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  ‘ ‘ Imagine you havo to go undercover with Antonio and he takes it a bit 
  too seriously. 
’ ’

Requested by Anonymous : ‘‘ hey :) would you write a story where antonio and the reader have to go undercover just for a night and they have to play a couple and antonio is taking it a little bit too literally ;) ’’
Requests are always open.

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You go in, you give a look at the ledger and you come out. It should be easy, though there are guards so you have to sidestep them.

At first, it seemed easy. You, Antonio, Jay and Erin undercover in a strip club. Erin would distract the guards with Jay, you and Antonio would enter Gleeson’s office and did what you had to do. For the undercover mission, you and Erin were sisters and Antonio your boyfriend, Jay Erin’s. You were there to spend a night of pure fun.

“ All right, eyes open and let’s make it quick. ” Jay said as he held the door open for you, Antonio and Erin. When you entered the club, your ears were filled with loud music. The strippers were seductively dancing around their poles, strobe lights were flashing in every corner of the club. You and Erin shared a look before she and Jay went to do their part. You felt Antonio’s arm slipping around you hip and his lips brushing your ear. 

“ You’re stunning tonight. I’ve never seen you wear that little purple dress on other undercover missions. ” his tone was playful yet seductive. In fact, for tonight you dressed particularly well. When Voight told you you were going undercover with Antonio, to say you were excited was an understatement. Let’s just say you had a little crush on the detective since you joined the Intelligence Unit.

“ Shut up. ” you said with a little smile before you heard Jay talking from the earbud.

You’re up. ‘

You shared a look with your partner before starting to making your way through the loud croud. At this point, you started you little act. Antonio held you against his side laughing and you giggled, walking erractically. You entered Gleeson’s office like if you were going to have fun in that room. But your fun was bringing justice in this corrupted city. You closed the door behind you, pointing the desk to Antonio.

“ All right, you find the ledger, I take a look at the room. Guys, keep them busy as long as you can.

“ When did you become so bossy? ” Antonio smirked, while searching for the ledger. You smirked in return.

“ You like it. ” you spent the next five minutes looking for something to inciminate the bastard but you found nothing. Then, you heard Erin’s voice through the earbud.

They’re coming back. You don’t have time to go out, they’ll see you. Hide, there’s Gleeson too. ‘

You looked around you for a place to hide but you didn’t find anything. The clock was ticking. 

“ Come here, I have an idea. ” Antonio said before pushing you roughly on the desk and attacking your lips. The kiss was completely unexpected, you felt his hands wandering on your thighs, under you little dress. Just before Gleeson could enter, you started to kiss him back just as passionately. He was faking it, true, but damn.

“ What the fuck are you doing in my office? ” someone barked, and you parted immediatly, caught in the act. You faked shame, biting your lower lip while you standed on your feet and fixed you dress. Antionio scratched his neck.

“ Just making out with my girl. Sorry man. ” he said with an apologetically smile. Gleeson snorted.

“ Get out of here. ” he said irritated and you almost ran out of the office laughing. When you were out of earshot, you looked at Antonio.

“ So that was your idea? ”

“ Don’t act all innocent, you liked it. ”

Are you insane? Antonio Dawson x Reader

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Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

Warnings: Mention of Sexual Assault, mention of death

Summary: The team are in a crime scene and hell breaks lose

Requested: yes/no

Author’s Note: Considering writing part 2? It’s probably going to be the dinner scene. If you want a part 2 let me know! 

Requests are opened


The first few weeks working in intelligence was chaotic, but coming from the very problematic narcotic unit, it wasn’t something Y/N couldn’t handle. Even though she knew Rusek and Atwater from the academy, being the new girl wasn’t easy.

Y/N was transferred by Voight requests, but only he and Halstead and Rusek knew the real reason of her sudden move of unit. Narcotic was dark and ruthless; they didn’t care for justice, they only cared for money and power. Y/N was the only woman in the unit and at first she wasn’t worried about it, but when the hands of the sergeant had gripped on her wrist and pushed her up against her desk; she knew it was trouble. No one else was in the office, but her cries weren’t enough for someone to hear down the hall. His dirty hands tore her jeans open as his lips sank into her tore up white shirt.

