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Deer Woman Aesthetic ; requested by anon

Deer Woman, sometimes known as Deer Lady, is a shape-shifting woman in Native American mythology, in and around Oklahoma, the Western United States and the Pacific Northwest. She allegedly appears at various times as an old woman, or as a young beautiful maiden, or as a deer. Some descriptions assign her a human female upper body and the lower body of a white-tailed deer.

In various folklores, the Deer Woman is described to sometimes be seen as a beautiful woman just off the trail or behind a bush, calling to men to come over. Deer Woman is often said to have all the features of a normal young woman, except her feet which are shaped like deer hooves and her brown deer’s eyes. Men who are lured into her presence often notice too late that she is not a natural woman, and are then trapped by her magic to waste away until death. Other stories and traditions describe the sighting of Deer Woman as a sign of personal transformation or as a warning. Deer Woman is also said to be fond of dancing and will sometimes join a communal dance unnoticed, leaving only when the drum beating ceases.

First page of flash for the Friday the 13th special I shall most likely do next month :) sorry for all the copyright watermark nonsense, shit gets stolen on the interwebs. I shouldn’t have to say this, but DO NOT use these designs for anything. At all. Period. 

Anyways, I started off with mostly Colorado/nature themed stuff, including a columbine flower, dogwood flower, owl skull, fox skull, trout and wolf spider. I’m thinking of doing another page of not-so-nature related designs. What would YOU like to see on my next flash sheet?