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The impacts of "Tallahassee" on CS

I just love “Tallahassee”, it’s one of my favorite episodes on OUAT. In addition to the beautiful CS scenes, it’s amazing how as we go through the series the significant and impact of this episode continue to reveal themselves.

The most noticeable thing is the beginning of the interaction between Emma and Hook. We now know that this was the first adventure Emma had with her true love. And we now understand the importance of introducing us to Emma’s past in this specific point. We didn’t know it at the time, but that was Emma’s turning point. The starting point for opening her heart, trusting the people who love her, and especially not be afraid to love them back.

When “Tallahassee” ended my feelings were mixed (Lets disregard the fact that I wasn’t even sure that what I saw was the beginning of a love story, or it was just a wishful thinking of mine). As Emma left Hook tied up on the beanstalk, one part of me was devastated but the other part was content. I was part glad because I understood that Emma did it because she was scared. She was afraid because she started to like him. This villain that she have heard of, ever since she was a child. And Emma knew from her past that when she likes someone it hurts her judgement. Emma is a distrustful person, although she usually gives someone the benefit of the doubt, but not with Hook. At least not when she realized her heart is in danger around him. 

What I just wrote was a feeling I had during the episode and it got certain as the love story of CS evolved. But there is anther aspect of “Tallahassee” that I manage to miss up until now, and it’s the parallel between Emma and Anton the giant.

Lets start from one of the first images from the episode:

The beanstalk itself. Kinda look like this huge wall to go through. And on the top there is a giant who is determinant on not letting anyone hurt him, for which he enchanted the beanstalk. As a result he is completely alone, not letting anyone in. Already sounds a lot like Emma. As Emma and Hook are claiming the beanstalk, Hook is also metaphorically claiming Emma’s wall. The “like a book” scene literally happens as they claim the beanstalk, and as they reach to the top Hook revealing his true self to Emma for the first time as he wears her hand.

All through the episode we see Emma so distrustful of Hook, and he as usually see right through her.

This is the point that Anton enters the room. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence. We are meant to see the connection between the distrust of Emma and the threatening giant.

The distrust of Anton in man kind, led him to the point in which he is so bitter and angry that he lost his innocence and his hope and dreams. As he enters the room just as Hook say those words, it shows us what the distrust can do to people, and that Emma can end up in the same bitter place.   

As Emma manage to lock Anton in his own trap, we get to see the talk between them that only now I start to see its enormous significant:

The thing is, this conversation could easily take place between Emma and Hook at this point, only with them Emma would take Anton’s place.

Actually, Emma did to Hook exactly what Anton did to her, judging him without even know him, stereotyping him just because she got hurt from someone of his “kind”, a man she was charmed by.

Emma then see the bean and ask about it, and Anton explains why he has it:

That sounds really familiar doesn’t it?

Emma and Anton both wear a reminder of the moment that cause them to close their heart, and loss faith in people.

At this point Emma proves her sincerity to Anton by not killing him when he his locked down. This is the scenario to show sincerity because she has no interest in lying, there isn’t anything she needs him for any longer, he is defenseless and can’t longer be a threat. So this is the moment to prove to someone that you are telling the truth.

And guess what do we see happens just a few episodes later…

The same thing happens to her, and as Anton did, she also understand that Hook was being sincere at this moment.

The ironic part is that while Emma proves to Anton that he is wrong to judge her, and that not all people are alike, she is simultaneously doing the exact same thing to Hook. 

She is so afraid of being wrong about Hook that she actually doing the wrong thing at the end. And even though she demonstrated to Anton his mistake, she is ironically repeating the same mistake on herself. 

The main issue of “Tallahassee” always seemed to be trust, but by presenting the story of Anton, A&E already revealed a much deeper impact. The episode not only involves trust, it involves misjudging people by the actions of others.

Hook was always meant to be for Emma what Emma was for Anton, the person who repair her trust in people. And just like Emma on the beanstalk he is meant to do it with actions instead of empty words. “Tallahassee” gives us the first clue to the future of Emma and Hook, and like A&E said it was a future that was ALWAYS planed.   





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≡ = offering a place to stay overnight . -- Astrevide

The lock of Anton’s door hummed to life as the owner turned the key. Glowing runes faded away on the door frame and the locking mechanism clacked open. The mage politely ushered Astre inside and closed the door behind the two of them.

“ I figured with you being in town that this would be a bit better than you having to stay at an Inn.”

Anton smiled as he turned to lead the draeneic woman for a tour. The apartment door opened into a small chamber housing the lean stair well up to the upper floor, with a small bannister that looked down upon the entrance.

On the ground floor , to the right of the entrance was a small dining table with just two chairs. The corner was ringed with flowers and ivy , and the windows were curved to make a corner in the ‘greenhouse’ style. Farther back in the rectangular room lay the kitchen, stock cabinets, and ice shed. A small familiar grunted over cooking some slices of bacon on the countertop. Towards the back lay tiny ,narrow stairs down. “ To the wine cellar,” Anton explained.

Next, the mage led Astre to the opposite side of the apartment. It was an identical room, save the greenhouse edition was removed. But instead of a kitchen , the mage it had made it a cozy library and parlor, complete with bearskin rug, warm fireplace, and book shelves and mementos from various adventures displayed around.

Upstairs they went next. A cavity that might have been a closet once would be the first thing they’d come across. Anton had converted it into a small display-armoring. All manner of beautiful cutlasses, rapiers, and sabres hung on the backwall, while the man’s small collection of pistols decorated the sides.

The rightmost room was the bathroom and privy. Neatly separated, the bath was seemingly elevated and build into the house. Unlit candles were stored on alcoves nearby.

And finally, the bedroom. The bed war large, luxurious. There was a small alcove for his office , and an entire curved was devoted to formal wear, while the other held a collection of bottled ships. The most odd collection of things within the room would be the Valeera Sanguinar gladiatorial memorabilia placed about, including a large poster depicting the elf bloody and…very naked. “ Er, I usually take all that stuff down when guests come over,” the mage quickly added in before turning to face Astre.

“ So, if you want the bed to yourself I’ll sleep in the parlor. Do enjoy your stay!”

( Thanks @astrevide ! Also was sneaky and snuck in @rakaeltowers 'a Prompt about his apartment! )