antm 30 day

ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 18 - Favorite Winner

Adrianne Curry (1)
The original Top Model! Tyra may ignore Adrianne, but I don’t! She was a really likable contestant and such a chill tomboy, but also smokin’ (I see u workin’ them diamonds, A). I loved her friendship with Elyse, even though Elyse was bothered by Adrianne’s constant “whispering about Jay and Silent Bob in [her] ear” (see greatest rant of all time for reference). Honorable mentions to Yoanna (2), Eva (3), and Nicole (13).


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 02 - Favorite Cycle 2 Contestant

Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Mercedes was nothing short of precious. She was also super commercial in person, but dayummm gurl, lookit dem pics! Sure, I get more of a kick out of contestants like Camille MacDonald (honorable mention, m'lady), but Mercedes was too sweet to not be my number one…how could you not root for her?


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 11 - Favorite Cycle 11 Contestant

Analeigh Tipton
McKey was definitely a force to be reckoned with, but Analeigh reckoned! She reckoned so hard! I liked a lot of contestants this cycle, despite the distinct lack of Jade Coles and Lisa D'Amatos, but Analeigh was my number 1! She may actually be my all-time favorite Top Model contestant (the biracial butterfly that is Jade gives everyone a run for their money, though…). She seemed like a really genuinely nice person and she took some of my favorite photos on ANTM. I also love her for being, as Paulina put it, “such a great little actress” and that she’s now in the acting industry! If you think her friendship with Bambi (Marjorie) is anything less than precious, you’re wrong; they were like the counter-Ann & Eva couple. Because there has to be one every cycle (normally a “dancer”), Analeigh was constantly told she looked too much like a figure-skater; she may have, but I loved it. Look at those legs - legs for days! Damn, girl. Honorable mentions to Sheena Sakai, Sam Potter, Isis King, and Elina Ivanova.


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 14 - Favorite Cycle 14 Contestant

Raina Hein
Wow, was this cycle hard to get through. OK, it has some HILARIOUS highlights (Alasia’s butt photo, Alex falling TWICE on the runway, Angelea’s “at the club” walk), but I found the overall group of contestants to be really unlikable. I did root for Raina though, as she seemed genuinely nice, actually was likable, and was a good model with dem wolf eyes~ She kind of reminded me a bit of Nicole Linkletter (5) and I felt bad when Krista and Alex decided to gang up on her. Whatever. Like Allison, I will also blatantly cry out that she was ROBBED!!! Krista was just not attractive to me. And, on that note:

Two important things about this cycle:
1. Someone on Tumblr once said, “Man, Krista is one ugly cookie” and, whoever you are, I am still laughing about that.
2. Brenda with her makeover is the stuff of nightmares. And by stuff I mean clown. No one let Kanani near this cycle.


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 04 - Favorite Cycle 4 Contestant [½]

Kahlen Rondot
It’s hard for me to necessarily say Kahlen was robbed of a win, since Naima did well and I liked her too, but Kahlen was so so so lovable. Look at that face. Do you love her? You do. She was so humble and kind and just made you want to hug all of her insecurities out of her. I also liked her friendship with Christina Murphy. (Honorable menion, girl - I know you were no cold-hearted woman!) I thought Kahlen would be one of the most successful ANTM models post-show and was sad to find out she no longer models. Last I knew, she was bartending in NY, hoping to open up a bar of her own. Girl, I will tip you for a rum and coke anytime!


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 12 - Favorite Cycle 12 Contestant

Allison Harvard
Allison was the life of this cycle. I say this because Allison is a great model and seems like a really lovely, genuine person and also because I found nearly all the other contestants this cycle to be insufferably annoying. (Don’t get me wrong, I still watch it for personal highlights of the season, specifically Nole calling Aminat a hush puppy and Fo’s Gollum bikini photo.) But Allison was ROBBED. SHE WAS SO ROBBED. EVERYONE KNOWS IT. TEYONA KNOWS IT. TYRA KNOWS IT…AND SHE LET IT HAPPEN A SECOND TIME (OK, I actually have mixed feelings regarding All Stars, but we won’t get into that now.) Allison was one of those contestants who was so good that the judges had to find bullshit little things to nitpick about her. “I feel like we’re seeing the same look.” OK, well, Allison wouldn’t Camille the judges, but I WILL: that is Allison’s signature look and it’s what’s going to make her famous.


