The Doctor Who Intentionally Got Patients Addicted to Drugs

Prescription drug addiction is a huge problem in the medical industry, and that problem isn’t made easier when doctors realize they can get rich by getting their patients addicted.

Pain management physician Mladen Antolic had access to controlled substances ranging from Schedules II through V, which means he could write prescriptions for cocaine, morphine, oxycodone, and methamphetamines. It wasn’t long before he realized this gave him a lot of power, which he could exploit for both money and sex.

Antolic prescribed addictive drugs to young, attractive women without explaining their risks (and often without a legitimate reason to prescribe them.) Not long after that, his patients were hooked, leaving Antolic in a position to satisfy their cravings. He invited them to lavish parties where he would give them drugs for sexual favors.

Eventually, someone sent an anonymous letter to the DEA accusing the doctor of running a “pill mill.” As the investigation unfolded, authorities soon discovered that Antolic wasn’t just prescribing pills like candy, but also distributing them from his house for money and sex. He was arrested on over a dozen charges in 2010, and his medical license was suspended.

Despite facing up to 156 years for his crimes, Antolic was able to secure a plea bargain that allowed him to get away with only ten years in prison. (Source)

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