anton styles


He Duoling (何多苓) (1948, China)

‘House with Attic’ series 1: groups

He Duoling is a prominent contemporary Chinese oil painter with a broad range of influences from impressionism and Pre-Raphaelitism to Andrew Wyeth, in a style moving from realism to a more free-form and poetic manner. In my opinion, one of the most ‘complete’ figurative painters from China.

He’s House with Attic series is a set of 44 paintings to accompany Anton Chekhov’s short story usually titled An Artist’s Story or The House with the Mezzanine in English. The choice of an impressionistic style to the works is presumably a deliberate evocation of Chekhov’s period, and He explores the space and psychology between the characters with a striking ease.

This was made by the wonderful @buckysquad, who is more than happy for us to use this image on the 19th. Thank you so much, dear blogger! :)

Attempt at Anton Zeck in the style of Patrick Nagel.  This one was really tricky, because to my knowledge, Mr. Nagel never drew or painted any POC (which is really unfortunate and disappointing), so I really didn’t have any references and a hallmark of his art is the pure white skin.  But obviously that won’t do for Anton!  So I think it turned out OK despite this, and is at least SOMEWHAT reminiscent of that style.

Copic multiliner and Photoshop.