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 08 - Favorite Cycle 8 Contestant

Natasha Galkina
NATA, U SHOULDA WON. Natasha was one of the most charming, loveliest contestants ever on Top Model. Similarly to our friend, Jade, Natasha also rarely reacted poorly to negative criticism and always turned it into something positive, like when Miss J said she took direction as poorly as Ann (3) and she replied, “I remember Ann. She was one of the most beautiful girls.” In addition to her being able to do-no-wrong, she also had some great one liners, including, but not limited to: “I feel myself American,” “He said I look like a Martian - I’m doing great!”, and, my personal favorite, “You know, some people have war in their country” in response to Brittany throwing a temper tantrum over go-sees. Natasha was such a little gem and I have ill feelings toward some of her competitors (read: Renee (and Jaslene, tbh)) that stem from how shitty they were to this lil’ Russian princess~ Her sexy gumball shoot is also an all-time favorite Top Model shot of mine. If I had a salon, I would hang it up in there. I wrap up this post with a quote from Natasha to Jay, after a photo shoot he says was her worst, “I did a great job! I’m very proud.”

ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 19 - Least Favorite Winner

Brittani Kline (16)
UUUGGGGHHH. She threw a temper tantrum like a six year old and was allowed to remain in the competition? Are you KIDDING me? Also, I have no doubt that Alexandria was annoying as fuck, but daaamn Brittani, CHILL. I didn’t find her to be a particularly likable or compelling contestant to begin with and then she yells because she lost a challenge and then cried herself into defensive hysterics when called out on her childish behavior? Oh yes, THIS GIRL SHOULD WIN! Also, I know it’s not her fault, but her makeover is the goofiest looking. You’re tacky and I hate you. Honorable mention to Laura James. BYEEE.


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 16 - Favorite Cycle 16 Contestant

Jaclyn Poole
“You think you can’t model ‘cause you have a baby face and people tell you your voice is too high, but you can do anything you want to do!” Ohhh, Jaclyn. Cycle 16 is odd for me - not completely forgettable, but…I don’t know, something about it…probably the fact that I could NOT STAND the final two, ugh. But there are plenty of other contestants I liked! Jaclyn gets the favorite slot, though, partially because she’s a gem and partially because we are real live hair twins and I love it. She’s precious though and I want her to have an accent-off with Laura Kirkpatrick. You work it, big-girly-and-curly. Honorable mention to Alexandria Everett AKA “the talent,” and also to Monique because, wow how sour did she seem all the time?


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 09 - Favorite Cycle 9 Contestant

Jenah Doucette
I may go back and turn this into a 1 out of 2 or 3, because I feel very strongly about my honorable mentions (Heather Kumzich, Bianca Golden, and Ebony Morgan!). But I ultimately picked Jenah, because I rooted for her throughout the cycle and girl could take a solid photo. I hoped to see her and Heather as the top 2. She had such a lovely look, but also something unique about her that stood out. She also had one of the biggest personal breakdowns in panel; you knew that was coming, the moment she casually said she’d like to “find out more about herself.” Tyra latched onto that as an elimination excuse and it was like the kiss of death. Despite this, my bby did make it one more week in the competition, before her UNJUST elimination! Just look at that photo with the strawberry…it’s better than Saleisha and Chantal’s shots combined. Whatever - Jenah was fabulous and, for the record, contrary to the other contestants’ claims at the infamous breakdown panel, I think she IS a good role model! U go Jenah with an H!


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 07 - Favorite Cycle 7 Contestant

Melrose Bickerstaff
Though (wrongly, imo) stamped as the “bitch” of her cycle, Melrose was a great model and very knowledgable about the industry to boot! Whether you like her or not, you cannot deny that the girl knew how to take a great picture - she might not know what boxing is, but she takes a solid picture. I have no doubt that she might have been annoying to live with, but I felt like crybaby Anchal and I’m-gonna-rub-my-undies-on-your-bed Monique really blew it out of proportion. She did better than both of them anyway. She doesn’t need your shit and she doesn’t that “issa”. u fab, gurl. Honorable mention to Michelle Babin!!!


