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I was tagged by the beautiful @girl-next-door-writes (I’m SO SORRY it has taken me forever to do this), but thank you so much for thinking of me and tagging me in this game!

Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people to do the same, easy right?

Ok now, onwards~

1. “The Dragonborn Comes” by Erutan

2. “The Devil Within” by Digital Daggers

3. “Elysia” by Elysium

4. “Två Konungabarn” by Myrkur

5. “If I Break” by RED

6. “Nordlys” by Mykur

7. “Unstoppable” by Sia

8. “Superhero” by Simon Curtis

9.  “Sirens of the Sea” by OceanLab

10. “See Me Here (Acoustic version)” by Orion

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Today I remembered I have a Tarnma fairy au and I decided to add a lot to that

Shockwave’s a huge deer fairy thing that grows dangerous and rare plants out in the middle of a HUGE forest. He researches and tries to cross breed them 

Blurr’s a tiny speedy flower fairy that ends up getting caught up in Shockwave’s gardening experiments (and Shockwave too lmfao)((he decorates Shockwave’s antlers with flowers when he’s bored))

Bumblebee’s an easy going flower fairy that lives in a big sunflower field by himself that he planted with a bunch of friends/family a long while back, but since then they’ve all moved on (or died) and he’s the only one left tending to the field

Starscream is a bird shifter that got kicked out of Megatron’s clan for being an Ass so he tries to form his own out of spite and p much gets stuck with Bumblebee due to his reputation scaring away most fairies and Starscream’s own stubbornness and pettiness (not that he minds in the end)

Not shown but still important:

- Megatron falling for Optimus, a human that’s excessively kind to plants

- Soundwave’s a fairy that rides on the back of a large cat always followed by 2 birds that sings to lure humans into the forest (Rumble and Frenzy are 2 lil shits that just break into houses to steal tiny things tho, no class compared to their dad)

Highlights from Talks Machina (Episode 100)

Since the inimitable @eponymous-rose is off doing piddly little things like preparing for her PhD defense tomorrow, I’m going to do my best to fill her shoes with tonight’s Talks Machina. We start late, so at least that’s the same!

  • Everyone walks out with massive balloons that spell “28″ for the 28th episode of TM. Brian is given a paper crown. It glitters.
  • Everyone else also wears paper crowns after the break, except for Travis because his head is too big for them.
  • Ep. 100 tied with 55 and 61 for the most nat 20s in one episode. 100 was also the longest to date, beating episode 88 by about 8 minutes.
  • Lady Briarwood has been missing for 546 real days.
  • The players have spent 95 real hours in combat since the stream started. Earlier, Liam demanded Brian announce he has the most nat 20s so far, even over Percy [citation needed].
  • Brian plans to have a full-cast TM extravaganza after the show completes.
  • When the game first started, Scanlan’s attraction to Pike was primarily based on them being similar sizes, though he flirted with almost everyone. However, he was growing on Pike a lot before he left, which is part of why it hurt her so badly. 
  • Keyleth has mixed emotions about Scanlan’s return, which Marisha feels matches her personal growth into True Neutral.
  • Travis, Marisha, and Ashley all agree the relationship with Scanlan probably won’t go back to the way it was before.
  • Travis loved and hated the double ones. “It was so perfect.” He only has one set of dice, so he doesn’t believe in dice jail. Ashley is envious of both his dice simplicity and Laura’s colorful dice “candy bag.”
  • Scanlan’s praying to Sarenrae was a moment where Pike’s heart softened. They’re all still nervous about where things will go with him, but that was a big step. Grog and Marisha (not Keyleth) think he’s full of it.
  • Grog doesn’t think of Lionel as a rival, but is annoyed that this “younger, hotter version of him” is getting all the attention. He doesn’t think Grog can begin to work through his anger with Scanlan until Lionel leaves.
  • Marisha describes Grog as Lennie from Mice and Men in terms of casuing heartbreak.
  • If Scanlan saved Pike’s life at the expense of someone else in the party, she would be furious. She says “Momstah” very begrudgingly.
  • Travis loves Pike and Grog’s bromance. Ashley loves how their backstory started as a bit of a joke, but has become something very real.
  • All three of them were terrified the reveal was going to be Allura.
  • Marisha wasn’t worried when Pike was Feebleminded because she knew she had Greater Restoration. Ashley was more worried because Liam was insisting she’d be stuck that way for a month.
  • Marisha didn’t expect the Silas disguise to work, she just wanted to surprise Delilah enough to allow VM to attack first.
  • Ashley thinks Pike is capable of forgiving Delilah if the opportunity presents itself, but if not, she’ll totally kill her.
  • Keyleth is afraid to go through the orb due to her last experience.
  • No one knew what the Prismatic Sphere was. Keyleth thought it was a fire wall. Grog had planned to run headlong into it on his next turn.
  • Grog basically shut down when Scanlan arrived the way he did (in disguise, lying). Travis didn’t really know how he would react until Pike said she was angry too.
  • Pike is worried that the conversation with Sarenrae was not a hopeful one. She feels this mission is now something VM must do together.
  • No one feels like they’ve been on for a hundred episodes. Marisha and Ashley measure time as before and after CR.
  • Ashley wishes she could go back and tell Pike not to miss the opportunity to tell someone she loved them, because “once the moment passes, it’s gone.”

