antm 17 cycle


Favorite ANTM Relationships: [4/?] → Tyra/Nigel

I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person — I was like: [opens mouth in disbelief]. “I’m gonna shoot with this fine ass man?” [Laughs]. And I was like: “and I’m gonna be naked?!” Ughhhhhhhh! And he (Nigel) was like: [Imitates Nigel in a British accent]: “Alright, Tyra, stand right there.” And I was like: [touches the side of her boobs flirtatiously]. “Okay, baby.” [Laughing again]. And now he’s like, Nigel: my brother.

the angelea mystery

So, the great mystery of Angelea’s disqualification has been solved.

Apparently she was an escort a while back, and an antm producer found out (some knew beforehand but she was allowed to continue). She was told she had violated her contract, they retracted her prize, including the 100k, and they reshot the finale without her. Welp. I feel kind of bad for Angelea. I hope everything works out for her. She’s suing the producers and I kinda hope she wins at least a little money.