Daddy issues.

For Cami, because I know she had a couple of rOuGH weeks and maybe this makes her feel better. 

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First of the daddy!series 2/?

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In situations like this Roman hates to be away from home, and naturally, when it comes to the meaning of “home” there is also another circumstance that occurs his mind, a person that drastically barged into his life a few years ago completely changing his way of seeing things and making it seems like the plain, faded words took on a new meaning, as if he got a new life and this is just because of her. Even though the distance between them is not even increased among two counties by far only over no more than a couple of blocks or better, the kilometers. He’s able to already experience the longing and emptiness inside his heart and in the pit of his stomach at the thought of not being there with her, and yes, he can remember how hard it was for him to leave in the morning, that nagging voice at the back of his head that basically tried to convince him that it’s more than okay to skip today’s training or the next three after them just to stay home with her, and wallow in her embrace for as long as she lets him.

Part of his brain, the one who’s responsible for thinking, clearly shuts down as soon as the cat is out of the bag, or when it’s only a small dot of hope on so far starless sky, but the possibility is there and that’s enough for him. 

They had tried so hard, both completely enchanted with the idea of a small baby  Bürki running around and giving more light into their already successful lives, Roman is able to see the little boy or a girl, because honestly, he’ll be happy with anything life has in offer for him now. running around their house dressed in his daddy club jersey with a beaming smile on the little one’s face cheering him on, he can’t wait to leave the stadium in a hurry every game night just to get home to his loved ones, 

His eyes follow three small dots on his phone screen as he waits in anticipation for her to text him back, 

“Your mom bought me my favorite soup like 20 min after you left..” 

The first thing Roman did after hearing that she’s not feeling well this morning, was to call for someone well trusted that could take care of his girl for as long as he’s unable to. Now he wants to pat himself in the back since the second option was Marco who’s staying at his parent’s house for a few weeks since the break in between matches, and the truth is his brother can’t even take care of a living plant let alone his girlfriend who might be actually pregnant, with a defenseless being inside of her, there’s no way in hell he’ll let Marco breathe the same air as her, 

His fingers are hovering over the touch screen before the other message pops out, 

“I couldn’t stand the smell and sight of it though..” 

Something inside his chest heaved with such intensity he immediately dropped his phone down to his knees, a ghost of a smile reached his overtired features at the imagines of the little one showing into his head. Just like they both talked a few nights back - a beaming smile of his little one greeting him in the morning, and he can already tell that whatever gender it’s going to be and Marco’s little one is going to be best friends for life. 

A soft sound of his phone which announces a new incoming call wakes him up from the daydreaming, he doesn’t even have to look at the caller ID, he’s immediately answering the phone holding back a laugh.

“It does not mean anything, Roman,” the girl on the other line sighs tiredly before a small shuffling is heard, 

“Well, for me it’s a sign and it’s clear enough. I put a baby in your stomach,” he says confidently already putting all of his training clothes back into the training bag before heading out from the locker room as the last one,

“It’s too early to tell, I think I’m actually sick Ro,” 

Roman couldn’t help but scoff at that, 

“This is not the sims 4 when you can tell you’re pregnant after taking the cock out of your vagina Roman!” she groaned 

“I fucked you so many times this month you’re definitely pregnant already, maybe even with twins” he stumbled through the wide corridor before heading out to the parking lot, not really bothering to hide with the conversation, almost everyone around the training grounds knew how bad Roman wanted to have a little baby Bürki, it was the only thing he kept talking about for such a long time,

“I can’t believe I’m about to say this but you spend too much time with Reus’s baby,” 

“Leave sunshine out of this,” Roman chuckled remembering his little godchild
words, ”She wants to be the first one to see the baby,” 

“What baby?!” the girl screeches on the other line “She knew you want a baby before I knew?” 

“She’s the one who suggested it,” Roman joked while shrugging his shoulders even when he knows she can’t see it,

“I want to hate you Roman  Bürki,” she whined loudly to the phone, “but I’m feeling so bad right now, I need you.” 

As soon as the car engine roared back to life Roman focused back on the phone call.

“I’ll be home soon baby, and maybe just to be sure I’ll fuck you again,” then not even bothering to hear her response he disconnected the call,

tumblr took away the transition line so imagine this is a transition line i hate this

He found her on the same position he left her in, on their bed, curled into a small fetus position and wrapped up like a delicious burrito in a soft blanket that he never saw before, which was probably his mom gif for her. Her eyes were on his as soon as he crossed the threshold of the room, slowly taking in all of his profile and finally a white, see-through plastic bag that overflowed with pregnancy tests, 

She slowly propped herself up on the bed, eying him carefully in the meantime as he reached inside the bag and pulled out a small plastic box, his fingers stretched over the container before he pushed it in front of her,

“Pee on it,” Roman instructed, slowly shaking the box and emitting a small rumble from the inside that for some reason made him smile,

She glared at him, “Don’t tell me what to do,” 

A surprised yelp left her lips when the softness of the mattress disappeared from under her body, a heavy tattoed arm dropped over her middle lifting her up from her place without a problem before releasing her a few meters back in their bathroom titles 

Roman showed her a set of pure pearly sets of teeth before taking her face in his hands and dropping a soft kiss on her flesh, “I can’t wait for us to be parents,” he murmured softly, the thumb of his left hand is softly and meaningly  grazing over her cheekbones as she went into his embrace, 

“Wants me to take off your panties too?” he asked before attacking her lips with his again, this type of kiss is greedy, he’s not asking he’s definitely taking everything she has in offer for him. 

Roman can feel her posture slouching against him, completely surrendering to him wholly and he can’t help but smile against the exterior of her lips as she takes the box from his hand,

He can/’t help but whine when she pulls away from him a few seconds after, she’s like a drug to him, it’s impossible to get enough, 

“What?” she asks when Roman is standing his ground still, “Want me to pee on you or you’re going to move your butt away?”

Bitting his tongue was the best option before giving away the place to the toilet where she did her business, 

“Are you nervous?” he asked right before they placed the white stick on the bathroom countertop before covering it with the package that it came with,

“I don’t know should I be?“ 

“It doesn’t matter if we’re pregnant,” Roman quickly assured her when she took a deep uncomfortable breath, slowly inching himself closer to her, his chest touched her back and his arms wrapped around her stomach, he kept a tight grip on her fragile body, “I love you,” he nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck before kissing the uncovered side of her jaw and collarbone,

“I’m going to check now,” she muttered confidently before making a step forward, Roman couldn’t even bat an eyelash how fast the entire energy in the room switched places, she watched her slump her shoulders forward as her elbows rested on the countertop near the sink as she let out a loud sob, 

“Oh my love,” Roman sighed tears breamed into the corner of his eyes and he quickly tried to wipe them away with his thumb before developing her body with his, 

But she was faster than him, 

“Welcome to the parenthood, baby.” she pushed the stick onto his fingers before wrapping her arms around his chest and snuggling into the warmth of his body, feeling completely protected and happy. Their little family was growing by each day,

“So it’s a good time to call Reus now?” 

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