TM: After Dark, Equally As Dark Edition

  • Travis hosts! Grog would have never shown Lionel the Deck, but he considered making Scanlan draw a card to get back on his good side.
  • Everyone hopes for an evil version of VM in the Shadowfell.
  • Ashley would like to have a glittery beard. Brian chews on his.
  • There are still tin pots and pans in the Bag of Holding from the original days when Travis was excitedly shoving everything in it.
  • Marisha is asked to give another inspirational hug. She describes Brian as smelling of fresh laundry and despair.
  • If Ashley were transported to Exandria, she would be most excited about real pointy ears. Travis would like to see the weapons. Marisha would like to know how to make decorative antler headdresses stay in place.
  • At one point during the costumed photo shoot, the girls were trying to look pretty in a meadow, so Travis walked into the woods and flexed a lot.
  • Marisha’s notes are very unorganized. She does do quick sketches and “sets the scene” at the top of the page for quick reference. She used to keep notes on her phone in the home game, but switched to paper for the stream. She liked being able to quickly search those notes.
  • Brian really likes the show Falling Skies. Marisha has been binging Treehouse Masters.

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twice + cryptid familiars

jihyo and her blind water dragon whose eyes are completely white, ringed on the edges by pink, tiny gills. jihyo is always asking mermaids and fish to look out for her dragon because she gets lost and bumps into things and jihyo knows she can’t see where she’s going, but she really needs to be a little more careful 

momo and mothman who she met by accident once and now they’re best friends and can telepathically communicate. sometimes they met up and momo plays twice songs for him because he likes them. tried teaching his the dance to cheer up once and took a blurry ass selfie together 

sana and her tiny six winged butterflies that always fly beside her no matter where she goes and they might not look scary or intimidating like the other crptid’s but they’re cute and they make sana look like a disney princess wherever she goes 

mina and her blue tiger that is too big to live in the dorm so she only gets to see him every now and then and when she does the big terrifying blue tiger becomes a fluff ball that just wants her attention but also he can attack on her command 

jeongyeon and her black shuck, which is essentially a ghost dog that is pitch black with glowing red eyes. she can never bring him out in the daylight since he only likes the dark and he has this annoying habit sneaking up on her or disappearing during their midnight walks 

dahyun and her jackalope whose antlers she likes to decorate with flowers or cute ribbons,,,,,,once he got tangled in fairy lights and it took dahyun like a good two hours to get him out 

nayeon and her cat made up of slime that just becomes a puddle whenever she sleeps and nayeon slips over her almost daily 

tzuyu and her shadow phantom that can shape shift her shadow to look like anything and she’ll always ask it to make her shadow look like jyp’s so she can scare the other girls 

chaeyoung and her collection of tiny mushroom head gnomes that like to scurry around the dorm and steal things from other members and chaeyeon has to keep chasing them around so they stop being up to no good
Handsome Brute print
Art Nouveau-styled prints inspired by the villain Gaston. 11x17 on white cardstock, digitally illustrated fan-made tribute illustration.

Okay, going to post this on my main art blog eventually, but wanted to post it for you Gaston/LeFou/BatB peeps here.