When all the sudden Detective Halstead and Rusek had barged in the office right after they heard Y/N’s cries and pleads. It was a casualty; they were only there to get some information about a drug dealer, but they found something else. The sergeant had pushed her aggressively from his tight grasp as the two men had rushed in with their weapons in hand. The situation spoke for itself, Y/N was thrown on the floor with her clothes ripped open while a stream of tears ran down her cheeks as the sergeant stood only a few feet away from her. If it wasn’t for them, God knows what could’ve happened.

Months had passed since the incident in Narcotics, but nothing was stopping her from going further into her career. “Good morning.” Y/N smiled happily as she walked in the office with her usual cup of coffee in hand. Voight nodded back at her as he quickly got in his own office to settle down his things as Erin sat on the corner of Y/N’s desk, waiting for her.

“Good morning to you, you look way happy today.” Erin teased, knowing the reason behind her glowing smile. “How was it last night?”

“I thought that by the fourth date he would’ve dropped the gentlemen act, but mija he’s amazing.” Y/N began as she settled her things on her desk. “I invited him over tonight for dinner and I’m nervous as heck.”

“Nervous for what? Another date with mysterious man?” Halstead interrupted, stealing Y/N’s coffee and sitting on his desk across hers. Y/N protested for her stolen coffee but she knew he wasn’t going to give it back anytime soon. “It’s been what? Five months? We need to meet the guy and have a few drinks together.”

“Talking about your boyfriend?” Rusek joined in the conversation as the rest of the team had already filled up their usual spot in their desks. Y/N rolled her eyes at them as they kept talking on how they needed to meet her boyfriend.

Their teasing only lasted a few minutes before Voight had interrupted with a new case. Arriving at the scene, it was full of reporters, neighbors and a sea of cops surrounding the area. It was all about a gang war, two men that belonged to one of the gangs laid flat on his chest lifeless with his gun still in hand while the other only laid on his back a few feet away from his partner. The rest of the gang members had driven away once the rain of bullets had stopped. Only leaving a tragedy with families aching over the loss of their children who were just innocently playing with each other when the heartless gang members had decided to take their lives.

“I hate these types of days.” Y/N admitted as she stood beside Erin while the forensic team were working on the scene. Erin nodded in agreement as she was too scared to speak up with a knot on her throat. From a far, Voight stood with the state’s attorney’s office, Peter Stone and Antonio Dawson. Y/N ran her fingers through her tangled hair as she avoided Dawson’s eyes from the other side of the crime scene. She didn’t want to be too obvious.

“He should keep the staring a minimal if he doesn’t want anyone to suspect a thing.” If Erin had noticed, she couldn’t imagine who would notice as well. “He’s the one who wanted to keep the relationship private, at least he could pretend he doesn’t know you a bit better.” She added, nudging Y/N with her shoulder for her to leave the topic as Jay jogged over to the pair.

“I guess the state’s attorney’s office has an open case with one of the gang members who was killed. He got bailed out- “

“And now he’s dead.” Y/N finished for him, crossing her arm as the chilly Chicago wind hit her all of the sudden. “I’m going to get my jacket from the car.” She walked away from both Jay and Erin as she made it towards the tinted car across the across the street. Her eyes roamed the crowd as she spotted a mysterious beaten up car coming their way rapidly. It’s when she saw the guns being pointed towards the crown that she reacted. “Everyone down!” She shouted, removing her gun from her side as the other cops in scene tried to shoot back at the upcoming car.

“Y/L/N! Move!” Voight shouted when the car wouldn’t stop. She knew the speeding car would crash into hers and Voight’s van since their cars were the ones blocking the crime scene. The car only increased its speed as the passenger had switch for a bigger and longer weapon. “Shit.” Y/N cursed, as she tried to find cover somewhere else that wasn’t her own car.

With her head down, she looked for cover but the only place she could run to was on the other side and it was basically suicide. Opening the back door of the car, she stood on the edge of the seat as she placed her elbows on the top of the car as she tried to shoot the tires of the car before it caused anymore mayhem.

She could hear her team shouting from a far for her but she managed to shoot the left tire of the front of the car, only for the car to lose control and crash into a fire hydrant a few feet away from her. A group of cops had run over to trashed car, surrounding it as the two men stepped out of the car with their hands up. Her heart was hitting against her chest rapidly as the adrenaline washed away slowly from her veins. She knew the amount of trouble she was in, but she ran her shaking hand through her hair as she was still standing on the passenger’s seat.

“Are you insane?” Dawson had grabbed Y/N by her waist and pulled her down to her feet. She acted recklessly and she knew it, but she didn’t need to be told off, especially him. “I swear to God; Y/N you are going to kill yourself one day or someone else if you keep doing these foolish things.” He continued to argue as his hands were still placed on her waist.

