anton ovidiu

Times that the EBU could have announced Romania’s non-participation:
Prior to announcing Romania’s 2016 participation back in 2015
Prior to selecting artists for Selectia Nationala
Prior to hosting Selectia Nationala
Prior to all the at-home rehearsals
Prior to the March 14 HOD meeting deadline
Prior to all the promo touring
Prior to putting the song on the official album and publishing the album on Spotify/Itunes/usw.

Times they should not have announced Romania’s non-participation:
18 days before the semifinals, when all of the preparations are all completed.

I feel really bad for Ovidiu. He finally won the national final after five attempts, and when he does win, the EBU says he can’t participate for reasons completely out of his (or his team’s) control.

I feel like this Eurovision is some sort of action or dystopian movie with Christer Björkman as the ultimate villain against The Baltic Boys. Ovidiu Anton has already been the first victim before the movie even started.Additionally there is Christer’s apprentice Frans who suddenly becomes best friendsw with his insturctor’s archenemies Joe and Jake. Freddie, Serhat and Ivan also star.