For the next month I’m going to be only freelancing and maintaining my online art sales (I don’t start my new job until June). So if you feel generous and want to help me out, I’ll make BatB-related prints like this available for you all at a cheaper price than my other prints.

If there’s interest, I’m also planning to:

-Make and sell Gafou (and maybe just non-pairing too) button packs based on my previous art.

-Do special commissions and email full digital files or mail prints (depending) for $2. (Feel free to message me and we can talk about it!)

I just like making personalized things for people! So if you do feel like placing any orders with me, I thank you for your support <3 <3 <3

Y’all are a cool fandom!

Things I Have Been Reading - May

Hello, I didn’t see you there.  How has your day been?  Good? I have to say I really like what you’ve done with your hair, it really suits you.  Right, well, this month I’ve mostly been writing but I HAVE laughed, cried and nearly thrown my phone across the room after reading some amazing fics so here is this months little offering of things I have read that I think you might like. xx


Imagine getting flowers from Dean - @silencethroughwords  Fluffy and lovely and amazing.

Getting to Know You - @melonshino The prompt for this one was so me that I had to read it and trust me, this is some good Dean for you all here.

Heart of a Hunter @muchamusedaboutnothing  I haven’t been reading much Dean lately, don’t know why, but this gem has crossed my path and I can’t wait for the next part to appear.

Research - @wheresthekillswitch Sam smut.  You need me to say more?  Okay. Really good Sam smut.

First Time for Everything - @saxxxology  A little more Sammy smut for y’all.  Yeah, I’m enjoying filthy Sam, so what?  Read this and join me.

Rendezvous with the Past - @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester Sammy but not the above smutty kind.  Oh no, this is the adorable, trying to do the right things and being his adorkable self Sammy who I fell for because if I can’t have Gabe back at least I’ve still got Sam.

Earth - @writingfromkitchenator Chuck and Mother Earth!!! So, I loved this and then I found a PART 2!!!! So excited!!

Before It Begins - @thewhiterabbit42  Okay so I recommend everything this girl writes because not only is it amazing but it is Gabriel at his finest and as a Gabe girl I am gonna try and drag as many of you as I can into our trash can.  You’re welcome.  Also read Only Yours

Soft - @supernatural-girl2002  Gabe wondering if you see him only as the clown.  I do like a little of insecure Gabriel and I really enjoyed reading this one.

The Beauty of a Beast - @murdochinthetardis  SPN and Beauty and the Beast together in one glorious Gabe filled series.  


By Way of Spontaneity - @bovaria  Once again she has completely knocked it out the park, seriously I have yet to come across anything she has written that I haven’t loved completely and this one is no different.  I do love Bucky in this one so much.

Selfless Love - @redgillan   You know how sometimes you read a Bucky fic and you just want to make him feel loved and make everything better?  Well this one is kinda like that but so much more so go read this series!

Naked - @marvelous-fvcks  Accidentally walking in on naked Bucky! How could this situation go?  Wonder no longer people, go read this fic which had we cringing in a good way and is just so well written and perfect in the descriptions of awkwardness!

Date Me Bucky Barnes - @brighterlights  Bucky finding potential love interests via Instagram? The whole idea behind this series had be caught from the first part and it continues to get better with each part.

A Lesson in Love - @buckyywiththegoodhair  This Bucky fic killed me and ripped my heart out and then smooshed it into a billion pieces only to give me the hope that it’s not over.

More Than That - @themcuhasruinedme  A lovely Steve series.  I’m really loving the whole Steve being a friend you confide in while he holds back his feelings for you and this one is worth binge reading.

Corners - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord Clint deserves all the love and this little fic is awesome and I just wanted to reach into the screen and give him a huge hug.

Chaos in the Pantheon - @letsgetoutalive  THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!!! Seriously! Greek Gods and Avengers! Go read this, all of it so far, go!

Star Trek:

The Part That Counts - @youre-on-a-starship  Scotty

Star-Crossed (pt 4) by @vintagevalentinexx Where are all my Scotty girls?  If you’re not reading this series already why not?  And if you aren’t a Scotty girl go read this series and maybe become one.

Crescendo - @goingknowherewastaken  I wanted to punch Bones for this one but then he made it better so I forgive him.  A Soulmate AU fantastically written with a great characterization of McCoy.

