PRISMA Collective Group Show at Antler Gallery.

Currently showing at Portland, Oregon’s Antler Gallery is the PRISMA Collective Group Show.  PRISMA is an international artist collective. It was founded in 2011 by German painter Kaspian Shore and currently consists of 30 people working in a range of mediums including; traditional and digital painting, drawing, illustration, sculpting, and collage.  The artists included above are: Nicole Gustafsson, Kaspian Shore, Kelly McKernan and Casey Weldon.


The Jacks scented candles

A team of students at the Hongik University in Seoul created a 3D printed ash-trey in the shape of a scull. One day one of them placed a candle inside the head. That is how everything started. The result are these candle in the shape of antlers, ears or a brain that is placed inside a ceramic skull, bunny head or deer head. The melting wax runs through the eye holes resembling tears.

The ceramic heads are produced in black and white and the candles have bright colors, each representing a different scent.

The team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding for serial production.

The Jacks: Website | Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram

If you are interested in designs that started on Kickstarter have a look at the Miito Kettle, or the Flyte lamp.

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Никогда не рисовала фанарт, но все когда-то происходит в первый раз. Мне так больно отпускать Ганни. Такой проект случается раз в сто лет, а значит, если я не собираюсь еще 100 лет прожить (а я как бы не), все. Если вы не смотрите Ганнибала, не смотрите. Он разобьет вам сердце. 

На картинке я изобразила Уилла Грэма. Он, как черная овечка, всегда чувствовал себя изгоем среди хороших, а встретив Ганнибала, хоть и с трудом, но смог принять свою сущность и даже отрастил парочку мощных рогов. На которые (спойлер!) насадил в конце дракона.

Нет, я не в порядке.

New Dad! Luke

New dad! Luke would include:

-being very emotional when he first holds his tiny baby boy

-“he’s so pretty…and small’

-“he’s also a newborn luke”

-being afraid he’ll drop the baby

-“but what if i drop him?”

-whenever baby hemmings cries he rushes up to calm him but ends up smacking his head on the doorframe every. Single. Time.

-hearing lukes voice over the baby monitor

-liz coming over and showing a confused luke how to properly diaper a baby

-acoustic lukeeeeeeeee

-putting his beanies on baby hemmings head and giggling when they fall down bc they’re so big

-baby hemmo sucking on his antler necklace

-which never fails to make luke melt

-“for Petes sake luke, he’s not glass”

-“but i dont wanna drop him” :(

-referring to you as mama hemmings when the paps try to take pics of the three of you when youre out and about bc u dont want baby hemmo to be so exposed as a tiny tot and get rlly aggravated

-“damn mrs. Hemmings, you make a fine mother”

-“i-i don’t know what to do” he says close to tears bc hes so tired and nothing hes doing is helping his tiny son

-always giving vague answers abt you and your son in interviews bc he wants to keep it as private as possible

-the boys constantly want tummy time with the lil bean awww

-referring to your son as “lil bean” or “tiny son”




I’m going as Cernunnos; Celtic god of the wood– but a lady version. I’m making my horns out of Model Magic clay and staining my hands and legs black with ink and making an awesome white drape dress with a shoulder train because last year I made a similar costume and people followed me around and I was so fucking distracting which is what i am ALL about these days.

Last year I just did some simple antlers and whatever and people lost their shit, but this year I’m going to go all out 

I might even glue shoe soles to the bottom of my feet so I can walk around looking barefoot, but not. 

A Prize to Be Won

Some Monster Falls. Here, have a ball.

It was the sound of crunching leaves that woke him.

He could hear them crunching underfoot, the sound of brittle fall leaves being ground to dust. Something was wrong. He was moving, swaying from side to side as someone carried him along.

Dipper opened his eyes, the effort which was much more difficult than it should have been. He was so tired. His limbs felt like lead and there was a horrible pounding in his head, as if he hadn’t gotten enough sleep. His hind leg ached and he was sure one of his antlers was broken. Once the fog cleared from his vision, he could see that he was being carried. He was slung backwards over someone’s shoulder as if he were nothing more than a prize from the state fair. The next thing he noticed was that his hands and both sets of hooves were tied.

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