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Honestly, if you’re not watching Agents of SHIELD, I’m not even mad at you anymore.  I just feel sad for you.  It’s quite possibly the best show on TV right now and it IS the best comic based show on TV right now.  The writing, the acting, the various plotlines.  SHIELD has been killing it for the past three years.  And either you didn’t get in when it all started (so catch up!  Netflix!) or you were one of those whiners who didn’t get exactly what they wanted in the first half of the first season so you quit watching.

Your loss, guys.  Totally your loss.

Predictions for the next few episodes:

* Teary farewell between Mack and Hope as Mack leaves the crumbling Framework (like that episode in Justice League: Unlimited where Superman says goodbye to his imaginary son) 

* Ward stays behind to ensure the Framework is destroyed. We get a teary farewell between him and Daisy (IT’S DAISY, WHY DO I KEEP SEEING ‘SKYE’). 

* Trip is probably going to be killed by AIDA or Alistair Fitz. Like the group gets captured and to punish the group, Trip is killed again. 

* Jemma is NOT the one who breaks Fitz from his brainwashing. That’d be too obvious. Since Radcliffe and Daisy both tried and failed, my money is on Framework Ward. If you truly want to redeem Ward, this would be the way to do it. Have him relate to Fitz because they both came from broken homes. 

* Robbie Reyes returns at the very end to storm AIDA’s lair. He’s the one who fucks her up in the physical world while online AIDA is destroyed by Fitz, Simmons, and Radcliffe. 

* Radcliffe stays behind in the Framework to atone for his sins. 

* Fitz and Simmons retire from SHIELD and Fitz basically becomes Jessica Jones since he develops PTSD from the experience. 


* The moment that Fitz breaks free from his conditioning will be turning on his father. He’ll probably shoot him dead in order to rescue the group. 

EDIT: Framework Ward will be the new Director of SHIELD / The Resistance


It’s the moment of truth,
And the moment to lie.
The moment to live,
And the moment to die.
The moment to fight,
The moment to fight,
To fight,
To fight,
To f i g h t !


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A summary of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season one:
  • Ward: Who is working for HYDRA!?
  • May/Fitz/Simmons/pre-Daisy/Trip: *Start blaming each other*
  • Ward: I will not rest until we find out who betrayed SHIELD!
  • Ward (talking directly to the camera): I betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D.. I was raised by Garrett after he broke me out of jail for burning my house down. I predict in ten minutes from now they’ll be at each others throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good - It was getting a little chummy around here.

Reasons why this Framework world should NOT be looked to as how the team’s lives might have turned out if they made different choices:

1. Radcliffe even says, this is not the world he had intended. AIDA has changed it.

2. The team’s past memories and choices that influences them when they were dropped into the framework narrative were determined by a computer algorithm and actively manipulated by AIDA - the team did NOT get to choose, they do NOT have free will. They did not actually live a whole life where they made every single decision. No. A computer made most of it for them already and they were simply dropped into their avatars to assume a storyline already dictated out for them. Computer algorithm cannot equal real people making real decisions.

3. AIDA. Her presence, her active manipulation of the world, her Project Looking Glass that she’s using Fitz to work on - all of this once again shows that the world is made to fit AIDA’s needs. She is using this world to pursue an endgame that is benefitting herself. The team is her tool, her hostages. They were put into narratives and mindsets purposely designed to keep them sedated instead of fighting back.

4. Mace’s inhuman powers. The fact that Mace has inhuman powers in this world is again proof that this cannot be compared to a real “what if”, because inhuman powers isn’t something you just magically get one day, it is GENETIC. No regret changed or different decision made in real life would have made Mace an inhuman simply because he does not have the gene. Mace does not have the choice in any decision making to change his genes, so him having powers is already an impossibility that the framework and AIDA has ignored to thus change a storyline to fit into AIDA’s needs, which is to keep the team sedated.

5. Fitz’s father. This is not even the man who in real life could have influenced Fitz if he had stayed. This is AIDA’s safe guard. This is a man designed to drill AIDA’s message into Fitz’s head so that AIDA can keep him in control. You see it in the scene where he is talking with Fitz about how Madame Hydra is the only one who understands Fitz, how Fitz loves Ophelia. This is not even an imitation of the real Alistair, this is a program AIDA designed to make sure that any moment of Fitz questioning his reality and his choices would be nipped in the bud and she is free to use him as she sees fit.

As long as AIDA exists in the framework, as long as AIDA is the top dog in charge, the puppet master - this framework world cannot truly be compared to as what the team’s lives could have been if they had made different choices or had different influences because it is a world where a computer algorithm made the choices, NOT the team themselves. They did not live a full life of free will - this is an actively manipulated world by AIDA, not actually life.

This is NOT what Fitz would be if his father had stayed. This is NOT what May would be if she saved the girl in Bahrain. This is NOT what Coulson would be if he didn’t join SHIELD. This is NOT what Mack would be if his daughter lived. This is NOT what Mace would be if he was inhuman.

This is what a computer algorithm THINKS their lives would be. A computer algorithm that cannot account for nor truly understand human emotions and the unpredictability that comes with it.


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Brett Dalton : Backstage photo series.
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Brett Dalton : Backstage photo series.
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Totally legit spoilers for the “Agents of HYDRA” arc

*HYDRA agents led by Doctor Fitz are attacking*

Daisy: SHIT! What do we do now!

Framework Ward: Don’t worry, help’s on the way.

Jemma: Uh…who’s coming? 

*Framework Trip and Framework Hunter enter the scene* 

Daisy and Jemma: TRIP! HUNTER! OH MY GOD!

Framework Trip: Alright, stand back!

Framework Trip:  

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Daisy and Jemma: …dafuq

Framework Trip: I am the Iron Fist.

Framework Hunter: Babe, that was amazing. Come here.

*Framework Hunter and Framework Trip start making out in front of the group*

Jemma: UH…okay, didn’t see that coming. 

Daisy: Hey, I ship it. But do they have to do this now? 

Framework Ward: Oh, you have no idea. Hunter and Trip LOVE PDA. But to be fair to them, they aren’t as bad as Bobbi Morse and Robbie Reyes. I once walked in on them doing the nasty in the laundromat.


Framework Ward: Oh hey, that rhymed. Didn’t notice until now. 

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