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Less than a year ago he has left us a very good actor, which today would end 28 years.

Despite this, he showed us how brilliant an actor is. All the time I feel that I still had a lot to offer viewers. All the time I feel that revealed only the hem of his talent.

Anton inspired me for many things.

I don’ t have the courage to publish here a  a letter that I wrote to him like the others, Later, however,I let go of your him with the wind, but … Thank you, Anthon.

#LettersToAnton2017 #AntonYelchin#HappyBirthdayAntonYelchin

#DavidAnders, star of #iZombie, is celebrating his 36th birthday today!

#ThoraBirch, who can be seen in #TheHole, is now 35!

#AntonYelchin, actor of #LikeCrazy, would be 28 years old if he was alive!

#TerrenceHoward, #Empire’s #LuciousLyon, completes 48!

#JohnnyKnoxville, from #Jackass, celebrates 46!

#JohnBarrowman, leading man of #Torchwood, reaches 50!

#PeterBerg, director of #DeepwaterHorizon, completes 53!

Happy Birthday :)