antoinette marie


okay so a few people including @gallifreyanphd and @missblackribbon have requested i do a tattoo tour so here it is

neck - script, says ‘cowabunga’
shoulder - frida kahlo
right inner elbow - ily2
left wrist - script, ‘to infinity’
right wrist - script, ‘and beyond’
left middle finger - venus 
right middle fingers - jupiter
fingers - dots/line pattern
right pointer finger - patrick wolf lyric ‘lucy, remember’
ribs - what a lovely day (flower)
left thigh - bat holding moon
right thigh - no chill w/ice cream cone melting
left ankle - tim burton pin cushion heart
right ankle - ouija board planchette
left calf back - marie antoinette decapitated
right calf back - marie antoinette living


I spent 3 hours doing this. Hope you’ll like it. Also, you can send me a message with information about some kings and queens. I’d gladly “create” their story.