antonia parker


By Antonia Parker.

Heartbreak is something everyone will experience time and time again. It never gets easier and it never will, but each time you wake up one day and suddenly that ache in your heart is gone. Suddenly everything feels like it’s getting back track. Suddenly you’re free. I was looking through some of my old poems of mine about heartbreak, and one really shook me. I couldn’t remember the pain i was feeling at the time but the words spoke volumes. I thought i’d share with it you as a reminder that heartbreak helps us grow and learn, but things will always get better with time and patience.

‘When all this is said and done

the tears i cried for you

will be nothing more than empty drops.

As my heart breaks

I know you’re thinking of me.

But time was not our friend

And some things can never be.

You let my hand go

and turned away for the final time.

I’m aching for your touch

I’m aching to hear your voice.

To see your face once more

would be a gift only God could give.

You were supposed to be my only one.

You were supposed to be my something new.

You weren’t supposed to leave me feeling blue.

But some things can never be.

Now those pictures on your wall are gone

You threw them to the wolves

and i’m forgotten once and for all.

You were supposed to love me so

But you ran away and left me cold.

You told me one day I wouldn’t need you

but you didn’t realise all I needed was you.

So many things left unsaid

the words choked me up and burnt my tongue

Now you’ll never truly know what you meant to me

I loved you so,

but some things aren’t meant to be.

- Antonia Parker


But something in her makes me gentle. Makes me shy. Makes me strong. Makes me happy to be alive. And maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s what it really comes down to. She makes me. Makes me whole… She completes me… So here’s the thing, God… I know I complain a lot, and I know that you and me, we’ve got issues, but right now, just for tonight… Thank you for her. Thank you. (With Antonia Thomas as MJ Watson)


When The Flash cast a white actress to play Lisa Snart, I was disappointed because the show could have taken this opportunity to cast a mixed race actress to act alongside Wentworth Miller, who plays Leonard Snart on the show. And before the usual comments arise, it needs to be noted that Wentworth Miller, albeit white passing, is not white. He’s half black, but he’s often coded as white in many of his roles due to white actors being cast as his onscreen relatives, his current role as Leonard Snart being no exception.

The show could have portrayed the Snart siblings as half black, but chose not to and this is me trying to rectify that. I admit that this is racebending revenge and to be frank, there really needs to be more ladies of colour on the show. These are some of the mixed race black actresses who could have played Lisa Snart as suggested by my followers. 

inspired by tumblr user irizwest’s post (x)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Ruth Negga
Meghan Markle
Antonia Thomas
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Bianca Lawson
Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Angel Coulby