The ANTM Cycle 18 British Invasion has come to its finale. The American girl, Laura LaFrate a.k.a “Zagilicious versus the Brit girl Sophie Sumner a.k.a. "Illimunata” are the two finalists fighting for the crown.

Obviously, the brit girl should win why? simply because this is british invasion and if a yank would win what is the sense of inviting some brit girls in the first place if the producers already have made up their mind to make an American girl win.

A brit girl winning would make Tyra and the show fair because they did not favor a Yank to win but little did we know that everything is planned. This is America’s NTM it would be a shame for the Americans who owns the show and their viewers not to have an American girl win, so they put a little tactic. they save the face of Laura and the Americans in general by making it appear that Laura had a panic attack giving her now a valid reason to lose the competition. 

Accept the fact that Laura does not have it to win: her walk is not impressive although she takes good pictures compared to Sophie. Sophie booked 100 percent all her gosees so i think that gave her an advantage plus the fact that she has an amicable personality and has the presence of a model. i did not see any bad attitude on her during the show so i guess she deserves it.

I do not like either of them to win because i still like Kyle and Eboni to win this competition. Kyle has the look of a model she just needs to practice more to give different poses and looks to avoid getting boring but i know she can work on that because she already has the most difficult things to possess as a model and that is her physical look. she would make a good ad for a perfume and make up why not

Eboni has the youth the color and the body of a good model. given proper training and direction she will strike it big in the modelling world. I can see her on big campaigns for some known clothing brands why not.