Wherever we are @the-nerdier-the-dirtier  I know a few people who need this fic.  Bones fluff where he is his lovely grumpy, awkward self with a hint of the take charge doctor we know and love.

Death by Karaoke @starshiphufflebadger I am so glad this one got pulled out of the half-finished folder because it is awesome. I don’t think I’ve read a reader insert that is more me than this one!!! Fantastic.

Blankets of fortitude by @kaitymccoy123 Fluffy floofy Kirk for you all.  I mean, how could a blanket fort not be super cute?

Good Girl - @sansasandorshipper Kirk manages to see beyond that ‘good girl’ image everyone seems to think you have and damn if it isn’t totally worth it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

One Year - @antlers-inallofmy-decorating   Gaston! Oh man! I binge read the first 13 chapters of this story and I am telling you it is worth sacrificing precious sleep for.

I Object - @wayward-mirage  A little bit of Richard Speight Junior for you to read and appreciate.  Is he about to sit back and watch you marry some other guy?

The Normal Place, 8pm - @shellshcked  Donnie gets a text intended for someone else but aren’t they always the most fun?

What If? - @velcr0kitty  This little Mikey series has me desperate for the next part because if you know me then you know I need happy fluffy endings and I am really hoping this mutant turtle gets one.  

Cuddles and Kisses

Hello my lovelies! I actually had inspiration to start writing thanks to my friends <3. I hope it’s okay and not total trash! 

Words: 1,204

Tags:  @ya-boi-holland @weekend-writer @parkerbenjaminpeter@spidertransblog@tomllholland @spidey-ish @soliddude @internet-friends-forever@peterxparkerx @slytherinbarry @tom-spoderman @revichan

Tom had just gotten back to his hometown from a press tour promoting his new movie Spider-Man Homecoming. During this time, he had left his lovely girlfriend at home. He missed her dearly and he couldn’t wait to come home to their shared apartment to shower her with kisses. He had just gotten off his flight with Harrison and they headed towards baggage claim. While they waited Tom kept sending you text messages telling you that he couldn’t wait to come home and finally get to wrap his arm around you at night, holding you close to him. 

“I know you can’t wait to see her, but first you need your luggage so you need to pay attention for when it comes around.” Harrison said with a smile on his face. 

“Yeah, yeah” Tom waved off. 

Once they had both gotten their luggage they headed out towards a taxi which was waiting for them. Both of them got into the taxi and were finally headed back home. Tom would finally be reunited with his two favorite girls, Tessa and (Y/N). With the thought of that Tom couldn’t help but have a huge smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to be home. 


The taxi cab finally pulled up to their apartment complex and Tom quickly gathered his things and payed the taxi driver thanking him. They had dropped Harrison off early so Tom could have the whole day with his two girls. He hastily entered the apartment complex and ran up the stairs until he made it to the 3rd floor. He walked down the hallway and stopped at the door. Without wasting any time, he grabbed his keys and unlocked the door, pushing it open and quietly closing it behind him. He wasn’t sure if you were awake yet seeing as it was 7:30 AM on a Saturday and you tend to sleep in on the weekends. 

He walked into the living and took off his shoes and set down his bags. He grabbed his carry on and opened it to get your gift. When he was in Japan he had gotten you a necklace that was a deer head and decorating the antlers were beautiful cherry blossoms. He knew deer’s and cherry blossoms were a favorite thing of yours so he had to get it for you. 

With the necklace in hand he quietly made his way down the hallway toward your shared room. He quietly opened the door and he saw the most precious thing. 

Laying in bed were the two loves of his life. (Y/N) was lying in bed asleep with a book in hand and Tessa curled up against her, snuggling into the warm blankets. Tom felt a huge smile grace his face as he stepped into the room. He tried his best to stay quiet, but he saw Tessa stir and start to wake up. Once she saw Tom, Tessa immediately got up and ran over to him letting out whines of excitement and wagging her tail wildly. 

“Hey Tessa girl!” Tom whisper shouted. He had a huge smile on his face. 

As he was petting Tessa you had started to wake up. Your eyes slowly opened up and you soon noticed a hunched over figure hugging Tessa. It soon registered in your brain who was the hunched over figure. 

