🌞🌿Summer Solstice Headdress🌿🌞
Our customer commissioned us to create a matching headdress for this Summer Solstice Gown! Light weight plastic antlers are mounted to a filigree headdress. We created two flower hair clips that can be placed wherever they’d like. #fireflypath #motherearth #summersolstice #antlers

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A walk sounded very nice about now, if only to clear his troubled mind for a bit.

After all, some fresh air never hurt! 

Walking through the gigantic stone gate labeled with a 5, the Professor left Lumiose City, and took a few steps out onto Versant Road… He took a deep breath and let it out, and already it felt like a weight was lifted. He smiled at the lovely sunny weather, the tall grass rippling in a slight breeze, the light rustling of tree branches… 

And then, after a quick glance to make sure nobody was looking at him, he stepped off the side of the Route entirely, heading off into the wilderness. 

It had been quite a while since he last did this… Grinning, broke into a run. Once he was safely under the veil of trees, he leaped into the air as he shed his human form- body growing and shifting, neck lengthening, vibrant blue antlers sprouting like tree branches- and landed on his newly-formed, swordlike hooves. 

-Whooh…! Okay, the excited leap was probably a bit much, seeing as how he hadn’t been in this form in a while… he stumbled a teensy bit and had to take a moment to readjust, shaking himself off and blinking.

Once that awkward moment had passed, however, he was back to walking on all fours like he’d never stopped, not at all minding the trail of plants sprouting up from his footsteps. 

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It was nice to take a little break…

To imagine him walking across the spine of his dragon (not intelligent dragons or so; the dragons are simply beasts. they can be trained and killed as such) that’s gliding calmly with that gigantic bow in hand, to stand at the dragon’s head with this enormous antler-garland on his back that curl around his shoulders, with dreadbraid and furcollar in the wind I just. Warlord Demas. Fuck.

as the bf commented; he’s got to have eyeliner. I couldn’t agree more. Facepaint like a fucking badass, pitch black around those dark eyes, bright colours on his dark skin UUGGH

Official TOTG Cast!

The Tribe of Twisted Trees: Eagle Feather, Fiery Embers, Salamander Tail, Bat’s Flight, Brindled Bark, Night Owl, Mink’s Tooth, Deer Antler, and Raven’s Call.

The Tribe of Frozen Caverns: Pale Sight, Lost Gaze, Feather Paws, Lion Shadow, Shattered Sky, Rolling Fog, Owl’s Talon, Snow Ring, Shining Snow, Sparkling Ice, and Moss Rabbit. 

Congratulations to those who got in! An event will come up in a few weeks that will allow some of the people who couldn’t join this time another chance. So don’t fret if your cat isn’t listed here! All of your apps were great and we hope to see you again later! Feel free to ask us for critiques and advice if you were rejected.

The updated allegiances are here for the forest cats and here for the glacier cats. They’re linked in the navigation as well! 

I also kinda want to turn Demas into a dragon-rider- I’m revamping some oc’s from a setting I lost interest in

with gargantuan antler-back piece, bones in his dreads, black paint around his eyes (both eyes still), a patriarch of a rider clan seated upon a wyvern, perhaps with a prosthetic lower arm (not some special MY PROSTHETIC IS 5 TIMES STRONGER THAN MY NORMAL ARM just a good prosthetic with some extra tools that allow bow wielding) so he can wield a bow that’s the size of an average child lmao and a draw strength most men can’t pull back (but he can) and arrows like spears

…add that to the list of things-to-draw

Tonight is The Full Stag Moon, so called because young male stags will start to grow their antlers at this time. It is also called the Thunder Moon because of the thunder storms brought on through the hot and humid air.

Change or be changed is the message of this Full Moon. Since the Summer Solstice you should have felt a sense of something shifting both within yourself and with the outside world, this is because we have crossed a line. The first half of the year is over. We have now entered the second half of the year. This a good time to look back over the last 6 months and look at what you have learned, what you have lost and what you have gained. Take lessons from what you have learned good or bad and use them in your future endeavors whether this be in work, relationships or family.

Tonight’s Full Moon is in the constellation of Capricorn, Things could get interesting, to say the least, This is an atmosphere ripe for outbursts that are highly emotional. Emotions could hit extremes of both highs and lows and everything in between, with quick, inexplicably loony shifts. We may find ourselves in a mood for no reason one minute sad then the next minute happy for no reason the next. Don’t worry this will pass.

The Capricorn Full Moon will give us strength to work out what we need to work out in our lives, now is the perfect time to look into work or finances. A good saying is ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’ which is the Capricorn motto. If there are any jobs that you have been putting off do them now, if you want to give up a bad habit use the energy of this Moon to do it. Look into money making projects it may be a promotion at work or a project you could start that will bring financial rewards. Many people call this the 'Money Moon’ because it has the potential to bring you wealth or extra income.

Tonight’s Full Moon will be about building foundations for the future, to make ourselves feel more secure in our surroundings and financially. We can only be happy when we feel safe and secure in our own homes and environment. Be ambitious, go for what you want or put plans into place to get what you want in the future. Be braver, be bolder. You will have an inner strength now that will pull you through anything that comes up against you.

Capricorn is the zodiac’s worker sign, the noble protector and soldier. Be your own hero, be a soldier, tackle any problems head on, deal with anything that has been bugging your life, get to grips with what is holding you back, break down walls and barriers that are stopping you from moving forward.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to heal your spirit. Soak up the intensified energy of the Earth and let it cleanse you.

Have a Blessed Full Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.

(( shared from Wicca Teachings facebook group ))