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My Boss’ Son

So I uh…wrote fic. This is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Just a quick thing I wrote while at work. It’s unbeta’d with no reread because I didn’t want to give myself a chance to hate it.


Stiles liked his boss. He knew a lot of people didn’t like theirs, and he knew he was lucky. Talia Hale was beautiful, and could be pretty tough if you didn’t do your job, but Stiles loved what he did too.

Network administration wasn’t for everyone, but Stiles saw doing it for a rapidly growing business as a challenge. The pay was nothing to sneeze at either. At this rate, his student loans would be paid off in half the time, and Talia always listened if Stiles needed something. Especially new equipment.

The only problem with Talia was that she kept trying to set him up with her son.

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…and their portraits hung in the halls of the holy, until the city itself burned down. 

I commissioned my best @snuffes to do portraits of the TLS OT3 – Eliza, Peter, and Harrit – because it is a thing that happens in the TLS-universe, and now I am ridiculously emotional about my babies. This is the first time I’ve seen them all together, outside of my head, and they’re so beautiful. 

(And in Eliza’s case, so extra.) 

Thank you so, so much to @snuffes, who manages to come up with masterpieces every time I ask her to illustrate something, and who truly outdid herself this time. <3 Please go tell her how fantastic she is! 


7 days of hunting || SPN Holiday Mixtape 2016 || Art Masterpost

Written by: itsmajel (majel)

Illustrated by: thefriendlypigeon

Inspired by: 12 days of Christmas

Wordcount: ~13.000

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Relationships: Castiel/Dean WinchesterDean; Winchester & Sam Winchester; Dean Winchester & Mary Winchester; Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester & Castiel & Mary Winchester 

Summary: When Mary Winchester insists on a traditional family holiday, Dean knows life is going to throw sticks and stones their way the moment a pine tree moves into the bunker. Thus, it’s not a surprise when the days leading up to Christmas are indeed filled with monsters and obscurities. What Dean doesn’t expect is that, between fairies and Christmas cookie baking, long-overdue confessions and werewolves and anxious first steps, they might just manage to find their own version of Christmas.

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‘Sup guys, here are my illustrations for my majel’s brilliantly christmassy fanfic “7 days of hunting”. We teamed up for the SPN Holiday Mixtape Challenge.

And for you curious people, here’s a link to the close-up art of Dean frolicking in the snow~

I commissioned chibi Christmas themed gay Iwaoi from @kusakkabe and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! They’re so cute and gay and it makes me so happy! <3 

If you want cute and beautiful art make sure you check out their commissions info!

Gothy/Witchy/Naturey Inktober Prompts

I’ll probably be using this list I just made, feel free to use it as well, or pick and choose, if you like it!

1 - Life

2 - Death

3 - Ritual

4 - Edible Flowers

5 - Poisonous Plants

6 - Night

7 - Day

8 - Silhouette

9 - Skeleton

10 - Beetle

11 - Antlers

12 - Light

13 - Darkness

14 - Berries

15 - Autumn

16 - Your Star Sign

17 - Your Element (Earth/Air/Water/Fire)

18 - Crystals

19 -  Leaves

20 - Animal Eyes

21 - Animal or Bird in Flight

22 - Human Skull

23 - Animal Skull

24 - Feathers

25 - Black Cat

26 - Tarot Card/s

27 -  Herbs

28 - Moths

29 - Circles

30 - Triangles

31 - Halloween! 

Gotham Preference - How You Spend Christmas Together

Author’s Note: I know it’s like November but I really love Christmas and tend to get into the holiday spirit way too early haha! Also, these are all Christmas (as said in the title) since that’s what I celebrate and have first hand knowledge of celebrating, but I do have some one shots and preferences planned for other holidays (some of them not for Gotham). 

Another note, none of the gifs are mine! If these or any other gifs used in posts that this message are in are yours, please tell me and I will source them!

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