antler wand


Imagine your wand breaking and your patronus the a into some sort of spliced animal with mismatched parts.


“ What’s that supposed to be, Y/N? ” Luna asked.

“ It’s a pigeon with antlers. My wand broke last weekend. ” I sighed.


Today I made this super cool deer/monster skull wand or staff!
I like it so much that I’m actually selling it! If you’re interested in this staff then please IM me or email me at;
Then we can discuss prices and shipping!
I’m always open for a good haggle!

It’s reasonably heavy made from wood, hot glue and clay. It stands to just over 11 inches tall including longest antler.
Help out this pagan trans guy

Hey everyone! This is the first time I’ve done something like this so bare with me. I’m a trans male from the midwest. I’ve known I was trans for about a year but I’ve been struggling with dysphoria for about two years and I’ve always tried to get things that ease the discomfort. Right now I’m trying to save up money to buy an STP packer; the one I want is about $180.

I don’t have a “real” job, and can’t get one at the moment due to anxiety. However, I do run an Etsy shop that specializes in antler wands with a crystal tip, decorated in various ways with various themes. If you would be interested in purchasing one, PLEASE check it out. I also have a pair of mouse foot, mole foot, and mole hand necklaces (these aren’t listed on Etsy yet but please message me if you’re interested).

If you visit my Etsy, don’t feel pressured to buy anything, but favorite the shop if you like it to see more of my listings. If these types of products just aren’t for you, or you can’t purchase anything, PLEASE reblog this to spread the word to as many people as possible.

Thank you so much for reading, reblogging, and helping out my poor trans ass.