Yesterday at #MFW, #LuisaBeccaria followed in the footsteps of the likes of @burberry and antonioberardi and partook in the ‘sheer bottom weights’ trend we outlined in our LFW Stylefile #MFW


Stealing the show at every red carpet outing- the beautiful Lupita Nyong'o, steps out at the Toronto Film Festival and onto the pages of Harpers U.S, in Mr. Blasbergs Best-Dressed List column. A deep coral crepe sheath dress from Pre-Fall 13, with geometric back detail- simple, yet attention grabbing at every turn. 



My personal favourites in this Antonio Berardi line up are as follows. Row 1, picture 2, because lets be honest, when hungover on a Sunday and crawling to the nearest shop for hair of the dog and a newspaper I like to think that I look uber glamourous and pulled together like she in the picture. That my five year old and possibly holey pyjama bottoms resemble  the trousers here, they are of a similar width. In reality I scare children and small dogs. In my head I am the height of chic. Row 2, picture 3 reminds me of an elegant bird of prey swooping in to protect it’s young from a rival predator. It’s a glamorous mamma lion, or mamma eagle since I made a bird of prey reference, showing her fierce feathers when her cub is threatened. Notice how despite the fierceness not a hair is out of place. Her lipstick does not budge. Row 3, picture 1 has both swish and flounce. Swish in the knit. Flounced in the skirt. How could you not love an outfit that combines two such fabulous motions. Who doesn’t want to walk down a street, or into a bar and both swish and flounce simultaneously?

By Natalie Dembinska

Seriously how could you not have the ultimate #WCW on this beauty @blakelively. Check the blog for my Wednesday style profile muse. #blakelively #blakelivelystyle #instadaily #instaglam #instashot #fashion #fashionista #fashiondiaires #celebritystyle #realstyle #style #fashionjunkie #instafashion #roksanda #antonioberardi #balmain #styleprofile #fblogger #nycfblogger

Let’s not forget the London Fashion Week over the Oscars! Today i came over a nice collection from Antonio Berardi. To be honest with you; it didn’t blew me away like Gareth Pugh’s newest but it’s still a pretty charming collection with a few really creative pieces. My biggest “problem” with this collection is the color- pattern- overkill. Most of the cuts are so brilliant, they wouldn’t need any patterns to stand out from other collections.