“Kissu Kisssuuu~~ Kiss your Papa Vielly~”

whenever it’s physics time……..I draw shiet…. and I’m very ultra sorry dear teacher //weeeeppss

but amg ymi I’m so sorry I butchered Vielly hfduewfiuew and this is caught on cam phone so it looks crappy and I’m not really that good at traditional drawings fhuweif–

and yes guys…I ship them right after that cute rp me and ymey had jvwrefkjwe////

oh yeah that savage babe’s name is Vielledemort because Anty says so fejwfoiwe Vielledemort was caught by Vielle and Yayoi in order for Anty to stop crying buckets. Vielle ended up to be the one giving the savage babe to Anty and suddenly (OOCly because of Melonia’s teasing which made me look at Vielle and Anty in a different way now) things went kinda….awkward for Vielle…HE WAS SUCH A CUTIE AMGGG////

so this is basically mama cow, papa banana and baby pigfhewuf

and then another genderbending….

genderbent Anty….who is called….uuuh….Anthony? //milly

lmao I drew him genderbent before but…he’s not as feisty lookinjfehjdwk–

demmet the male smith’s clothes are too hawt foh me I cannet–hfeuwiufdwe–

lawl tomorrow is exam day and I should be studying…wish me luck guys…cause I’ll be needing loooooottss of it //slapp’d