“And you’re the one to talk.” Y/N angrily barked back, removing his hands off her as she caught the rest of the team staring at them bickering.

“How do they know each other?” Jay questioned, as Rusek and Atwater shrugged.

“You guys are idiots.” Erin rolled her eyes, knowing they would catch on at any moment. When Antonio caressed Y/N’s cheek before pulling apart, the guys looked over at Erin in realization of what Dawson and Y/N had.

“I’ll see you later tonight?” Dawson sighed defeated, he didn’t want to argue in front of his old team as they made their way towards them. Y/N thought about it, she wanted to cancel but she simply nodded quietly. “Don’t do any more reckless things, please.” He pleaded, pressing a quick kiss on to her temples.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Erin reassured Dawson, resting her back on the car. After saying all his goodbyes, Antonio left in his own car with Peter on the passenger seat waiting for him. “I hope you make it alive tonight for your dinner date because Voight is boiling.” Erin pointed out, as an angry Voight marched his way towards Y/N.

Her first time disobeying orders, and she was sure that Voight was going to scold her for the rest of that case.  

Latino Wedding (Antonio Dawson x Female Reader)

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Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Female Reader

Summary: Reader goes undercover, she gets into big trouble and the team rescues her 

Warnings: Hostage situation, violence, mention of blood and death

Author’s note: I had like fifty different endings for this but they were so long that I didn’t want to make this imagine too long. If you would like another part you can request it! I basically have like fifty new ways to continue this imagine, so don’t be shy and leave your feedback and request another part if you want. And this imagine is very quick pace, I really didn’t want to make it too long. 


Mornings were horrible, especially after not being in your comfortable bed for so long. All what Y/N wanted to do was skip the morning and sleep in. The sun was only starting to peak through the clear windows of her apartment when she pulled the fridge open, looking for something to eat. The black pan heated over the iron stove as the omelet on the pan heated up slowly. The smell of eggs had wondered around the house and up to the bedroom far in the back where Antonio was sleeping peacefully. His nose caught on to the scent quickly and his stomach started to grumble.

His feet landed on the wooden floors while he stretched his whole body out of bed. The smell only grew stronger with every step he took towards the kitchen and his stomach kept growling even louder. Normally, it would be him cooking breakfast for her; but that morning the tables turned. With the salsa music coming from her phone, she made her way through the kitchen dancing to the rhythm of the song. Her hair fell down her back and it swayed from side to side with her whole body as she danced around with a mixing bowl in hand. He loved watching her dance, but something about that morning made his heart flutter even more.

“You’re up early.” Antonio’s raspy voice broke her away from her dancing as he walked towards her now still body.

“Me asustaste Antonio!” (You scared me Antonio!); Y/N protested, flipping the first omelet off the pan and pouring the second one in. Antonio spun Y/N around and pulled her closer to his naked chest. His lips hovered over hers as their noses brushed against each other. Y/N waist moved in sync with Antonio’s as another salsa song echoed in the small kitchen.

“Marry me.” Antonio mumbled, his hand grabbing hers into his gentle grip. Y/E/C iris expanded when her eye landed on his glistening ones. She heard him perfectly, but the drumming sound of her heart beating against her chest and her heavy breathing made it even harder for her to form some words together. “We don’t need to get married right away, I don’t even have a ring right now but I want you to marry me. I want you to come back home to me and be my fiancé, the love of my life.”

“I want to marry you, but I thought you said you didn’t want to get married again.” Y/N babbled, turning around and turning off the stove behind her. “Is it about what my father said? He’s a traditional man, but you don’t have to do this Antonio.”

“I want you, that’s all I want. I don’t care if it’s a huge wedding or even in the courthouse, I just want you.” A smiled creeped up on her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Yes.” Y/N giggled as Antonio had picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter. His lips landed on hers as his hands gripped on each of her sides. The kiss was electric; it was breathtaking as the happiness only grew even more in them.  

“You know he wants a huge Latino wedding.” Y/N said, catching her breath while Antonio stood between her legs.

“Ay Dios mío.” (Oh my God); Antonio rolled his eyes playfully at her, only for her to slap him on his shoulder. “I don’t want you to go.” He whined, resting his head between her breasts.

“I’ll be back in four weeks max.” Y/N chuckled, running her fingers through his messy dark hair.

