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I saw this thing and I wanted to do one. The first GIF that comes up for each Bruin in the search. *Long Post*

Tuukka Rask

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Patrice Bergeron

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David Krejci

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David Pastrnak 

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Torey Krug

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Adam McQuaid

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Anton Khudobin

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Brad Marchand

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David Backes

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Zdeno Chara 

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Brandon Carlo 

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Kevan Miller

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Riley Nash

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Colin Miller

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Tim Schaller

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Ryan Spooner

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Charlie McAvoy

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Frank Vatrano & Drew Stafford 

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Jimmy Hayes & Matt Beleskey 

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Anton Khudobin - You’re such an as-asset.

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Could you do an Anton khudobin imagine where you go into labor during a playoff game and he doesn’t find out till after the game then all of the Bruins show up to the hospital. Extra points for you if you mention Anton and Tuukka’s bromamce. Thank you ❤❤

It started with a sharp pain in your belly, and the sound of water hitting the floor. It happened all so fast that you weren’t sure all that happened until you were laying in the hospital bed.

You were in labor.

Jasmiina was standing by your side with her phone in hand trying hard to get a hold of Anton, but to your luck nothing. You knew that they were in the middle of a very important game, and you knew that reaching Anton was going to be super hard.

“Anything?” You asked your voice laced with pain.

Jasmiina, looked at you with sad eyes and you knew what she was about to say.

“Not, yet. I’m going to try Tuukka. I know the game just got over, so maybe he will answer.”

You just whined as another shape pain came and left. Jasmiina, went outside to call Tuukka and you just hopped that she got through. Your, body was telling you that your soon to be kid was coming. And they were coming soon.

*One hour later*

“I’m sorry Mrs. Khudobin, but we can’t wait for your husband. We need you to start pushing now.” The doctor said as she got everything ready for delivery.

Jasmiina, gave you a sad smile before taking a spot next to you. She placed her hand in yours and took a deep breath.

“Okay, on three I need you to push for ten seconds. Okay.” The doctor said as she placed her hands under your legs. “One…Two…Three. Push Y/N, push!”

“Fucking shit!” You yelled as you pushed.

“Good, stop and breathe.” The doctor said.

Just as you were about to push again, you saw Anton walk into the room with a worried face. You couldn’t help but smile as you cried. Anton moved to your side and picked up your hand.

“You made it.” You smiled as you felt the urge to push again.


“Welcome to the world Miss Anastasiya Lilly Khudobin.” Anton cooed at his newborn daughter.

“I still can’t believe you helped make that beautiful girl.” Tuukka smiled as he and the rest of the Bruins made their way into the room.

“Shut up!” Anton smiled at his friend.

“She is beautiful Y/N.” David said as he looked down at the little girl in Anton’s arms.

“Yeah, I agree with David, but can you please tell us who her real father is!” Tuukka joked.

“You’re such an as-asset.” Anton caught himself.


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