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i don't have a fursona but if i did she'd be a very shy deer girl with red fur and white freckles and Big Antler whom blush a lot

Admit you’re a furry who has a fursona or else keep movin’ toots, I’m tryna make dreams come true over here and I can only draw so many animals 😎

just ran into the nicest lvl 50 player in BnS that essentially escorted me through Blackram Narrows (I’ve never been able to run that dungeon before because a party was never available at the time so i just skipped it) they were basically like “you don’t have a blight sword, we’re gonna get you a blight sword” and just annihilated the whole dungeon for me and walked me through how to use the party system and stuff. didn’t actually end up getting the awakened blight sword drop and they were willing to run it with me again until i got it, but i had to log off. i’m really not a social video game player but that was a pretty nice experience and i appreciate players that help other players like that :)


- Magical Creatures in North America -
An Aethonan is a breed of winged horse. They are chestnut in colour and popular across the wizarding world.

The Griffin originated in Greece. It has the front legs, wings and head of a giant eagle, and the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion. The main diet of the Griffin is raw meat. Griffins are known as fierce creatures, however, despite this, skilled Wizards have been able to befriend them. Griffins are often used by wizards as guards of treasure.

Flute Stag is a breed of magical deer, similar to the Scottish Stag in that they are known for their giant antlers, as well as a set of horns. Known simply as “Magic Deer” in many Native cultures from Mexico to Canada, their horns are used as wand cores by some Mexican wandmakers. Deer is the preferred food of the Hebridean Black breed of dragon.

[[Art by BronzeHalo]]

honestly this is how all hp character moodboard are:

Harry: that snitch in a jar pic, stag antlers, glasses

Ron: crown, that gryffindor banner pic (you know which one), something chudley cannons related, a rat

Hermione: books, cats, a feminist pin

Neville: the sword, cacti, sweaters

Luna: just like….psychedelic pastels and her spectrespecs

Ginny: flannel, bloody knuckles/knees, a pin or patch with a swear on it, broomstick

Fred and George: fireworks (especially the big W), artsy pic of two redheads, marauders map

Draco: snake, tailored black suit, ink

That’s literally it

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

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Description of the Halls of Orome

“in Valimar his halls are wide and low, and the skins and fells of great richness and price are strewn there without end upon the floor or hung upon the walls, and spears and bows and knives thereto. In the midst of each room and hall a living tree grows and holds up the roof, and its bole is hung with trophies and with antlers. Here is all Oromë’s folk in green and brown and there is a noise of boisterous mirth, and the lord of forests makes lusty cheer”


Note: back in the olden days I think lusty meant like hearty and strong, so this means it was a good ol party not a forest orgy. Probably.

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Imagine that there is no Peter, you are the fourth member of the marauders and your animagus is a bluebird. During full moons whenever you get tired of flying or down because you know that moon is going to be rougher than usual, you'll sit on James's antlers. He'll sometimes try to shake you off but you're stubborn and you'll peck the top of his head until he lets you stay. They all call you Blue, but Remus also calls you "My Little Bird" like the Ed Sheeran song lol why do I do this to myself



jesus that was harder than i thought

i was tagged by @you-are-not-a-drone (thanks a lot btw!!!!) for the nine albums i listen to the most.

here is the full list if anyone is interested: M3LL155X by FKA twigs, if you’re reading this it’s too late by drake, EGO EXPAND by samuel seo, ocean death by baths (he might be my fav artist right now tbh), my new instagram: MESURECHIFFON by genius nochang, lanterns by son lux, hospice by the antlers, the golden age by woodkid and how big how blue how beautiful by f+tm

i tag: @junmyeonpng, @drauco, @catullyn, @a-ogiri, @kenkaneki, @rimbuad and @servphim or anyone that feels like doing it!

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if you're still doing the playlist: for the ache to be wholly in love and not the mere baneful concept of it

mad girl’s love song by carol anne mcgowan

the weight of us by sanders bohlke

lullabies by yuna

hannah hunt by vampire weekend

you were a kindness by the national

to be alone with you by sufjan stevens

putting the dog to sleep by the antlers

lovesong by the cure

Old Enthesian legends tell of a strange figure, one of our kind. A ratteguhn of…

A pale coat, a snow-white mane, fine ivory tusks, and antlers unlike any other– the brow tine arranged into the form of bestowing hands. The eyes signaled birth from the north with a bright, perhaps unsettling shade of peridot.

Those stories, from generation to generation, have become changed and distorted; a victim of time. No longer can we remember their role, their story, friend or foe. Some tell a story of a benevolent nurturer, bringing life with them where they travel and spreading the oncoming springtime. Others tell of an apparition which follows wrongdoers as a curse for their crimes. Some even say it’s a monster, one out to consume those whom stray too far from their families.

We are not sure of the origins or the truths. Maybe there is more to this broken legend than a character, a spirit, or demon.

Perhaps for us - and for you - only time will tell.

I just realized I really don’t have much character development for Skyrim!Rynn.

(she’s undergone some recustomization as I am gradually attempting to make the three current Rynns look relatively similar to each other)

she’s a Bosmer, spent most of her life growing up wild, may or may not have been raised by dryads, wears flower crowns on her antlers, has a penchant for destructive magic, hates draug with a fiery passion and destroys them on sight but generally abhors violence, is an obligate carnivore and has a penchant for streaking.

she came to Skyrim for the college at Winterhold because she has an insatiable need to learn, and she loves magic.

she’s kind of a stereotypical forest spirit if there is such a thing. She may seem a bit flighty at first but it’s mostly because she’s a hedonist and also was born without a single fuck in her body.

