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The Silver Antlered Winter Fairy Faun headdress, also available this Tuesday Jan. 10 at 6am PST for $269! Iridescent beads and silver snowflakes dangle from the silvery antler tips, and a single snowflake rests on the forehead. Glitter frosted pale blue, white and silver petals frame the face, and miniature Thistle wings adorn each side in iridescent blue with silver veins, accented with Swarovski crystals and filigree. Iridescent glass beaded fringe is draped on either side, and the band is fastened with an adjustable (and removable) elastic band under the back of the head. Removable clips are also hidden just above each ear.
Any winter fairy brides in need of a crown? Use the store link in my bio to get there :)

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συя ғαмιℓү, συя нσмε


Caesar gripped the spear tightly in his fingers, his eyes tracking the antlered beasts and their every move. A party of hunters surrounded him, each of them as deeply concentrated as he was, for this was the first time that they had located such large game in any great number. It was a victory beyond words that they had successfully tracked the herd, but it meant next to nothing if they returned to the hungry troop empty-handed. It was more important now than ever to make kills each day, for enough time had now passed for many females to be heavy with child and nearing birth, Caesar’s own Cornelia among them. There was a lot riding on this hunt, even on a personal level.

To his left was Rocket, who had grown more loyal than Caesar could have anticipated, and to his right, his beloved Koba. The three of them had become skilled enough to lead these hunting trips, and with the three of them working together and a band of others backing them, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Brows furrowed in intense concentration, the lead ape motioned for Rocket to take a small number of chimpanzees around the herd on the left side. Caesar repeated this request with Koba, sending him and some others around the right side. The herd would be surrounded then, and with apes armed with spears high in the trees, they could attack without risk of being gored by those wicked antlers. Already several chimpanzees and a gorilla had been lost to such counter attacks, but now the apes knew of the danger and could prepare for it… Even use it to their advantage. In perhaps a cruel twist, antler points already tipped the ends of some of the spears which would be used to kill some of this herd; souvenirs of the few elk that the troop had managed to catch alone and slaughter.

When the apes were all in place, Caesar issued the command for all to unleash their spears into the heart of the herd. Weapons rained on the unsuspecting animals from all directions, and with some luck, the frenzied animals would tumble over one another as they were impaled and panicked due to fear and pain. Perhaps breaking their legs, or maybe inadvertently stabbing one another with their vicious headgear. As long as enough elk died to feed the colony and his apes remained unharmed in the process, Caesar did not care how the animals were killed.

some mellow, folky-flavored songs about sex and love and all that jazz.

  1. To The Dogs or Whoever, Josh Ritter.
  2. Philomena, The Decemberists.
  3. I’m On Fire, Bruce Springsteen.
  4. Like Real People Do, Hozier.
  5. In the Morning (Keaton Henson cover ft. Keaton Henson), The Staves.
  6. Blessa (Daytrotter Session), Toro Y Moi.
  7. Lights Out, Angel Olsen.
  8. Refuge, The Antlers.
  9. Tip of My Tongue, The Civil Wars.
  10. Simplest Love, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
  11. Cupid, Jack Johnson.
  12. I Remember You (ft. Mickey Dripping), Mikhael Paskalev.
  13. Falling, The Lumineers.
  14. Laid, James.
  15. Thrown Right At Me (live in Joburg ft. The Idiot Wind), The Tallest Man on Earth.

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Test Run


Jared sat at the far end of the short side of the counter, the perfect spot to see - and be seen by - the whole room. He wore a black silk shirt that had its top buttons popped under an open blue-gray cashmere blazer. He idly circled a finger along the rim of the fourth glass that had been given to him in the last half hour. The bluegreen cocktail had some sort of ridiculous name like all of other drinks he’d set aside without barely a sip. The lycanroc reached in and fished for the cherry bobbing at the bottom. He held it out in front of himself and gave it a tentative lick before pulling it into his mouth, stem and all.

“Mm, thank you.” He nodded toward the bartender who pointed out the lovely gentleman who bought him the drink. Jared turned to meet eyes with a reindeer on one of the tables, who turned away under his piercing gaze to the jeering of his table buddies. Jared gave a satisfied grin as he rolled his tongue in his mouth. Mister reindeer here seems new to the scene, twitchy and not at all confident. Though the guy didn’t look affluent enough to be a client, Jared wasn’t here looking for business anyway. As a one-night-stand to play around with, though? The lycanroc wouldn’t mind seeing this young buck squirming under his-

Vmm. Jared tore his eyes away from the poor thing and took his phone out from a backpocket of the jeans he was wearing. His smile turned into a faint frown as he pushed the cocktail to the side along with all the others that came before it and got up to head toward the comfort room to get ready.

