antoine decoolette


Was going through my external hard drive and found these. These were circa… let me see here… February 2009. So I believe sometime slightly after my first attempt at a porftolio to Archie failed. And back when I apparently thought .jpgs were a valid option for saving image files.

I can’t really remember my goals. I guess trying to show my skill/strength with the characters? Oh well.

Tentacle Arm!Sally is because I was having trouble getting her other arm to look the right length and got frustrated. To this day, when I get frustrated with a body part, I occasionally doodle it as something terrible to blow off steam.

056: The last of the Children this month…

Decided to give one last go at making a fan child design for the month. This time featuring a child from Antoine DeCoolette & Lien-Da the Echidna. I mostly wanted to get this done to keep my mind off the fact I am home alone all night and I get anxious about it. I am not sure how I like this design, it’s not bad, just not my favorite? -shrug- I see her living with her mother rather than father honestly, but that’s about all I got for any kind of character detail. I hate that stupid left hand, beh. Marking another one off the huge suggestion list.

056 of 365 2017 Art Challenge

So continuing off my ‘SatAM Future’ thing.

Rotor is no longer the 'handy man’, but a full fledged scientist and inventor in service to Mobotropolis Royalty (hi Sally). I’d like to believe that he finally got a version of Robecca that works and isn’t shit, too. I also like to imagine he’s mentoring Tails, and working alongside Charles. While Uncle Chuck is working on getting a derobotizer working, Rotor’s main focus in on the Void- and how to retrieve the King (and Naugus- I’m not going with the eyes in the finale being Naugus) safely. Design wise… season 2’s Rotor design never really seemed well recieved by the fans. In fact, I didn’t like it at first either, but while looking at it to try and figure out what I wanted to do for my design, I got a lot more attached to it. So I combined the features I liked of it with the features of season 1 Rotor for this. This is also why I was rambling about Rotor’s ears earlier. I had him without and with just the hair earlier, but it looked a little naked. The ears in SatAM were a little funky though so I tweaked them juuust a tiny bit in shape. I’m pretty happy with this.

And then Antoine… I have to imagine that he’d earned SOME kind of promotion. Even if he’s a complete dunderhead most of the time, the FF still saw worth in him enough to even include him in missions, and he did his part. Judging by his like for uniforms and such even since he was a child, future Antoine has been promoted fully to Captain of the Royal Guard. How much he actually does and how much he actually just sneaks into the kitchen to lecture the chefs is debatable, but he still takes his job seriously enough. By this point he’s given up on Sally as a romantic interest, though still holds a bit of bitterness to Sonic. Still, he believes his new title of 'Captain’ makes him an automatic ladies man, so… Again, design wise, melding portions of season 1 and 2. One for the face 'mask’ style, and 2 for the ears and eyes. Uniform is a very minorly tweaked version of the guard uniforms seen in Blast to the Past.