Special Award: The Girl Who Comes With Rules - Furonda

So the title of this award refers to a specific moment in Furonda’s time on this show, but really it was just an excuse for me to make a post about how much I love Furonda. Since I’ve already set myself up to talk about it, I may as well start off with her rules. Once Furonda got her makeover, her confidence kicked in, along with her hilarious rules of conduct –

This was comedy gold! My personal favorite is rule number 2. Eventually the girls just wound up throwing her rules away and disregarding them, but I thought it was a hilarious effort. I also love the fact that Furonda just lounged around the house in a really cheap tiara –

She also has some hilarious one-liners –

And let’s also not forget her famous coordination skills (or lack thereof) –

In short, my love for Furonda knows no bounds. I find her to be an extremely relatable and entertaining individual. I just couldn’t let the superlatives pass by without giving her an award.