antoine wright

Linda Pedroza was 17 when she and her boyfriend Antoine Wright (then 23) strangled her mother Isabelle with an electrical cord, poured acid on her and dumped her wrecked body in the woods. After, they went to have dinner and get a tattoo.

Linda then reported her mother missing. Isabelle’s decomposed body was found on July 4th, 2000, twenty days after the murder. When police started suspecting Linda, she confessed.

She said Isabelle opposed to her relationship with Antoine, so he had suggested killing her. They pondered several ways, such as poison, shooting her (they bought the bullets with money stolen from the victim), and finally decided on the acid because a relative of Linda had been murdered that way.

Linda pleaded guilty to second degree murder and got a 40 years sentence in 2002. Wright got a plea deal and only 20 years in exchange for his testimony against his girlfriend.

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