Four weeks.

And he still hadn’t heard anything from her. He knew she shouldn’t had taken that undercover job from Narcotics, it was something she never seen or experienced before. Narcotics was a dark and powerful unit, either someone ends up dead or the power of control and money gets to them.

One white shirt man came in with two narcotic sergeants right behind him and made their way towards Voight’s office. Automatically, everyone in the team sat on their desk in complete silence as they all looked at each other worriedly.

They knew what to expect.

The job went wrong. It was all Antonio could think, they had done something to his fiancé.

“As we all know; Detective Y/L/N has been undercover for the narcotics unit for the past four weeks.” Voight began, his hands sliding into his pockets as the rest of the team stood up around Voight and their guests.

“We kept communicating with her at least every three days, but since last week we had lost that connection. Our secret source is no longer reaching out and Y/L/N as well.” Sergeant Thomson said, handing out the copies of the files they had on the investigation. “We were tracking down a huge drug-lord for the past year and not until Y/N started working with us we finally have a name for him. His name is Jorge Ramirez and he moved to Chicago about two years ago.”

The team kept discussing the case while Antonio’s thoughts were somewhere else. All he could think about what the last morning they had together, dancing in the small kitchen in his apartment while the salsa music played in the background. “Dawson” Voight called for him, pulling him back to reality.

“What?” Antonio looked up from his desk, all eyes darting towards him.

“Focus.” Voight warned him before leaving the office with Olinsky and Rusek following behind.

With probably a few hours left for the rescue of the two cops undercover, they had one of the gang members in custody after a CI had told Halstead about an old buyer who had moved to the dealing business with Jorge’s gang. Antonio watched from the other side of the interview room with Erin by his side as Voight and Halstead were trying to make the man crack.

It was no surprise Voight would use his power to intimidate the suspect, one of his own was missing and he would do anything to get them back. Voight pushed the man’s back to the concrete wall with his hand wrapped around his neck tightly. Jay only stood back from Voight with his arms crossed against his chest while he watched the man being tortured in front of him.

“Alright! I know where they are!” The man choked out, coughing out for air as Voight had roughly let go of him. “It’s a warehouse, before the exit for the freeway.” Antonio was the first one to run out of the room before anyone else could even leave to search for the warehouse’s location.

The sun was about to set as the team prepared themselves to barge in the warehouse at any moment. The team and a few of the narcotics team had huddled around any possible entrance/exit of the warehouse and waited for Voight’s orders.

Y/N could feel head throbbing and her whole body ache as she laid on her sides on the floor. She could see Jorge smirking as he knelt before her weak self. “You’re way more fun to torture than your partner, he was too boring for my taste.” Jorge chuckled, caressing Y/N’s bruised cheek with his thumb.

“If you’re going to kill me, just do it.” Y/N coughed, her throat aching from the dog collar he had her tied to. She had been tied and tortured for days like a mutt, but she wanted it all to end already.

“But where’s the fun in that sweetheart?” Jorge laughed, grabbing the small pocket knife and dragged it down on the skin of her inner thigh. The sharp pain causing her to scream her lungs out as Jorge pressed his palm hard on the huge cut on her thigh. The stingy tears forming in her eyes fell down her beaten up cheeks as she heard shouting coming from the first level.

“Shit, get up whore.” Jorge demanded, pulling off the chains from the wall and holding them securely in his palms as he held her up against his chest with a gun pressed up her neck.

When the team made their way towards the second level, they met with the fallen narcotics cop and Y/N being held like a prisoner. The blood kept dripping down from the bruise of her thigh down to her legs even more while Jorge forced her to stand while the team surrounded them. “She’s a fighter, but not strong enough. It was erotic the way she would scream and beg for me for mercy.”

Jorge began, pulling the chains on her neck tighter as the purple bruising around her neck worsen.

“Jorge, you’re done. Just let her go.” Halstead was the first one to speak up as the others kept their guns on Jorge.

Antonio’s rage grew immensely as he eyed his girl completely. He had tortured her so much, her own body couldn’t even keep herself up on its own. Her eyes were completely off, they were lost and disoriented with her surroundings. With the amount of abuse and countless blood loss she didn’t have any strength to keep fighting back.

It was up to her team now.

