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The Silver Antlered Winter Fairy Faun headdress, also available this Tuesday Jan. 10 at 6am PST for $269! Iridescent beads and silver snowflakes dangle from the silvery antler tips, and a single snowflake rests on the forehead. Glitter frosted pale blue, white and silver petals frame the face, and miniature Thistle wings adorn each side in iridescent blue with silver veins, accented with Swarovski crystals and filigree. Iridescent glass beaded fringe is draped on either side, and the band is fastened with an adjustable (and removable) elastic band under the back of the head. Removable clips are also hidden just above each ear.
Any winter fairy brides in need of a crown? Use the store link in my bio to get there :)

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I’ve finally hit the 700 followers mark so I thought I’d do a small giveaway for all of my followers :)

What you will receive:

  • 1 Porcupine Femur
  • 1 mummified Chicken foot
  • 1 Lucky mummified Squirrel foot necklace
  • 1 Deer antler tip necklace


  • EVERY like and re-blog counts  
  • New follows do not count but are appreciated ;)
  • Please don’t spam your followers with a lot of re-blogs, but every one does count
  • You may enter as many times as you like
  • Must be a current follower to win

*Winner will be notified via ask box, so keep your inbox open!

*Winner will be chosen November 23 (Monday)

Thanks ssssssooooo much for all the follows and good luck with the giveaway!

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Five new Vulture Culture Booster Packs in my Etsy shop!

Man, I seriously enjoy putting these together. 

“Under The Hill” contains: 1 Tanned Badger Face (minor slip spot around the nose), 2 Dried Columbian Ground Squirrel Tails, 1 Nutria Atlas, 3 Prairie Dog Incisors, 5 Groundhog Claws, and 2 large Dried Groundhog Tails

“Separate Ways” contains: 1 Dried Marmot Tail, 1 Dried Pine Squirrel Tail (very slightly damaged), 5 Raccoon Claws, 1 Whitetail Deer Antler Tip with slight chew marks, and 1 Wild Turkey Feather.

“Wheel in the Sky” contains: 1 Tanned Mink Head, 1 Tanned Mink Tail,  1 large Wild Turkey Tail Feather, and 2 Dried Pine Squirrel Tails

“Still They Ride” contains: 1 small Tanned Raccoon Tail, 1 Tanned Mink Head (damaged), 1 Dried Marmot Tail, 2 Dried Pine Squirrel Tails, 10 Raccoon Claws, and 4 Porcupine Molars

“Little Treasures” contains: 1 Tanned Ermine Tail, 1 small Dried Columbian Ground Squirrel Tail, 5 Raccoon Claws, 3 small Wild Turkey Feathers, and 1 little Wasp Nest. Everything in this pack is small and cute!

Take a look, add a favorite, reblog or whatever you wish! Every shop view, reblog, like, and favorite is greatly appreciated.

Been enjoying the mini vacation <3 
Worked on about 40 items in the last few days… most will be posted between both summoningmuses and the wolftea shop….
also bryan has a batch of antler tip necklaces and woodburnt pendants for the wolftea shop as well : ) 
Got some new photos to be printed and posted, Just have to wait for the shipment to come in. 

pretty much just been watching northern exposure with the hubby while crafting,cleaning, organizing shipping supplies,drinking lots of coffee and relaxing as much as possible. 

About to make some yummy plant water for our little foliage love children and go on a walk to collect some cedar and pine to ground for incense.  

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend XOXOXOX

Think the shop should be open by monday or tuesday this week…
Been feeling sappy about all the awesome customers and support<3
Love to you all 

Hands are stained, beaten up, calloused and cut from all the hammering,metal cutting and sanding <3 
love it : )