antonio harvey

Hey if you live in south west Texas anywhere along the coast and up to San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, check your local weather updates because Hurricane Harvey is supposed to hit us friday night.

Please evacuate if they tell you to. If you dont have to, be sure you have plenty of batteries, water (fill up your bathtubs so you can use the water to flush), ice (for your perishable food if your power goes out), gas if you have a generator, flashlights, and plenty of non-perishables.

I suggest getting a portable charger for your phone and making sure its charged up too.

**Also, pet owners**:
Make sure your pets have tags and you have your vets contact info. A lot of animals get out during storms.

If you think your dog wont be able to go to the bathroom outside, I suggest buying Puppy Potty Training Pads.That way they can to the the bathroom inside but its on a nice litte sheet that you can just toss.

If you are able to take your dogs out, i suggest taking them out on a leash or checking your fence first. Sometimes storms can knock down a fence without you knowing, so be careful if you’re used to just letting your dog out in the back yard.

• stay away from windows
• stay inside
• keep updated
• NEVER run your generator inside
• watch out for flooding, if the waterlooks too deep or you’re not sure, dont drive through it. Turn around.
• be safe

If you’re like me and you live in an apartment and this is your first hurricane you have to deal with by yourself feel free to message me if you wanna talk. I’m from Houston so I have some experience with these things lol

To any who are concerned for me

I got out of my class early, booked it to my car and beat the worst of the traffic. It was bad, but not as bad as it was expected. I am home safe and sound and am getting all comfy cozy hunkering down for the storm tonight. It’s getting super cloudy and windy but no rain yet. I work tomorrow at 6 am but I should be ok. Thanks for everyone who was concerned for me! Wishing the best to my Texas peeps! <3

To anyone who is going to be affected by Hurricane Harvey, it it expected to be a category 4 hurricane by the time it makes landfall late Friday night. It is expected to hit Corpus Christi but please don’t forget that a hurricane can make a sharp turn at any time. People in surrounding areas off the cost such as Houston, San Antonio, etc and people directly in the path, please stock up, be smart, and stay safe. A saying I like to say during times like this is “Don’t drown turn around”

UPDATE: Now this hurricane is a category 4

Why have I not seen anyone on Tumblr talking about the dangerous hurricane heading for Southern Texas? This is sounding like it’s going to be bad, but I hadn’t heard about it until I logged on to Facebook this morning. Please spread the news, this is serious!

Well, it looks like the worst of Harvey’s going to miss my area. The most I’ve seen today here in the Valley has been a few rain and wind bands, but no flooding. And a palm tree leaf flew into my window and scared the applesauce out of me, but otherwise I’m doing fine.

I’m praying for those farther north up the coastline and inland. A Category 4 storm is frightening. Please, please, take care.

So I live in San Antonio and Hurricane Harvey is supposed to affect us (we’re in a tropical storm warning and flash flood warning due to the heavy rainfall) and I see both parties saying they hope the hurricane wipes out the liberals and conservatives because “Texas sucks.” And people hoping the hurricane hurts Texas mostly cause the majority of the star voted republican. I live in Texas. I didn’t vote for trump. A lot of people I know will be affected by this hurricane. San Antonio will possibly be affected by this hurricane. Please don’t wish harm on Texas and these innocent people cause the majority of the state voted conservative. It’s not cool and it’s not fun to see. And conservatives don’t say you hope the hurricane wipes out the “libtards.” Both are wrong to wish this harm on the other, people can lose their lives, homes, power…this is serious just please don’t wish harm on Texas because of politics and because the people in power are backwards and don’t value women’s rights and LGBT+ rights. The people who do value those rights and women and LGBT+ people still live in Texas and will be affected by the hurricane.

To any who care

I know most of y’all may not care, and I know I haven’t posted anything Magic related in a few days, but I’m still fine. Like, I went to work and it was dead for two isn hours and three cashiers called out but it was just rainy and windy. No flooding. No power loss. Nothing serious here. Nothing. So I guess we’ll be ok in my area of San Antonio. I know others were not as lucky…

Tomorrow they say San Antonio will be heavily affected. We will see. 

Worried About The Rain And Harvey

So I do have class from 1pm to 4 pm, and UTSA, my school is closing at 5 PM to make sure people get off campus in time before the rain hits….it’s crazy busy at 4 pm everyday on the highways so please just keep me in your thoughts when I drive home from school, without traffic it’s 40 min…I hope I can make it home before the rain hits and I’m not stuck in traffic when it happens. But San Antonio floods like crazy if it even gets like 5 inches of rain….and we’re supposed to get 15 inches…even thought it’s just rain and wind please keep San Antonio in your thoughts, and please think of the people who couldn’t evacuate and will be affected heavily in the coast….I’m sorry about all my posts about this, I’m just very concerned and worried and full of anxiety.