Y/N eyes rolled back as her limb body fell against Jorge, her body weight falling on him completely causing him to lose balance. Antonio ran to catch Y/N as she fell out of Jorge’s grip while Jay had pushed him down face down to the floor, cuffing his hands behind his back. “Now you’re going to be the one praying for mercy.” Voight began, gripping on the back collar of his shirt and dragging him out with Olinsky behind him.

“Did it work?” Y/N coughed in Antonio’s arms as she fluttered her eyes open. Antonio sighed out of relief as she smiled weakly up at him. “Maybe I had a little fight in me left.”

“We need to get her to the hospital, that thigh doesn’t look good.” Rusek pointed out, calling an ambulance through his radio line.

“I don’t look good at all.” She snorted, still having some humor left in her.

A few weeks later, Y/N admired the small diamond on her ring finger as she sat by herself at Molly’s waiting for the rest of the team. It was her first day back and they all wanted to have some time together at the bar after another hectic case.

“Corazón, drinking without us already?” Antonio chuckled, pecking her lips quickly as he rested one of his hands in the small of her back.

“A girl needs her beer.” Y/N giggled, cuddling up to her man.

“And tonight is on us, congratulations on the engagement.” Jay began, ordering the first round of drinks.

“I would usually go against that but If you’re giving me free drinks then I’m not complaining.” Antonio added, taking a sip of his own beer.

“I love you.” Y/N rested her head on the crook of his neck as his hands ran up and down her back.

“I love you too.”

It wasn’t a normal engagement party, no expensive outfits nor fancy food. All she wanted was to be back with her team, enjoying their company with some cold beers. It was perfect and she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Meeting You

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Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

Requested: @unsocialized-nerd

Summary: It’s your wedding day and you recall how you got here.​

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You met Antonio when he was still a detective for Intelligence. It was maybe your third or fourth week on your new job at firehouse 51 and this was your first time meeting your partners brother. You knew Gabby had a brother but you didn’t know how handsome he was. After dropping off a patient at Med Gabby had an errand to run which had something to do with her brother. You decided to wait in the ambulance and listen to the radio while she spoke to Antonio about something across the road as she got you both some coffee. After talking about what they needed to talk about Antonio finally asked. “So, how’s it going with your new partner?”

“Great, she’s great. It’s been what only a month and I feel like I have known her for ages.” Gabby gushed.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yeah, I guess she just has that affect on people.” They both looked toward the ambulance and Antonio noticed you were dancing and singing to whatever song was playing on the radio. Right then and there he knew he had to know you.


The next time he saw you again was in Molly’s. You decided to only stay for one drink as you don’t normally spend your Friday nights out, you much prefer to spend it in and watch a movie but you promised Gabby you would make an appearance so you did. When you walked up to the bar you noticed there was only one seat free but the occupant in the next seat had his coat on it. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” You asked the guy hoping he would remove his coat so you could sit down in the chair. He looked up at you and that’s when you noticed it was Antonio.

“Nope it’s free.” He said removing his coat so you can sit down. “What are you drinking?”

“Uhh I’ll have a beer.” You answered and Antonio signalled to Herrmann for two beers.

“A beer?” Giving you a quizzical look. You nodded in response. “I didn’t peg you for the beer type.”

“Oh really? What did you think I would drink? Wait, let me guess. Wine or some sort of fruity drink?”

“Or tequila.” He chuckled.

“Ugh not tequila.” You grimaced. “Last time I had tequila I was in college on holiday in Mexico. Let me put it this way, I woke up in LA and I couldn’t remember how I got there so no, I don’t drink tequila and never will again.” You laughed at the memory which in turn got Antonio laughing along. The rest of the night was just the two of you talking and getting to know each other until closing. You didn’t want the night to end and neither did he so you both agreed to do this again same time next week. During the whole night Gabby watched on smiling at the exchange between her brother and friend and in that moment she knew. She knew that you would be together for a long time.


Meeting up at the bar happened for the next two months or so until Antonio finally plucked up the courage to ask you out on a real date. The date was at Antonio’s place, he cooked dinner for the two of you and you picked the film you’d watch. He cooked one of his moms recipes and you picked out your favourite movie. Antonio thought it’d be some chick flick that his sister likes but it wasn’t, it was Guardians of the Galaxy which he has never seen. Turns out he loved it and even teared up a little at the end of the movie.

