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hi there friend!! could i get a matchup pls? im an INFP bi girl with long curly blonde hair and blue eyes. im usually v shy until i rly get to know ppl, then im v loving and always making jokes. i always do anythin can to make ppl happy. im a ppl pleaser and I love makin others smile. i love writing and music and anythin that has to do with the arts. i rly lov makin ppl laugh and im told that i have a v good sense of humor. im flustered v easily and im also scared v easily too. thank u ily <3

Hello!! Thank you so much, I love you too! 💕

I ship you with… Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo)!! It was a close tie with Romania (Vladimir Popescu), but Toni definitely won. Here’s why!
- He views your shyness as an obstacle to get over. Every step of the way, he’ll be there, cheering you on!
- Even before people warm up to him, he’s super caring! He’ll love the affection in return. It makes him feel like he’s just kinda doing a good job 👌🏻
- He doesn’t understand memes, but he understands jokes! He’s always saying the dumbest, corniest jokes that come to mind.
- You being happy is more than enough to make him smile!
- He’s also an artistic person! Not so much traditional art or writing, but the culinary arts!
- He will make you your favourite dishes, especially on a bad day to help you feel better
- Loves to fluster people. He doesn’t know when to stop, though. Reading the atmosphere has never been a thing of his. You’ll have to ask him, but only once.
- He will protect you from any harm!! He will make sure you’re never scared. Not with him!

imagine: high school or college au or something. lovino wants a tattoo on his arm that he thinks would be cool as hell but once he gets it, he realizes that it doesn’t look as good as he wanted it to look and he’s sad because the weather’s hot and all he wants to do is wear short sleeved shirts, but that means everyone will see his ugly tatoo.

but antonio thinks the tattoo is lovely, and once lovino tells him that he thinks his tattoo looks awful, antonio tries to make lovino feel better by getting a matching tattoo. lovino’s shocked that someone would get a tattoo as a way to make him feel less self-conscious about his own. at first, lovino is upset that antonio would do something kinda stupid like get a badly designed tattoo, but then he realizes that if antonio doesn’t look so bad with the tattoo, maybe lovino’s tattoo doesn’t look so terrible either.