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Any favorite gay porn actors?

Depends really, BUT HERE’S MY LIST!

SeanCody - Joey, Brandon, Brodie
GayHoopla - Collin Simpson, Sean Costin, Andre Temple, Derek Jones
TheGuySite - Jaxton Wheeler, Max Sinclair (who hasn’t been on Men lol) - Diego Sans, Billy Santaro, Diesel Washington, Dato Foland, Jordan Levine
HotHouse - Jimmy Durano, Ricky Decker, Sebastian Cross, Dorian Ferro
RandyBlue - Nikko Sky, Marcel Cruz, Cayden Ross, Johnny Angel
Timtales - Diego and Wagner, Robin Sanchez, Jean Franko, Aitor Crash, Rogan Richards, Robin Sanchez, Race Cooper, Flex
Maskurbate - Zack
Retired - Matthew Rush, Parker London, Sammuel O’Toole, John Magnum

Missing from the planet - Alexander Garrett, America, Angelo Antonio, Kevin Faulk

I guess overall - Ricky Decker, Jordan Levine, Arad WinWin, Jimmy Durano, Jaxton Wheeler, Robin Sanchez, Collin Simpson, and I’m definitely forgetting a few lol.

Its really just based on the consistency with performance rather than just looks. I think there’s maybe like 2 that I would actually consider sleeping with in real life and like a handful I would want to be just friends with lol

Love letter to Italy nt (of 2016)

Ok, this isn’t an actual letter I just need to write some things down before I cry myself to sleep.

First of all I want to state how unbelievably proud I am of this team. They arrived to this tournament being called the weakest nt Italy ever had. And they proved everyone wrong. Oh so wrong!
These boys have shown how much teamwork can do. Every single one of them put their hearts out on the field and they fought until their last breath for each other. These lads have shown a great example to whole Europe of what wearing your country’s jersey means. It was their passion that have brought them so far. They played brilliantly against Belgium. They paid Spain back for 2012. They made it to the quarterfinals which no one would have predicted.

I want to thank this team for these weeks. The world may forget, but us, fans, never will. You have given my faith back.

Antonio Conte has shown his true genius not just in tactics but most importantly in forging a real team of these 23 players in the short amount of time he had for it. Without his passion and lead we wouldn’t have made it. I can never thank him enough for it.

There is no shame in losing to Germany, they are the best team in the world. But there is hell of a lot pride in being their equal opponents. And we were. Luck chose them, I wish for them nothing but success in the semis and the final.

The reason I’m in so much pain now is my love for these players. Seeing them hurt is the worst torture I can imagine. These guys would have deserved so much more.
Every single one of them. Sturaro, Parolo, Darmian, Candreva, Zaza, Ogbonna, Immobile, Insigne, Sirigu, Marchetti, Motta, Bernardeschi, El Shaarawy.
Florenzi who’s worked his ass off, gave it all every moment, fought like the true little hero he is.
Giaccherini who has received so much hate, but stayed strong and carried us on his back. He meant the difference in several matches.
Èder. I won’t repeat myself about the hate and proving everyone wrong.
Pellè. Same applies.
De Siglio who did a great work. Hell of an effort from him.
De Rossi the good old warrior. He has never ever failed us. And has my love until the day I die.
Chiellini. World class work from him. A center back I would trust with my life.
Barzagli, playing in his last international tournament, world class as always, trusted with my life.
Bonucci, showing his leadership skills. Vital for us both in defense and attack. Also trusted with my life.
And Gigi… Do I even have to tell? Best goalie all time, a true leader a wonderful person, gift to humanity.

The reason this loss is so painful is that i cannot bear seeing these boys cry. Sports are unfair just like life. The last thing I ever wanted to see is Gigi Buffon crying yet here we are. But despite all the sadness I also feel gratitude for being able to call these men my team. So go home Italy, and get some rest, but do it with your heads held high! You’ve earned it.

So THANK YOU ITALY NT! Every single one of you! You have come this far together, you’ve lost this match together and you will come back stronger together.
Forever yours💙🇮🇹