The Silver Antlered Winter Fairy Faun headdress, also available this Tuesday Jan. 10 at 6am PST for $269! Iridescent beads and silver snowflakes dangle from the silvery antler tips, and a single snowflake rests on the forehead. Glitter frosted pale blue, white and silver petals frame the face, and miniature Thistle wings adorn each side in iridescent blue with silver veins, accented with Swarovski crystals and filigree. Iridescent glass beaded fringe is draped on either side, and the band is fastened with an adjustable (and removable) elastic band under the back of the head. Removable clips are also hidden just above each ear.
Any winter fairy brides in need of a crown? Use the store link in my bio to get there :)

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some mellow, folky-flavored songs about sex and love and all that jazz.

  1. To The Dogs or Whoever, Josh Ritter.
  2. Philomena, The Decemberists.
  3. I’m On Fire, Bruce Springsteen.
  4. Like Real People Do, Hozier.
  5. In the Morning (Keaton Henson cover ft. Keaton Henson), The Staves.
  6. Blessa (Daytrotter Session), Toro Y Moi.
  7. Lights Out, Angel Olsen.
  8. Refuge, The Antlers.
  9. Tip of My Tongue, The Civil Wars.
  10. Simplest Love, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
  11. Cupid, Jack Johnson.
  12. I Remember You (ft. Mickey Dripping), Mikhael Paskalev.
  13. Falling, The Lumineers.
  14. Laid, James.
  15. Thrown Right At Me (live in Joburg ft. The Idiot Wind), The Tallest Man on Earth.

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Friends With Tax Benefits (2/?)

Have a surprise twoshot! :D


The Woodsman appeared for the first time when the kids were seven.

Henry wasn’t sure how the warlock in front of him found out about their relationship to Dipper.

Or how he had somehow managed to make a circle that bound even Dipper, and had tossed a trussed up Henry in next to him-

(Henry could feel the hate radiating off of Dipper, feel the heat of his eyes burning into the air, and the massive amount of will it was taking for Dipper to not completely lose his shit and scare the kids even worse than they already were).

Objective Henry wasn’t sure what drinking the blood of his children would do for said warlock since Henry was pretty sure demon magic and/or genetics didn’t work like that, and the warlock was going through all of this for nothing.

Objective Henry was just a tiny insignificant speck in his mind however, the vast majority of Henry focused on breaking the spell binding him more sure and true than any rope, chain, or zip tie ever could. Next to him he could feel Dipper throwing himself again and again against the wall of will called into being by the warlock, making cracks and dents in it, but it wouldn’t be enough, oh god it wouldn’t be enough.

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also! I’ve come to the conclusion that, as a dragon, i was very small in comparison to the other dragons on my world. But I also know that the world i was on was much bigger than Earth, in general. Like, uh..
If my dragon-self were to be here, on earth, right now, it’s head would be over a foot long from antlers to the tip of its snoot, maybe closer to a foot and a half. On the world i lived on at the time, however, i was the size of a ferret in comparison to many of the other dragons. Very small, little baby sized thing.



I’ve finally hit the 700 followers mark so I thought I’d do a small giveaway for all of my followers :)

What you will receive:

  • 1 Porcupine Femur
  • 1 mummified Chicken foot
  • 1 Lucky mummified Squirrel foot necklace
  • 1 Deer antler tip necklace


  • EVERY like and re-blog counts  
  • New follows do not count but are appreciated ;)
  • Please don’t spam your followers with a lot of re-blogs, but every one does count
  • You may enter as many times as you like
  • Must be a current follower to win

*Winner will be notified via ask box, so keep your inbox open!

*Winner will be chosen November 23 (Monday)

Thanks ssssssooooo much for all the follows and good luck with the giveaway!

*To see other examples of my art go to :



A historical style sketchbook / visual journal with reindeer antler tip as a peg closure. This book was bound in a variation of the longstitch technique and because of this and the flexible suede cover, it opens quite flat. It has sturdy and versatile Canson Mi-Teintes paper for pages and some additional sewing at the head and tail with natural coloured linen thread. I created this book to see what could be made of thick suede which I normally don’t use in bookbinding, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

This piece can also be yours if you decide so; see the listing and more details here.

December contest <3

Decided to do something a little different for the giveaway this month.
Going to try and get the creative gears turning<3

The winner will receive all photographed below along with a surprise item that will not be shown.

In order to enter the contest you can submit a customer photo to the blog ( )
Context of the photo is all up to your creativity… You can show where you house collections and curiosities you’ve purchased from the wolftea shop,creative ways of photographing jewelry, you modeling jewelry… so on and so forth
I will be publicly posting them, so please put links to your blog or even your shops if you like <3

Hoping the contest photos will not only show how awesome and beautiful all our customers are but give a shout out to fellow artists and jewelers.

My husband and i will be choosing a winner at the end of the month!!!

You will receive:
- Various little bones
- deer vertebra
- hand woven cedar wreath
- Single leather and feather earring
- single deer skin earring
- antler tip necklace
- little handmade leather pouch with raccoon bone ( filled with a small bit of horse hair)
- Old brooch adorned with salvaged beads and bone
- few little shells
- small bit of rabbit fur
- guinea feather
- and a secret surprise <3