antm 30 day

ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 18 - Favorite Winner

Adrianne Curry (1)
The original Top Model! Tyra may ignore Adrianne, but I don’t! She was a really likable contestant and such a chill tomboy, but also smokin’ (I see u workin’ them diamonds, A). I loved her friendship with Elyse, even though Elyse was bothered by Adrianne’s constant “whispering about Jay and Silent Bob in [her] ear” (see greatest rant of all time for reference). Honorable mentions to Yoanna (2), Eva (3), and Nicole (13).

ANTM 30 Day Challenge / Day 19 - Least Favorite Winner

Brittani Kline (16)
UUUGGGGHHH. She threw a temper tantrum like a six year old and was allowed to remain in the competition? Are you KIDDING me? Also, I have no doubt that Alexandria was annoying as fuck, but daaamn Brittani, CHILL. I didn’t find her to be a particularly likable or compelling contestant to begin with and then she yells because she lost a challenge and then cried herself into defensive hysterics when called out on her childish behavior? Oh yes, THIS GIRL SHOULD WIN! Also, I know it’s not her fault, but her makeover is the goofiest looking. You’re tacky and I hate you. Honorable mention to Laura James. BYEEE.