antoniette pacheco

I don’t have idols or celebrities I have obsessions over, but the closest lady that I love is Antoniette Pacheco. She has even commented on my fitness progress which I am so grateful for. She’s beautiful. In every sense.

Watch her fitness videos, look at the love she has for her daughter, she’s a beautiful woman.


Antoniette Pacheco & Frank Medrano: Hot Fit Couple Assault on Metroflex Gym

Augh I need to write about this because it literally made my day, week, month, perhaps even year hahah

Antoniette Pacheco is an AMAZING athlete, mother and part of the USMC, she is honestly an amazing woman.

I’ve looked up to her for over a year now, and she is my inspiration to get to where I know I will one day, she is strong not only physically but mentally and it shows right through her.

I posted her as my first Woman Crush Wednesday on Instagram and she replied to my post.

I know it doesn’t seem like that big a deal, but I look up to her so much and lately I have seriously slacked on my own workouts and lifestyle which I had been doing so well with, and seeing this literally shook me and woke me.

I know it isn’t easy, it takes time, discipline and dedication but i’ll be damned if I don’t get to where I know I can.

I WILL get fit.