antonio x dawson

“hey, babe”

I need a fix of the first time Erin calls Jay babe. Like how at first it was an accident and she gets all embarrassed to now when she just is flowing it out in front of everyone! Please if you have time!

To be honest, I was thinking two days tops and maybe a few hundred words for this prompt and yet, here we are, six days and 3,320 words later, with the prompt finally filled. 

There are five vignettes, that start quick and end the same way, progressing from the first use of the endearment “babe” and ending with a short prose retake of the ending scene of CPD 3x15. The second one is mildly inspired by one of my meta bullets. And apparently I can’t go long without PTSD!Jay, so you’re warned.

(Random: It’s like “Hey, Jude” except not in the slightest.)

Hopefully this meets your expectations well enough, Anon! As always, I covet your guys’ thoughts and opinions. 

The third rumble of her belly in ten minutes finally gets Erin’s attention. It’s almost eleven at night, she’s finally getting drowsy, and she’s comfortable, leaning back against her partner with his legs boxing in her own and causing a source of amusement during commercial breaks. Erin, refusing to take the blame for ticklish feet, had offered, quite magnanimously, to go sit at the other end of the couch.

The shell of her ear is still warm from his offended nip.

Needless to say, it’s a very inconvenient time for the munchies.

A quiet breath escapes her. Fine. Jay, engrossed in their late night movie, doesn’t notice for several long moments as she pinches at his hands where he’s laced them together across her stomach.

“Jay, come on, I’m starving,” Erin lets her head back to rest on his shoulder, lower lip jutting in some semblance of a pout that gets him out of the movie a lot faster then digging her nails into his skin.

His gaze drops straight down a couple of inches and yes, she definitely has his attention now. “What did you say?”

Leaning in a fraction, just to tease him with the proximity, Erin smirks. “Let me up, I’m hungry.”

Jay blinks a couple of times before his brain cells reconnect and he casts her a flat, unamused look at her underhanded tactics. His grip does loosen though and Erin extricates herself with care, unable to help from grinning but not wanting to add injury to insult by elbowing him in the gut.

If there’s an extra swing to her hips as she walks away, well—Jay doesn’t call her on it.

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members of the intelligence unit stopping jay from going too far

Pretty Sweet-Antonio Dawson x Reader

Requested by: anon

Prompt: I love it that you write for chicago pd/fire/med!! could you write something where the reader works at mollys and Antonio put an eye on her and always flirts with her? :)

A/N: I kinda went on a bit of a tangent, shit sorry. It’ll get there. Also, sorry about the speak of the DA bc I actually wanna be a lawyer and it makes me happy lmao. Also, sorry of the London shit bc tbh I’m projecting my aspirations into this fic. sorry

“Scotch on the rocks.” You slid the drink to Antonio, whom you just found out moved from Intelligence to working for the DA. You threw him a quick wink and collected the few scattered notes upon the bar. “Busy day?”

Antonio looked up and smiled, with a shrug and a nod, he responded. “Long day, long week, I can’t tell anymore. Work is busier these days, so much more paperwork.” He took a gulp of his drink and smiled again.

You excused yourself to get a couple of beers for the doctors that just walked to the bar, they too looked exhausted. “Here you go. Long day?” You threw a sympathetic smile as Dr Rhodes just shook his head like you had no idea. You knew of an accident from the news that happened earlier on in the day, of course, it’d have been busy. You added the beers onto his tab and went back to Antonio who was still by himself.

“What’s it like? Being surrounded by DAs everywhere?” You leant forward against the bar, a bit of hair falling from behind your ear. Molly’s was pretty empty tonight, most likely due to the accident and at the expense of the first responders namely your bosses.

He asked for another drink which you obliged to as he told you about the office and what he did. “Why the sudden interest?” You gave him your most innocent eyes before you answered.

“Well, I moved to Chicago to practise the law here.” Antonio looked at you in a way to get to continue speaking, it wasn’t in a police way but more one of curiosity. “As you can probably hear, I’m not from around here, in fact, I’m from across an ocean.” 

He laughed “which ocean?” You shrugged your shoulders and he took a drink. “Wow, I’m taking that you must be a geography major, your knowledge of the world is amazing.”

You shook your head and laughed just a little. “You would never guess it. Nah, I’m more of a history person. So, I moved to New York from London where I got my law degree to get my Juris Doctorate so I can sorta practise in the States but now I’m studying for my Illinois Bar Exam.” You shrugged one shoulder and continued. “And that’s why I’m here.”

“So, a pretty girl in Chicago, smart and sweet. You told me about your studies but tell me about your aspirations.” Antonio put his hand on yours and you couldn’t fight the smile. If you were so pretty, why didn’t people hit on you? Honestly.

“Well, I tried being a solicitor in a big firm where the money was good but I wanted to prosecute. Thought it’d be cheaper to move here and practise than to pay another 15 grand to be able to do so in England.” You excused yourself again to serve some a few more drinks. “Honestly, I thought I’d talk to more people here and it’d be good customer service skills, but it doesn’t really happen.”

Antonio looked a little sheepish and took another sip of his drink. He scratched the back of his neck and looked at you, holding your hand. “My fault. I sorta put an eye on you and nobody wants to piss off the DA so yeah…” You couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation but he was attractive and nice and you wanted to know him better. 

“So it’s not because of my face that nobody flirts with me?” The look on his face was ridiculous.

“It’s because of your face I’ve banned everyone else from asking you on a date before I do.” 

a series of linstead au’s (pt. 1)

so, this happened by accident, and there’ll probably be more in another couple of days and i only cried writing one of them. 

some of you might remember mentions of “keller” from previous meta sets. just so there’s no confusion, he’s a random addendum and i like him.

disclaimer: #sorrynotsorry

Jay Halstead as a former Marine sniper and now first-time attendee of the Summer Olympics. Being heralded as one of the most anticipated athletes of the year as he lent his wartime combat experience to three separate Shooting disciplines. Alvin accompanying him as his longtime mentor and first coach.

Erin Lindsay as a returning athlete for women’s Boxing, having won a bronze medal eight years ago and planning on bringing home gold this time. Antonio as her coach since she started her Olympic venture and Hank as her surly father-figure of a security detail, there to look out for both her and Antonio after Erin’s split from the Fletcher family.

They meet in the stands of the first women’s beach volleyball tournament when Hank and Alvin spot each other from afar, having saved each other’s lives during the Korean War. Erin and Jay steal away to get food, leaving the old war buddies to their reunion.

It’s no surprise when the two groups switch flights to fly home together, Jay with two gold medals and Erin towing a silver that doesn’t smart as badly as she thought it would. Of course, the pleasure in Jay Halstead’s smile when she evicts Alvin to go sit next to Hank helps a lot.

Jay Halstead as a discharged veteran, traveling through America with nothing but his motorcycle and Keller’s dog-tags. Breaking down outside of Rivers Church, Nowhere in the middle of the Midwest and walking his bike back three miles to the dot-on-a-map town. Feeling something twist in his chest when he meanders into the only auto shop and she has green eyes, a black tank top, and the most endearing smudge of grease across her forehead he’s ever seen.

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Gabriela & Antonio in 2x13: “A Little Devil Complex.”

I almost- Shhh…Hey. Come here. We’re all good. You did it. I’m fine. We’re all fine thanks to you. Yeah, We’re fine.