“Tom your home!” You said excitedly. 

Hearing your voice Tom turned around and stood up. His smile grew wider if that was even possible. He quickly walked over to you and basically threw his body on top of you. He hugged you tightly and you did the same. Tom peppered your face with kisses. He was about to finally kiss your lips but you were quick to wiggle out of his grasp and rush to the bathroom. 

“What are you doing darling?” Tom questioned with a pout. 

“I am not, under any circumstances, kissing you with my morning. 

Tom laughed at your reason and stood up walking over to the bathroom. You had just finished brushing your teeth when he stopped at the door frame. You turned around seeing him standing there looking hot as ever. During the months, he was gone it was hard to get used to not waking up next to him or making breakfast for one instead of two people. You missed him so much and Tessa did as well and now here he was, standing there in all his glory with a loving smile on his face. 

Without a second thought, you quickly wrapped your arms around him and kissed those lips that you love. Tom was quick to respond by pressing you closer and kissing you with so much passion. Making up for the months he couldn’t kiss you or hold you close. 

Once you both separated from the loving kiss, Tom held your face in his hands and stared into your eyes. Before he could say anything, they heard a small bark which caught both of their attention. They looked down and saw Tessa sitting there wagging her tail and looking up at them. You laughed and knelt down peering her and giving her a small kiss on the head. 

"How about we have a cuddle day today?” Tom suggested. 

You looked back up at him with a smile on your face. 

“That sounds wonderful Tommy boy,” you said happily. 

With that Tom grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the bed. Both of you climbed on the bed and laid down facing each other. Tessa joining the both of you by laying in the small space left between you and Tom. While you were looking at Tessa you saw something in Tom’s hand. 

“What’s in your hand?” You questioned 

Tom looked down and remembered the necklace he had gotten you. He quickly held up the necklace showing you the beautiful Deer. You gently took the necklace from him and brushed your finger over the beautiful details on the deer. 

“Where did you get this?" 

"While I was in Japan. Harrison and I were looking in a jewelry store and I saw this necklace and it immediately reminded me of you." 

You smiled and leaned up to give Tom a quick kiss. 

"Thank you. I love it so much Tom!" 

"I’m glad you love it darling." 

You turned around and gently set the necklace down on the night side table. You turned back to face Tom again and you noticed that Tessa had fallen asleep once more. You gently put your arm around Tessa and grabbed Tom’s hand which was laying on Tessa’s back. Tom smiled down at you and kissed your forehead. The three of you were finally back together after months of being apart. 

Tom saw that you were slowly falling back asleep so he kissed your forehead one more time before closing his own eyes and he could finally fall asleep peacefully knowing that he’s back home with his girls. Both of you fell asleep with a smile on your faces and a sleeping Tessa curled up between you two. 

Moments like these are what you look forward too after being away from Tom for periods of time. 

You were both truly in love with each other. 

Domestic!Gafou Headcanons

Inspired by @stanfouspost.

- Gaston always cooks for LeFou in the morning. He claims that he does this because “LeFou keeps screwing up the eggs and burning them,” but Gaston actually does it because he wants to do something nice for LeFou after all they’ve been through together.

- LeFou is actually the big spoon and Gaston is the little spoon. After long days of hunting, Gaston just wants to sleep with LeFou’s arms wrapped around him. It makes for incredibly awkward sleeping arrangements, however.

- Whenever LeFou can’t reach something in the top shelf, Gaston always helps him by lifting him up on his shoulders. This always makes LeFou blush.

- LeFou always surprises Gaston by leaving him little notes around the house for him to find. It usually contains messages like, “No one steals my heart like Gaston,” or “You are my man among men.” LeFou constantly misspells most of the words, but Gaston doesn’t mind and keeps each and every note in a small box which he treasures.

- Gaston and LeFou argued for a very long time on what theme the baby’s nursery would be. Gaston wanted “manly” decorations, like antlers or hunting gear. LeFou wanted an elegant nursery, with lace and porcelain, inspired by the decorations Belle and Adam used for their baby’s nursery.

- They finally met in the middle and had an elegantly-manly-themed nursery with porcelain antlers and laced bear rugs.

- Tom, Dick, and Stanley babysit the baby for them whenever they want to just relax at the tavern.