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 15 - Favorite Cycle 15 Contestant

Rhianna Atwood
This was so hard to pick. Cycle 15 and its contestants are so forgettable to me. But I remember really liking Rhianna (Ann Ward, take an honorable mention with your nasty fried Oreo snacks) and was so surprised that she went home so early on. I thought she had a lot more potential than they gave her credit for and more personality than a lot of the other contestants. She was such a dreamy flower child and essentially the Luna Lovegood of Top Model, so I was floored that they opted to send her home so quickly - that could have been reality TV gold, Tyra!  She also photographed well too and I thought she had one of the best of those (overall unimpressive) mermaid-esque photos…so…I really have no idea what her elimination was about. UNJUST! UNJUST! I’m also throwing another honorable mention to Chris. And Myrtle too.


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 10 - Favorite Cycle 10 Contestant

Dominique Reighard
“You can’t put a price on all this.”
“What’s this?”
Oh, Dominique… She IS pretty though and so deliciously drag, as Miss J noted and continued to note throughout the cycle. I don’t know that Dominique was as great as she thought she was (I think her improvement really shows in cycle 17, despite the ridiculous shoots), but she sure was fun to watch. I can’t resist a big personality contestant, especially when the editors target her as the primary drama queen or “antagonist” of the show (see: Eva, Brittany, Jade, Melrose and that’s not even getting into my “honorable mentions”) and Miss Dominique is no exception. I also felt very defensive on her behalf when Claire implied that Dominique having a child but not a husband was something Dominique ought to be ashamed of.. Uncalled for and SO rude! At least some justice was served when Claire face-planted in that water shoot (resulting in a favorite gif of mine). Anyway, Dominique was always guaranteed a spot on my favorite list…how could she not make it there after that Italian commercial catastrophe!? Can I get a “BRAZILLA!!!”?


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 03 - Favorite Cycle 3 Contestant

Eva Pigford/Eva Marcille
Eva the Diva! The REAL first pette winner of Top Model! (Sorry, Nicole.) She might have been the diva of this cycle, but, man, I liked her spunk! She had (fresh) personality and wasn’t over-the-top-in-your-face-annoying about it. Plus, her friendship with Ann was (thought admittably weird on Ann’s part) nice and lbr, we all felt a little heartbroken when Ann left without saying goodbye. Do you think Ann ever did make Eva a bridesmaid at her wedding…? Honorable mentions to Toccara Jones, Amanda Swafford, and Nicole Borud.


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 13 - Favorite Cycle 13 Contestant

Sundai Love
“MY NAME’S SUNDAI AND I LIKE NOODLES.” I actually enjoyed everyone in the top 5 of cycle 13, even though there weren’t really any dramatic characters (aside from Erin, “screaming about her cupcakes” - which really could have been shown more, come ON, editors!). I loved Sundai and her newscaster voice, though. She had a rough past, but was such a ray of sunshine (no pun intended) with her too-many accessories at panel! I also don’t believe she kept it after the show, but her makeover was slammin’! And that bone structure? Daaamn, Sundai! Honorable mentions to the top 5, but Nicole Fox in particular and Wanda Sue. (I also debated for ages about what photos to use, because of that questionable Hawaii one Tyra did…ughughugh - I was also reminded of how lackluster all these photoshoots were.)


ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 05 - Favorite Cycle 5 Contestant

Nik Pace
Amidst Lisa talking to Cousin It, Bre going apeshit over granola bars, Lisa peeing in a diaper, Sarah awkwardly explaining to her bf that she likes Kim, Lisa putting on a wig and smearing lipstick all over her face wisely advising everyone to “chill out…eat a cookie!”, I ultimately picked Nik as my favorite - the shining beacon of normalicy of this cycle. Though I tend to enjoy the craziest contestants best (you KNOW who’re seeing tomorrow for 6 now), I was rooting for Nik and her stunning face/photos throughout this cycle. I love her look - the hair, the eyes, the lips, her killer bod. SO MODELESQUE. She also seemed like a genuinely nice and good-hearted person, despite that psychotic (iconic) ranting session Jayla had in the confessional about Nik. Whatever, Jayla, you should have gone home over Lisa and we all know it. Anyway, I think Nik is one of the most gorgeous women in the history of Top Model/life in general. u go nik luv u. Honorable mentions to Lisa D'Amato and Bre Scullark. (OK, Kim and Nicole, both of you too!)