This went on for a while. You were officially boyfriend and girlfriend and did typical couple things. You went hiking, had movie nights, even went on double dates with Gabby and Matt. All between your busy work schedules. Of course you had ups and downs but you got through them and at the end came out even stronger. He got a new job at the States Attorneys office which meant you could see him more as it wasn’t that unpredictable unlike Intelligence so you weren’t complaining but at long as he was happy you were happy. With his new job and after years of dating he knew it was time to ask you to marry him.

He planned the proposal, with the help of Gabby, and it was perfect. He borrowed Molly’s for the night where the relationship between the two of you started. It had memories of the two of you hanging up around the place with fairy lights. You finally arrived looking stunning as usual and you didn’t expect Antonio to be standing there in the middle of the room surrounded by your memories together. He had this whole big speech planned and it was romantic. He asked you to marry him and you said yes.


Standing in front of the mirror in your wedding dress you were reminiscing about how you got here. Most people would be freaking out at this point of there wedding day but not you. No you were excited and you had no doubts that this would be the best choice you could ever make in your life. Your thoughts were interrupted by your maid of honour and soon to be sister in law Gabby. “You ready?” She asked whilst smoothing down your dress and making sure you looked perfect.

“As I’ll ever be.” And with that you practically rushed out of the door to go and start the rest of your life as Mrs Dawson.

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Can’t Lose You (Antonio Dawson x Reader)

Not requested

Summary: You and Antonio have been in a relationship for a while, but the two of you have kept your relationship a secret. Something happens on a case which makes Antonio realize how scared he is to lose you, prompting him to something crazy.

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

A/N: There’s been so much Bull requested lately that I kind of needed another fandom to write about for a moment!

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When I first met Antonio, I was drawn to his smile. I did not realize he was going to end up a coworker of mine at Chicago P.D. as my friend Erin had. While at Molly’s, I was too nervous to chat with him, but Erin seemed to know him well. She told me about how he had recently gone through a troubling divorce. The incident really took a toll on his emotions. I kept my distance, even after seeing him at the station.

I don’t know how it began, but our chats were small in the beginning. Antonio was very polite and kept small-chat to a minimum every time we ran into each other. Our conversations steadily grew until we could speak to each other about anything, much to the surprise of those on the Intelligence Unit. I wasn’t the only one to notice his smile was there more. He seemed happier, but perhaps I only saw something I wanted to see. I wanted Antonio to like me, but I did not want to push my growing feelings on him. I was convinced Antonio was not attracted to me in the same way I was to him. The divorce was still raw in his mind, and romance didn’t seem to be in his cards anytime soon.

Antonio invited me out one evening to celebrate the closing of a long case. There was something different about his actions. I couldn’t place why, but he seemed happier, almost shyer about something. After he drove me home, he pulled me into a hug outside my apartment door, as usual. He held me tightly to him. When he released me, his eyes dropped from mine to my lips. Antonio leaned forward slightly, silently asking permission. I placed my hands on his shoulders and closed the gap between us, desperate for the one thing I wanted for so long.

We started dating after that.

Antonio and I agreed it was something to keep to ourselves for the time being. Months passed, and we kept our relationship a secret. Neither of us believed anyone suspected a thing because we acted as we usually had around everyone else, only being intimate when we were alone. It was exciting in the beginning, but I could not help wanting to tell someone. Erin had become my best friend, but even she didn’t know.

There was a case the Intelligence Unit was working late, keeping Antonio and the others up at night. I rarely saw him in those two weeks and had to savor any chance I got to speak to him or see him. It was hard to see him so distraught. But he never told me any of the case details. I had to pry them from Erin. A family had been torn apart by a monster who took pleasure in doing so. But Erin refused to tell me more than that. Antonio had slowly withdrawn from me during the case. After my calls went to voicemail, I let him be. I hadn’t heard from him since.

Kim, Roman, and I were surprised to see any of the Unit at Molly’s that evening. I had a difficult time keeping my excitement bottled inside while searching for Antonio. He hadn’t followed Mouse, Erin, Jay, and Kevin into the bar. Disappointment rose inside.

I plastered a smile on my face, greeting the team as they slid over to our table. “It looks like you’re ready to start celebrating. Got some good news for us?”

“Finally got the bastard. Turns out the guy was hiding in a secret room in the basement of his mother’s home,” Jay stated, wrapping an arm around Erin’s shoulders. He kissed her temple. “Erin got a good shot in before I could take him out.”

Erin elbowed him in the ribs. “Like you would have been able to get him. He was pretty fast for being five-foot-two and close to three hundred pounds! I’ve never seen someone move so quickly.”

