antoher one like this

In which Sirius fills the form out, pretending to be James



I’m lonely and cold and in need of a cuddle buddy so fill this out.

Name:James ImInLoveWithLilyEvans Potter

Age: Lily Evans

Gender: Evans

Phone number: I1212Love44545Lily454Evans

Address: Not my dorm, that’s for sure. Probably under Evans’ duvet.

Top Five Movies: Lily Evans’ bum. She’s my girlfriend. Lily Evans’ tits. Merlin I love her. She’s so groovy and hot.

Five Random Facts About Yourself: I love Lily Evans. That’s it, I’m so boring. I’m an awful friend. It’s like I’ve forgotten I’m actually a Marauder. Did I say I love Evans?

Do you mind if I give you a cute nickname?: No.We’re so inventive she calls me Potter like wow groovy isn’t it

Can we build a fort?: Yes. We don’t really need to though, we’ve already violated every cupboard in Hogwarts

Will there be random junk food and food fights?: Yes. Can I lick you clean?

Do you mind kissing?: No. Not even in very public places when all my friends are looking.


Oh wow look a stag and a doe this is our wild stag shag, groovy

James Potter / Sirius Black / Remus Lupin / Peter Pettigrew / Lily Evans / Snivellus