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You know, I've been thinking about this lately. Since Antonio Banderas played Armand in the IVTV movie and he didn't looked like the character in the books, a lot of people were disheartened about it, but actually, i think it was divine. Yes, Banderas didn't look like Armand and there's a lot of theories on why they choose him, but his performance was so great. It was like a "Dracula version" of Armand, so fancy, so dark, so dramatic, so... charming. I thought it was great. What do you think?

Well you probably know you’re preaching to the choir on that one ;) 

Most of my thoughts on Antonio!Armand are in #Defending Antonio, so you can check that out.

However, I totally understand that other people were disheartened about it, and I’m not looking to argue with anyone, just saying that I was able to enjoy Antonio!Armand, and I’m glad other people were able to enjoy him, as well <3

Peró nel mio caso
hanno sempre preferito perdermi
piuttosto che lottare e
venirmi a prendere, mi
hanno sempre lasciata
in sospeso, nessuno
che ti tiene, nessuno
che ti rincorre, nessuno
che ti viene a
prendere, eppure
nonostante tutto
dicono di volerti bene
che non potevano
trovar di meglio e poi ti
lasciano andare.
—  Ilmiobisognoelamancanza
Fuiste la única persona por la cual me tragé mí orgullo y volví a hablarle, aún sabiendo que me destrozaste.
—  Y la misma persona que ahora ni tomas en cuenta