The Girl With The Best One-Liners - Heather

Honestly, Heather probably would have gotten this title even if that one quote was the only funny thing she said in the entire show. That quote is absolutely legendary for me, because it takes a special kind of bravery (or in her case Asperger’s I guess) in order to make Tyra sound totally plain in your opening statement. What’s even funnier is that you could tell Tyra was so caught off guard by one of the girls not acknowledging her beauty.

However, the hilarity doesn’t end there. Heather goes on to describe her condition for the judges and is asked how it’s affecting her social encounters with the other girls. To this, Heather only has one brief, brilliant statement to respond with –

Then there was the time, at makeovers, when she discovered that she would not be getting a drastic change, but rather a few touch-ups. This prompted her to talk about how relieved she was, how much she loves her hair, and do this –

Or how about when they went overseas and she made a very strange comparison –

And who can forget the iconic Tyra Mail moment of the cycle where she just stands there staring at it for a while –

In short, I love Heather because she had everything working against her on this show due to her disability, but she always found a way to make light of it and exude a positive energy. Please never change, Heather.

#1: Jenah

I’ve seen a few people say that this is one of their favorite photos of the cycle, which kind of makes me scratch my head in confusion. I think this photo is the best of the week, but none of the photos this week are really all that great, in my opinion. I like the dress here, I like the way she’s working the bag, but I have a little problem with the raised shoulders and loss of the neck. Other than that one thing, it’s a pretty good photo.

The Girl Who Tyra Did Dirty - Everyone Except Saleisha

This choice is a bit unprecedented, as I usually force myself to choose only one person even if I have trouble deciding, but I just couldn’t this time. Tyra was extremely cruel to pretty much every single model this cycle, and I can pretty much make a complete write-up for how Tyra did each of these girls dirty (except Saleisha of course). Between Jenah’s bogus elimination, Chantal being robbed of her rightful win, Victoria being targeted by the judges basically for speaking, and the way she condemned Ebony as being ugly for quitting – there was no possible way to decide. Tyra was a monster this cycle.

#1: Lisa

This photo is everything! Lisa is selling the hell out of those boots in the smoking half and her side-eye is sexy, yet classy. The “after” side of the photo shows complete remorse and perfectly shows that awful effects that smoking can have. This photo fully exemplifies what I thought they were going for with the creative, and it should have been given first call-out.

#1: Victoria

This pose is so unconventional, but it works so well! It definitely stands out amongst the other photos from this week – since she was the only one to retreat from the camera – but it would also stand out to me in a magazine and make me stop flipping the pages. It was just so unexpected, but also brilliant. That’s why I give it first call-out.

#2: Sarah

This might actually be my favorite photo of the week, but I can’t bring myself to give Sarah first call-out for it because I would literally have no idea it was her if the show didn’t specifically say it was her. She looks like a completely different person (I might have actually thought this was Jenah or Chantal). I think she looks gorgeous, though. This is definitely her best shot from the show.

#10: Bianca’s Gargoyle Photoshoot

I guess I do really like this photo. She’s showing off the dress and those shoes really well here. Her legs look like they can go on for days and her facial expression shows total control. This was her shining moment of the cycle for me. I only wish she would’ve taken photos like this all the time so that way she had more actual talent to back up her stank attitude.

anonymous asked:

Hi, love your blog! i've recently gotten into antm and binge-watched every cycle except the college one and the saleisha one because they looked kinda boring to me. do you think i'm missing anything? are they actually worth a watch? (sorry if you've already answered something similar!)

Personally, I’m not a big fan of either cycle, and Cycle 9 is pretty much unanimously agreed to be terrible. Cycle 19 is pretty polarizing, though, so it might be worth watching for you.

#3: Saleisha

This was one of the most B.S. panels I’ve ever seen on this show. There’s no way Saleisha should have made it to the final runway given the work she produced both in the past and this week. Her commercial was deemed the worst by the judges and her photo leaves a lot to be desired. Then they flat-out admitted that even though Saleisha had the previous modeling experience, she had been bested by both Chantal and Jenah (who had no modeling experience) time and time again. So they came up with the excuse of “potential” (which should not matter in the finale) to save her. Such B.S. I’m angry even thinking about it.


#1: Chantal

Finally Chantal gets first call-out from me! I feel weird fully agreeing with the judges’ call out order, though. That usually doesn’t happen. I think they got it right this time, though. Chantal looks so high fashion in the single shot. She’s showing off her outfit, while also fully adapting herself to the creative of the shoot. She has the most dynamic shot. She also immediately jumps out to me in the group shot. There’s something haunting about her expression that I’m just drawn to. Overall, great group of photos from Chantal.