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Any cute Stanfou headcanons? 🙏🏻

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Let´s get into this, shall we?

Once again; a mix of fluff, smut and modern AU.

You hath been warned-th.


- Lefou getting flowers from his secret admirer, and him being oblivious as fuck while in the meantime everyone knows that Stanley sends him those flowers.

- Even Dick caught on faster.


- Both will tell you that their first kiss was horrible because either one of them did something awkward, but it’s actually the sweetest and most adorable thing you could’ve ever hoped to see.

- They love nose kisses at random times. Like, in the tavern, they’d kiss eachother on the nose when everyone’s either too drunk off their asses to care, or ppl will blame them for being drunk. It’s their smol closet code.

- Of course Stanley had to tell Tom and Dick because these two won’t leave him alone with a secret.

- Tom was okay with it, Dick was just very very very confused.

- But then again, isn’t he always.

- He keeps asking questions like “So who proposes to who?” “Doesn’t matter.” “Why not?” “Why does it have to?” “Well it matters with a man and woman.” “But we’re two men.” “……?”

- It’s adorable though. They support his boy and when they eventually come out they threaten to beat everyone up who isn’t okay with it.

- Pure beans.

- First sexy time was also kind of awkward at first, but after a while they just didn’t give a shit because fuck they love eachother and they both look v sexy and just

- They moved into the castle after a while. Belle and Adam offered them a room to reward them for their bravery. Not only for supporting the castle and it’s antique humans but also for being who they are and wanna be. Belle always admired that in Lefou.

- Belle telling Adam to do the growl for Stanley and Lefou and them both getting the tiniest bit turned on because holy fuck have you heard that growl.

- Mrs Potts nearly walking in on Lefou and Stanley having sex, but them being saved by Chip who yelled something behind her.

- Lefou’s and Stanley’s faces when she almost comes in

- “I locked the door, I swear.” “Well, I did as well.” “…..” “…..“ ”….Ah. I might’ve unlocked it then.“ ”…for fucks sake, Stanley.“

- "Well, she’s gone now… we can  get… comfortable aga-” “Screw it, the mood is ruined.”


- Stanley’s favorite date place is the theme park a few blocks away from their home.

- There’s a Tunnel of Love and it’s the sappiest thing so of course they go in there at least 5 times a visit.

- Lefou’s favorite date place, on the other hand, is the fancy af restaurant just across the street. It’s not a long walk and the food is “HEAVENLY GOODNESS MADE FOR ANGELS” as Lefou describes.

- Also that’s where Stanley proposed to Lefou, resulting into tears and screams and applause and love and asndjsnskvjdnidn

- Stanley always wears heels in the house and it drives Lefou insane. (Aka it’s the only thing they would ever fight about.)


- “Ooh, kinky! ;)” “NO!”

- But Lefou loves the heels. They make his adorable man look taller and more confident and hot, so he doesn’t mind that much.

- Stanley’s drag persona turns him on more than he knows. Even if he denies it. One wink from Le Diva and he’s weak and ready.

There ya go, haha. :P


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