- They adopted seven boys, and one girl. It was LeFou who suggested that they have at least one female in the house to keep the boys in check.

- Although he only adopted her because LeFou wanted to have a daughter, Gaston loves his “Daddy’s Little Girl” with all his heart (maybe even a little more so than the boys).

Things I Have Been Reading - June

It is the end of June already! During our little heat wave over here I found it difficult to sleep which did kinda suck BUT it meant I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading some awesome fics, some of which I present here to you in this list.  

For more fic recs feel free to follow my @girl-next-door-recommends which is a blog I set up fairly recently to keep track of all the great stuff I have been reading.  I also have a tagging system to make it easy to find your fandom amongst the many.

So, without any further pre-amble, here are my fic recs for June 2017…

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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Three)

One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

It wasn’t yet sunrise when Anne began stirring restlessly in the unfamiliar bed in Gaston’s Tavern. When she woke, she momentarily forgot her surroundings. Beginning a new day in a home that wasn’t a cottage stuck in the French countryside was surreal and her conversations and encounters from the previous night began to surface. Sifting through the dark, Anne lost her balance while leaning off the bed. She immediately fell onto the floor with a thud.

“Ow,” she groaned. The girl was awfully clumsy, bumping into several corners and objects as she maneuvered her way through the room.

Taking the curtains in one hand, she pulled the fabric aside steadily, as if fearing it may rip, and the streetlights from outside filled the room with faint light. The night was a bit of a blur, she had been exhausted from her journey, but she couldn’t forget the handsome yet uncouth man she met in the tavern downstairs. And there he was, the subject of the painting hanging above the fireplace, with the identical crimson jacket seen in every other painting in the tavern. The man was proudly displaying his gun while sitting upright with perfect posture on a jet-black horse. His eyes were different, though, she noticed. In the painting, the jade coloring was so distracting that its vibrant shade did not seem genuine. In reality, Anne had already noticed that his eyes were darker, an earthy green and brown that swirled together. They concealed certain secrets and powerful emotions. It was clear from the previous night that he was a dispirited man, and so gazing upon this painting that should have conveyed strong feelings of heroism and greatness simply made her feel downhearted.

The room she was staying in was very unkempt, that much was obvious. The painting’s only other companions were hunting trophies from years gone by and a massive deer head mounted on the beige wall. Miscellaneous furniture was positioned randomly throughout the bedroom: a frail, sad-looking writing desk, a rotting wooden closet stained with years of watermarks, and a powder blue cushioned chair in perfect condition, never touched.

As she gently closed the door to the room, her attention shifted to the locked door across the hall: Gaston’s room. It seemed awfully quiet in there. Anne pondered whether or not it would be appropriate to knock on the door but eventually decided against it. She would just venture downstairs to the tavern and wait until Gaston or Lefou spotted her.


Every morning, Gaston would wake before the sunrise to sit alone in the tavern and linger on the past. This approach wasn’t necessarily intended to help him or boost his confidence for that matter (in fact, it did quite the opposite) but Gaston sometimes enjoyed remembering. He didn’t recognize the man in the paintings anymore. He didn’t recognize the man from six months ago. He needed people to love him. He needed people to idolize him. That was Gaston. But after the night he attacked the Beast, everyone shunned him and it was shocking, to him, that they hadn’t kicked him out of the village already. That night in June was now only a blur: Belle dismounting her horse and confirming Maurice’s story about a Beast in the castle, the magic mirror, the mob, his brutal attack on the Beast, falling to his death (or so he thought) from the castle only to be given a death sentence. It was unfair. The tavern’s vibrations of music and laughter were long gone – Silence was all the war hero knew presently. He didn’t know himself without the constant validation and love he needed from his companions.

Anne reached the last step and rounded the corner to discover Gaston, deep in thought, staring at the assemblage of antler decorations on the wall. He looked different…he wasn’t flushed with anger and practically foaming at the mouth…it was a self-reflective moment, so Anne felt awkward about clearing her throat to announce her presence. To her surprise, he didn’t ask her to leave or demand she return to her room, he simply half-grinned and pointed upstairs.

“Was that you earlier?” He asked. It took Anne a few moments to realize he was referring to the thud.

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