(most of this is based on the ‘original’ Rynn, my Sylvari necromancer in GW2)

anyway that’s what I’m working with so far, if anyone has any questions about her I would be grateful for the opportunity to develop her further.

Sneak Peek Sunday #4

What I Should Be Writing: I Smell You, You Smell Me, We’re A Happy Murder Family and my apprentice Ripper AU

What I’m Writing Instead: Erm, I guess a soulmate AU? Although not really “soul” soulmate AU. IDK, it was just an idea and then it grew antlers. And legs.

  • Fandom: Hannibal
  • Relationship: Hannigram
  • Hint About The Story: What if Hannibal actually left his legit heart behind in season 2?

Sneak Peek:

Hannibal straightens and he says in a voice straight out of his days as a doctor, calm and steady and medically efficient, “Did you know that there have studies on the unusually fast healing of the skin and bone around the heart? Most assumed that it was to protect it against people who were not heartmates attempting to steal hearts or force their way in. But others have also studied whether it was meant to prevent someone from removing the heart of their heartmate ahead of time, to prevent pain through death or – worst of all – to cause deliberate pain to their heartmate. I imagine that you will be in a unique position to answer those questions.”

“What,” Will says, because what else can he say.

He is the holder of Hannibal’s heart, and he, as any heartmate, has shielded it with his own body the same way Hannibal has shielded his, from the day he was born with a 10-year-old’s heart and Hannibal with his newborn baby heart.

He’s never imagined that his heart might depart from Hannibal’s chest any other way than for Will himself to remove it, just as he’s never dreamed of a scenario where anyone but Hannibal should be able to reach into his chest and remove the heart that is rightfully is from its cradle of flesh and blood in Will’s chest.

“No,” Will says, as Hannibal grits his teeth and makes the first incision.

“No, no, no, no,” and with each word, Hannibal’s knife slices every deeper, cutting through the skin and bone that attempts to heal around it and stop him from the violation of Will’s last and most precious trump card.

“Don’t!” Will says, as Hannibal breathes so heavily it’s like someone’s gutted him instead, his hand returns bleeding and triumphant as it clutches its precious glowing burden of Will’s heart.

“I forgive you, Will,” Hannibal croons, somehow soft despite the immense amount of pain he must be in, holding all that Will is in the center of his palm. “Will you forgive me?”

Logically, Will knows that emotions don’t really arise from the heart. They arise from chemicals in the body and brain, and forgiveness is one of them. However, now, as he sees the heart that gives him life, all that he is for all that Hannibal is, right there in front of him, all he can think is, You’re holding me. How could I not forgive you?

“Don’t,” Will says, but it’s too late. Far too late.

Hannibal turns his palm, almost carefree, and tilts it so that Will’s heart glides off and makes a gentle descent to the floor.

For Will, it’s like having too heart attacks at once. The shock of his own heart, ripped out from its protective casing and landing with a painful thud on the floor, and the shock of Hannibal’s heart, weeping and crying in his chest, despite the blankness on Hannibal’s face as his heartmate drops the blade and dons a new mask.

When This Is Coming: Actually, again, maybe soon. I do have some of the prologue, so to speak, written, and I’m thinking about pushing it around the same time as my apprentice Ripper AU, but we’ll see :D

P.S.: If this was confusing, imagine instead of seeing color when soulmates touch or seeing the words they write on each other’s skin, imagine if instead you were actually born with the heart of your soulmate, and when you meet them, the greatest thing in the world is to reach out and take your heart from their chest while they take theirs from yours, and exchange that which you have spent your life guarding in order to meet them. Only the real person can take their heart from your chest, so no naughty business, but no one’s ever succeeded in removing their heartmate’s chest on their own. Until Hannibal. Oops.

Sól varp sunnan, sinni mána,
hendi inni hœgri um himinjódyr;
sól þat ne vissi hvar hon sali átti 🌙

From the shoot with beautiful @sylvainemusic for #thrjar jewelry

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hey maggie! on the book cover of the raven king, there's a picture of a stag, but i wasnt sure what it mean in correlation to the book? does it mean anything in regards to glendower or the gang? maybe u explained it in the book and ive forgotten but i was just wondering!

Dear kahloskid,

Why, I am glad you asked.

The stag is an animal that represents the dichotomy of the characters in the final volume: it is powerful, but it is also prey. Am I still cool, the stag wonders, if a mountain lion eats me? The antlers symbolize the trees of Cabeswater and Gansey. What do antlers do? They grow toward the sky, and then they fall off when testosterone dips, get made into strange light fixtures, and then grow back anew as the season renews itself. This is what Cabeswater does. This is what Gansey does. We are all strange light fixtures, if you think about it. The stars painted inside the stag are like tiny, magical lights too distant to truly identify. You blink, and they are stars. You blink again, and they are the headlights of another luxury car being mentioned in casual description. Birds surround the stag on the cover. They represent plot threads. They are circling close, but are they going to land? Some of them have claws. Some are disappearing. Life is transient. Birds fly away. Don’t park your luxury car under their nests, because even beautiful birds crap. Finally, the fur on the stag represents the warm fuzzies present in some of the chapters of the book; if you let yourself get close to the stag, the cover suggests, and you don’t get impaled, you’re probably in for a hell of a hug.

Also there’s a stag in chapter 49.