“Time’s up.” He whispered disappointedly to himself. That was his bodyguard, the totalitarian dictator, reminding him that it’s time to leave. You’d think someone in his line of work would have a bit more freedom. But Jared did promise to respect the curfew this time. Whether or not he’s still fucking or getting fucked, Cliff’s going to be expecting him to have his pants up by the time he gets here.

Jared shrugged and shot the hopeful reindeer an apologetic smile. The lycanroc would’ve loved to kick back and and have himself a handful of venison just for fun. Poor little buck, missing out on that experience too. He passed by the reindeer’s table, to the young buck’s sudden panic. Jared took one of his horns firmly in hand and leaned into the reindeer’s ear to whisper an apology.

“Sorry, little lamb, can’t stay.”

Jared opened his mouth to reveal a cherry stem that had been twisted and folded into a knot nestled on his tongue. He took it out and stuck it gingerly on one of the protuding antler tips.

“But if you find me again, don’t be shy and introduce yourself.”

And with that he left the main area into the comfort rooms, immediately heading off to the open stall to take a piss he’d been holding for the past hour.

Friends With Tax Benefits (2/?)

Have a surprise twoshot! :D


The Woodsman appeared for the first time when the kids were seven.

Henry wasn’t sure how the warlock in front of him found out about their relationship to Dipper.

Or how he had somehow managed to make a circle that bound even Dipper, and had tossed a trussed up Henry in next to him-

(Henry could feel the hate radiating off of Dipper, feel the heat of his eyes burning into the air, and the massive amount of will it was taking for Dipper to not completely lose his shit and scare the kids even worse than they already were).

Objective Henry wasn’t sure what drinking the blood of his children would do for said warlock since Henry was pretty sure demon magic and/or genetics didn’t work like that, and the warlock was going through all of this for nothing.

Objective Henry was just a tiny insignificant speck in his mind however, the vast majority of Henry focused on breaking the spell binding him more sure and true than any rope, chain, or zip tie ever could. Next to him he could feel Dipper throwing himself again and again against the wall of will called into being by the warlock, making cracks and dents in it, but it wouldn’t be enough, oh god it wouldn’t be enough.

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also! I’ve come to the conclusion that, as a dragon, i was very small in comparison to the other dragons on my world. But I also know that the world i was on was much bigger than Earth, in general. Like, uh..
If my dragon-self were to be here, on earth, right now, it’s head would be over a foot long from antlers to the tip of its snoot, maybe closer to a foot and a half. On the world i lived on at the time, however, i was the size of a ferret in comparison to many of the other dragons. Very small, little baby sized thing.



A historical style sketchbook / visual journal with reindeer antler tip as a peg closure. This book was bound in a variation of the longstitch technique and because of this and the flexible suede cover, it opens quite flat. It has sturdy and versatile Canson Mi-Teintes paper for pages and some additional sewing at the head and tail with natural coloured linen thread. I created this book to see what could be made of thick suede which I normally don’t use in bookbinding, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

This piece can also be yours if you decide so; see the listing and more details here.



I’ve finally hit the 700 followers mark so I thought I’d do a small giveaway for all of my followers :)

What you will receive:

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Been enjoying the mini vacation <3 
Worked on about 40 items in the last few days… most will be posted between both summoningmuses and the wolftea shop….
also bryan has a batch of antler tip necklaces and woodburnt pendants for the wolftea shop as well : ) 
Got some new photos to be printed and posted, Just have to wait for the shipment to come in. 

pretty much just been watching northern exposure with the hubby while crafting,cleaning, organizing shipping supplies,drinking lots of coffee and relaxing as much as possible. 

About to make some yummy plant water for our little foliage love children and go on a walk to collect some cedar and pine to ground for incense.  

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend XOXOXOX

Think the shop should be open by monday or tuesday this week…
Been feeling sappy about all the awesome customers and support<3
Love to you all 

Hands are stained, beaten up, calloused and cut from all the hammering,metal cutting and sanding <3 
love it : )