antonio carrideo

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

Headcannons of Spain and France with an s/o that shows their affection by pinching their booty? Like they taking a walk and she pinch their butt and gives them a kiss on the cheek? And there's the mischievous pinches where she sneaks up on them and give them a hard pinch on the ass that cause them to let out a scream.(she does it especially in front of their friends,the world) she just pinched their butts to show they love them ❤️

Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carrideo): This man as a damn good ass and he knows it. He LOVES to flaunt it. He loves the attention it gets, honestly. When his S/O starts to pinch his butt, he won’t mind at all. However he’s one of those “ask the cutie before you touch the booty” kinda guy so he’ll only ever return the kisses. It’s obvious that he loves it– his butt is theirs and he only allows them to touch it. His ass is firm and can take a tough pinch. He may even squeeze them ass muscles just for his S/O!

France (Francis Bonnefoy): Okay, have you seen the new official art for him? He has an ASS NOW! Like Antonio he flaunts what he has and wears it confidently. However he can be quite sensitive, so pinch that ass hard and make him cry out. He finds it to be a major turn on. He’ll kiss them back and he may even grope their ass a little bit, but only after they’ve touched his.