Hetalia Character Name Meanings
  • Alfred: Name of a king
  • Arthur: Strong as a bear
  • Francis: Free or Frenchman
  • Matthew: A saint who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus
  • Ivan: Gift from God
  • Yao: Dazzling or Born on a Thursday
  • Kiku: Chrysanthemum
  • Ludwig: Famous fighter
  • Feliciano: Happy one
  • Romano: From Rome
  • Antonio: Beyond praise
  • Gilbert: Oath
  • Elizabeta: Devoted to God
  • Roderich: Famous power
  • Vash: Cow (can be interpreted)
  • Natalia: Born at Christmas
  • Peter: Rock
  • Feliks: Happy
  • Eduard: Rich benefactor
  • Tino: To honor God
  • Berwald: Bear Ruler
  • Heracles: Glory of Hera
  • Sadik: Honest
  • Im Yong Soo: Brave and great

Assassin AU where Lovina is paid to do ‘dirty work’ in order to keep her brother alive and to keep her missing grandfather’s enemies at bay. Feliciano makes sure she never gets caught by detective Carriedo (who is glued to her case), but Ludwig, an aspiring detective joins in the mess, suspicious about the always smiling italian and wanting to crack the case of his missing childhood friend with the beautiful warm eyes.


World Cup final rematch in Brazil last Friday- Holland beats defending champions Spain 5-1 in the first round openers :D And the Dutch are no doubt pleased not just because they avenged their loss to Spain in the 2010 WC Final but because being at the top of their group means they can escape facing Brazil to enter the last-16- that’s possibly going to be Spain’s fate if they end up the runners-up of the group. And oh boy, nothing like trying to beat a team playing on home ground.  The number of goals scored also affect rankings, so the Dutch have had a pretty good start! 

I know Holland is normally associated with orange, but the Dutch team wore their blue jerseys at Friday’s game with the Spanish team :D