and some towels. It’s not hard to do.”  “We’re vampires! We don’t put down towels.”   “..some vampires do.”  “Well, not serious ones.


“Goodbye, Bella,” he said in the same quiet, peaceful voice.

There was a light, unnatural breeze. My eyes flashed open. The leaves shuddered with the gentle wind of his passage.

He was gone.

With shaky legs, ignoring the fact that my action was useless, I followed him into the forest. The evidence of his path had disappeared instantly. There were no footprints, the leaves were still again, but I walked forward without thinking. I could not do anything else. I had to keep moving. If I stopped looking for him, it was over.

Love, life, meaning… over.


the Titanic musicians

“I don’t suppose he waited to be sent for, but after finding how dangerous the situation was, he probably called his men together and began playing. I know that he [bandmaster Wallace Hartley] often said that music was a bigger weapon for stopping disorder than anything on earth. He knew the value of the weapon he had, and I think he proved his point.”


“I always liked this little detail, that little girl’s hand smooths out the napkin. You just see there’s a whole life of indoctrination that traps a person and contains them in this shell.” – James Cameron, director

“I thought that was a very poignant scene because these children, these little girls and boys, were in straitjackets at that time. Spontaneous behavior was strictly out. Everything they did had to be thought about beforehand. I thought that scene showed very well how Rose felt.” – Lynne Hockney, choreographer/etiquette coach

“This is a wonderful scene because Rose looks over and she sees this little girl being groomed to be what she was groomed to be. And she realizes this little girl is heading her way. The small child is being turned into what Rose has been doomed to.” – Don Lynch, Titanic historian

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