“Hey, Otis! Let’s get a round of liquor over here to celebrate!” Kevin yelled, eying Otis across the room behind the bar.

Otis raised a hand, signaling he heard Kevin.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve just gotten your heart-broken,” Erin mentioned while Jay, Mouse, and Kevin entered an animated breakdown of the case to Kim and Roman.

I flushed and tried to alter whatever gloomy look I had on my face. I pursed my lips and waved a hand. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. How are the others doing? You know, Ruzek, Voight, and Tonio. I’m surprised they’re not here to celebrate the closing of such a big case.”

Erin shrugged. “Beats me. Though I think Voight was still in his office when we left, and Adam is staying strong in avoiding Kim as much as he can after their breakup.”

Her voice became a murmur in the busy bar as I spotted Antonio by the door. His brown eyes darted to-and-fro across the expanse of the floor. Confused, I watched as I caught his gaze. Antonio seemed relieved, his tense shoulders dropping slightly. Moving swiftly around patrons, he made a bee-line to our table.

“Hey, speaking of Mr. Sunshine. We were just talking about …” Erin’s voice broke off.

Not acknowledging her, Antonio walked around the table to where I stood. He reached up and cupped my cheeks, crashing our lips together.

I was stunned.

Someone whistled; Jay? Kevin?

Antonio pulled back and leaned his forehead against mine. “I know we talked about keeping us a secret, but I couldn’t do it any longer. That case really got to me. I can’t lose you, y/n. I love you.”

I took hold of his collar and kissed him, pouring my desperation from not having heard from him in the past week into it. “I love you, too.”

“I had eight months. Y’all better pay up.” Kevin laughed, holding out his hand.


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His Number

Antonio Dawson x Reader

Y/N was a paramedic that worked on various rigs and at different firehouses as a relief for whenever someone needed time off. She’d worked at 51 multiple times as relief for Brett and Dawson and was becoming fast friends with the whole house. So after a long day of working at another firehouse that didn’t have the same understanding of family that 51 did, she headed to Molly’s. That’s when she first saw him.
He was sitting at the end of the bar talking to Gabby over the counter. He had on a leather jacket and although his hair may have been styled this morning it was now messy and very attractive. He had one stud in his ear and just gave off a “you don’t want to mess with me” vibe. Which was the reason Y/N wanted to talk to him. But being that she just wasn’t that ambitious she settled for sitting at the opposite side of the bar and just wait for Gabby to come to her.
“Just a beer Y/N?” Gabby yelled to you from her spot in front of the mystery man
“Yes please” she yelled back and Gabby opened up two beer bottles and walked your way with them.
After taking a sip curiosity got the better of her. “So what’s his story?” Y/N askes nodding towards the man at the end.
“Oh, Antonio? He works for intelligence with the CPD.” Gabby said
“I see, so is he single?”  and with that Gabby choked on her beer and started coughing.
“Oh my gosh, Are you okay Gabby?” Y/N asked now confused and looked up to see Antonio looking over at Gabby looking concerned before his eyes drifted to Y/N’s and she melted.
Gabby finally stopped coughing and painfully said “Yeah he’s single.” And then walked away.
“What did I miss?” Y/N asked to no one in particular
“What’s going on?” Casey asked while sitting next to Y/N
“I just asked Gabby if that Antonio guy down there is single and she nearly choked on her beer and walked away.” Y/N said while nodding to the end of the bar where Antonio and Gabby had started talking again and Casey just started laughing
“What? What is it?”  Y/N asked even more confused
“Antonio is Gabby’s brother Y/N” Casey finally got out after he stopped laughing
“Oh” was all she managed to say as she saw Antonio get up from his seat and start walking to the door. As he passed Y/N he gave her a wink which just made her blush.
Y/N immediately got up and walked over to Gabby.
“Hey I’m so sorry I didn’t realize he’s your brother, I won’t do anything if that’s what you want I know how weird it can get when you have a friend date a sibl-” Gabby cut off Y/N’s rambling by handing her a napkin.
Y/N looked at it and all that was written on is was a number. “Um Gabby what’s this?”
“I told Antonio that you thought he was cute and he wanted me to give you his number.”
“And you’re okay with this?” Y/N said after a minute of absorbing the information
“As long as you don’t try to talk to me about what y’all do then I don’t care” Gabby said with a light chuckle.
“Huh” was all Y/N could manage to get out as she still stared at the number.

Might do a part 2 idk